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Gamer Goddess Ch. 03

by Tx Tall Tales 01/21/13


Gamer Goddess Surrenders

As mentioned in chapter 1, this story is very online-gaming-centric. It uses a lot of concepts, vocabulary and acronyms from games, especially Diablo 3, which this story revolves around.

This chapter's a little less voyeuristic than the first two, so I went with the Group Sex category. It's just a recurring threesome. Could have been Romance, Erotic Couplings or even Loving Wives. I even gave thought to First Time, although 'technically' it wasn't her first. I'm sure you, the reader will let me know if I got it wrong.


I had one last checkup with my doctor, and was given strict directions on how to take care of my wounds. I was forced to take the obligatory wheelchair ride, with a large escort. Dan, Jaime, Sandy, Maria, Angela, even Carolyn, Sheri's Mom. I was kind of disappointed that Sheri wasn't there.

Sandy leaned over and gave me a kiss on the cheek. "Cheer up, handsome. How about a little smile. You're finally free."

I forced a smile and Angela grabbed my hand and gave me a squeeze. "Lousy timing asshole. All the excitement, and I'm stuck in Spain. Next time give a girl a little heads up, Ok?"

I laughed. "Sorry. What was I thinking? I promise, no more late night stabbings unless you're no more than a couple of hours away. Deal?"

"No more late night stabbings period, dickbreath. Do I have to take you home and lock you in my attic, to keep you safe?"

"Maybe just on Tuesdays and Thursdays," I told her, grinning.

"You know Tuesdays and Thursdays are Mark's training nights."

"Yes I do."

She grinned, looking around at the crowd walking with us. "What are you saying, rotten man?"

"Maybe you and me should spend some more time together," I teased.

She leaned down and gave me a kiss on the cheek. "I thought you didn't like Maria and me. Stealing your guys away."

I grabbed her hand, holding it. "I've been an ass. You know my issues. Forgive me?"

Her smile was touching. "Nothing to forgive. Good to see you back. I think we all owe your girl a lot."

"Tuesdays and Thursdays?" I chuckled.

"Right. I heard what she did to the last guy that messed with you. No chance I'm getting on her bad side." She squeezed my hand. "Besides, you couldn't handle this."

I was loaded into the Limo, Mark driving again, with Dan, Jaime, Maria and Angela joining me in the spacious interior. I was still sore and tender, and looked at Dan. His face was a rainbow of bruises.

"Gotta tell you, buddy. The new look is an improvement."

"Eat shit and die, asshole," he laughed.

I had left Jaime alone, most of the last week, but the opportunity was too good. "Sheri tells me that one of those guys hit you so hard, he left you crying like an 8 year old. Tiny little girl beating the hell out of the bunch of 'em, and you're watering the alley."

He blushed before responding. "Tears of laughter. Seeing you lying there like a little bitch, whining over a few pin-pricks, while you left your girlfriend to the do the heavy lifting. Just like in game."

That got a laugh out of everyone. I was out of practice, on the losing end against Jaime of all people. What was the world coming to?

We talked a little about our latest business venture, which Dan, Jaime and Mark were all invested in. Angela handled Mark's money and investments so the entire team was together for the first time in a week. I got updated on the status of our deal, with the papers signed, and first cash payments paid out, we were putting one of our guys on staff, and doing some deeper research into their technology. It had Jaime working with them on site, and Dan attending their staff meetings.

We hadn't been this involved in a new business effort in years. Then again, $40 million was a lot of money. My share was almost a quarter of my worth, a huge risk. Oddly, I hadn't given it a thought in the last week, even with all my free time.

We pulled up to the Carlyle, where I learned that Dan had moved me into one of their two-bedroom suites, with a remarkable view of Madison Avenue. I was a little nervous about the expense. Sure, money wasn't a problem, but a couple of weeks there would probably buy a luxury car.

Dan reassured me the cost was reasonable, only around two grand, unlike the central tower suites which ran better than $8k a day. What a bargain.

Inside the lobby, I said goodbye to everyone except Dan who escorted me to my suite. He handed me my keycard, and gave me a pat on the shoulder. "Don't strain yourself. Take it easy for a few days. Use the amenities here, you're paying for them."

"Office setup?"

"Complete. New gear, matching your old, Jaime configured everything. You're good to go."

I opened the door, and he stayed behind. I looked at him curiously, but he just grinned. "You got it from here."

I walked past a small kitchenette and powder room into the luxurious living room. It wasn't going to be too tough to stick it out a while. Beautifully laid out, tasteful furniture, fireplace, and a stunning view from the 12th floor. I saw a door to my left, and looked in to a fully furnished office. The bed had been removed, and dual desks had been installed, face to face, each fully outfitted with a computer station and 32" monitors.

Back through the living room, I found the entrance to the bedroom. I opened the door and smiled.

"Hey sailor, in port for long?" Sheri asked, stretched out on the king-size bed.

She was wearing one of her new outfits, a cobalt blue lace halter style babydoll, that showed off her beautiful breasts to their best advantage. Mostly sheer, with flowery designs throughout.

"They'll let anybody in this place, won't they?"

"You don't know the half of it. I had to fight off half-a-dozen sluts to keep you to myself."

"You've always been a hell of a fighter."

"Miss me?" she asked, squirming sexily.

"You have no idea, gorgeous."

She laughed sweetly. "I'd say I have a very good idea."

She got up, and slipped into my arms. She tilted her head up and I kissed her, softly at first, then more passionately, until I groaned under the pain of a tight hug. I'd have to remind her to avoid the actual wounds. Wasn't worth interrupting the hug over.

"Pussy," she teased, working my tie, and the buttons of my shirt free. I was dressed casually, clothing the guys had brought me for the trip home, so I wouldn't be stuck wearing my tux.

My torso was completely wrapped, and she walked around me, her hands fluttering against my skin, her lips pressing against my back. "Don't you ever scare me like that again," she whispered.

"I'll try not to."

Her lips pressed against my shoulder, as her arms wrapped around my body, undoing my belt and opening my pants.

I had been told she was past her contact-with-males issue, but this was still surprising. She dropped to her knees, leaned over and untied my laces. She nudged my leg up, and pulled off my shoes, one at a time. Still on her knees, she pulled my pants down, leaving me in my boxers and socks.

Sheri drew me over to the bed, getting me to sit, and removed my socks. She ran her hands slowly up my legs, gently, lovingly. At my thighs she looked up at me. "You gave me this. This ability." She leaned over and kissed my skin, tenderly.

I lay back and relaxed while she took her time becoming acquainted with my body. She avoided my boxers but a few minutes later her lips were on my neck, her soft body pressed against mine. My face was bathed in kisses, before her lips finally met mine.

I don't know how long we spent there, quietly kissing, our lips joined, our breath one. Her tongue was gentle and tentative, then more forceful, teasing, battling, exploring.

Our lips separated, my eyes boring into hers. "I love you, Sheri."

She grinned. "No shit, Sherlock. I think you've made that pretty obvious. The whole fucking city knows about it by now. The man who'd fight three guys for his girl, ending up half-dead in the hospital for a week."

"If you hadn't destroyed that one guy, I doubt it would have been newsworthy."

She kissed me again. "I'm yours, big guy. What are you going to do with me?" She got up on her knees, and peeled off her top, sitting there in small blue lace panties. I started to rise, but she pushed me back down and brought her tits to my face. "The girls have been dying for this moment," she giggled.

I kissed, fondled, and sucked away to my heart's content. She appeared to enjoy it, moaning sweetly. Her nipples were hard, standing up proud, and received more than their share of attention.

Sheri backed away, and moved off of me. She pulled off her panties, then moved to my waist and pulled my boxers down. She was staring at my hard cock, and her hand moved forward tentatively, a single finger reaching out and touching me cautiously. She kept her eyes on it, lying down beside me, her fingers floating across my skin.

Her breath was loud, heavy. She wrapped her fingers around my shaft and shivered. I held her close, my hand stroking her back.

"Relax, baby. We don't have to do everything at once," I told her.

She shook her head. "I want to. I need to, Steve."

Sheri scooted down for a better view, her hand stroking me ever-so-slowly. Her grip loosened, and she curled her hand around the crown, her palm smearing my pre-cum across the head.

"It feels so weird," she murmured. "An iron rod, wrapped in velvety skin. Hard and soft." She looked up at me. "I want to do it. Can we?"

"I'd love to," I confessed. "You're sure?"


I'd love to say it was the greatest ever. The culmination of all my dreams. Perfection personified.

It was horrible.

She straddled me nervously, holding me upright. She lowered herself and as soon as my skin touched hers, she started shaking and was soon sobbing, crying inconsolably. I drew her down into my arms, and she pulled away, rolling onto her side, her back to me.

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