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Glory Hole Surprise

by dezurtdawg 03/10/11

This is about consensual sex between adult siblings. If you don't like this sort of story please move on to another offering. If you read on, please know that this is total fiction and any similarity between my story and real people or events is totally coincidental.


My name is Dan; I am 23 years old, 6' 1" 175 pounds of rock hard muscle due to my construction job. I was never very popular in school, probably due to a really bad case of acne as a teenager. It's now cleared up nicely but I have no confidence with girls due to hundreds of times being turned down when I asked them for dates as a teenager. I make great money for my age, just over $25 an hour and I average over 45 hours per week.

Since I never had a date in high school, I grew quite good at jerking myself off. One Friday after work one of my crew mates said we should go the 'glory hole' bar. I had never heard of such a place and he said, "Well, that isn't its real name, but that's where the glory hole is." He laughed when he had to explain to me what a glory hole was, but once he did, I was all for going! Just the idea of a mouth, presumably a female mouth, sucking my cock until I exploded into it and then letting said mouth slurp down every last drop was such a turn on that I was hard in less than ten seconds!

I followed him in my pickup and soon we were parked outside the place. It looked pretty normal, and I hoped he wasn't yanking my chain. I nearly shit when the doorman said the cover charge was $20 but my buddy told me it would be worth every penny. Needless to say, I didn't last long as the lady sucked me deep into her mouth and allowed her tongue to go wild on my shaft. 'Jesus,' I thought, 'this is so much better than jerking myself off!'

My buddy and I joined up back at the bar and enjoyed two beers before he asked, "Well, do you feel up to another go in the glory hole?"

"I can go again?"

"Hell yes, she can't tell whose cock it is or if you've been there before! Hell, look around us, there are 40 or 50 guys in here and I'm certain each of them has been to the hole or is just about ready to."

"You mean who ever is in there has sucked off all those cocks? Holy shit," I said as my brain tried to grasp the scope of that revelation. Suddenly I stood up and said, "I'll be back!" Then I quickly moved to the back room where the glory hole booth was set up. This time it took much longer for my cock to fill her mouth with cum, but it felt great!

Later as we both started to open our truck doors to head home, I said gratefully, "Thanks man, thanks for letting me know about this place! Is it like this every night?"

"You are welcome! I think it is every night except for Wednesday and Sunday. The girls are never allowed in the main part of the bar. They keep the back room locked until the girl is in the booth, then they let us in. And they clear the parking lot when the girl leaves, basically keeping us prisoner in here. But hey, it's well worth it as some of these girls can really suck cock!"

"Yeah, like tonight!" I said.

"Yeah, she was okay, but not great! Most of the others are better than this one!"

Needless to say, I was hooked! No matter how poor of a job the mystery girl did, it was always better than jerking off into some tissue! Besides, it gave me something to do besides sit in front of the tube most nights. Once I had been there several times I wasn't so horny and was able to be satisfied with just one blow job. Besides, I was no longer blowing my wad in less than a minute, instead enjoying over ten minutes of heaven each time.

Soon I learned there was one girl in particular that was fantastic at sucking cock! I also noticed that whenever she was in the booth, more guys than usual were in the bar! One night I counted over 100 guys in the bar and wondered how that girl's mouth would feel in the morning. I struck up a conversation with the bartender and mentioned how they were making a mint on the cover charge that night. He laughed and told me that they split it 50/50 with the girl!

Soon I noticed that when this particular girl was doing the sucking, my blowjobs started getting longer and longer until I was lasting well over 20 minutes! Other guys were getting pissed at me, telling me to stop jerking off before coming to the bar. All the while this girl was really moaning and groaning around my cock, much more than she ever did for the guy she sucked off before me. I started taking advantage of the rule of sticking your cock through the hole as many times as you could get it up. One night this girl got to savor my shaft FOUR times and she obviously loved it! I know I did as well!

I was sent out of town for nearly two weeks and greatly missed my time spent at the glory hole bar and couldn't wait to get back home. Due to the fact that the 'best' cock sucker wasn't there for the first three nights, I figured I had missed getting serviced by her on four or more likely five nights. (She was becoming more of a regular in the booth).

The moment I slid my hard shaft through the hole she softly groaned out, "He's finally back! Ooops!" Nobody was supposed to talk at all in the back room, to help preserve anonymity and she knew she had screwed up. As a male with a gruff voice opened an unseen door and told her to shut up and suck, I found myself wondering where I recognized her voice from. Many nights I had fantasized about female friends who wouldn't think of dating me and imagined they were on the other side of the wall with their lips around my cock. Now I knew one of them was actually doing it! But who?

She went at my cock as if she was starving for cum -- unlikely considering how many guys were at the bar that night! About two hours later I wandered back to the booth and the moment I slid my shaft through the hole again she cooed excitedly but kept her words to herself! Luckily no other guy entered the back room for nearly twenty minutes and she just kept happily sucking away at me as if I was the only guy in town! Eventually another guy walked into the room and before he got close she softly said, "Damn!" before stepping up her efforts and draining my balls in about three more minutes.

After stuffing my well sucked cock back into my pants I staggered out to the bar for one last beer. While there the bartender answered my question by telling me there was a video camera that was aimed low so that the girl could tell how many guys were waiting for them. Hmmm, that answered that, she wasn't psychic!

About ten minutes later I staggered out to my truck intending to leave for home. Just before I unlocked my door I saw what looked like my little sister's car! There were no women inside the bar that I knew of. Then it hit me, oh shit, it WAS her voice that I had heard! I walked to the car and looked inside, instantly recognizing the stuff she always carried in it.

I got into my truck and slumped down into the seat trying to figure out what to do? My sister, Kelly, was a 19 year old Junior College student that still lived at home with our parents! She also had never, to my knowledge, had a date in her life! Some of the guys I knew said she was homely and I let them know that I didn't like that kind of talk. Sure, her face was broad and rather flat with a little pug nose but I thought it made her stand out from the crowd in a cute sort of way. She looked as if she had been smacked in the face hard with a 2X8! Mom said it was the doctor's fault and I saw no reason to disbelieve her.

Kelly was very shy and I had no idea what her body might look like as I had never even seen her in a bathing suit since she was ten years old! Hell, she didn't even wear shorts, instead opting for a baggy, well covered look. As I was pondering these thoughts, a hard rap on my window jerked me back to the moment and I was told to get the hell out of there! So I did, and I drove about two miles towards my parents' house before I pulled over and waited. About five minutes passed -- five LONG minutes -- until I saw Kelly drive past me. I pulled out and caught up with her and then pulled along side of her. She looked worried until she recognized me and smiled. I motioned for her to pull over and she did, with me parking behind her.

"Hey brother!" she said cheerfully as she gave me a quick hug and a kiss on the cheek. "What's up with you?"

"Not much, but I am surprised to see you out this late at night! Where have you been, anyway?"

I thought she blushed but it was hard to tell by the light we had, then she answered with, "You sure are curious, bro. I've been seeing some friends, why?"

Figuring I might as well push this to the limit I said, "Well, I've been out of town for just over two weeks, and tonight..." her face absolutely went white as a bleached sheet, "...when I shoved my cock through the glory hole I was sure I heard your voice!"

"Oh god, no!"

"Oh yes, my little sister! It seems the cock that you have been giving absolutely incredible blow jobs to belongs to your older brother! Little sister, you are by far the absolute best cock sucker I have ever encountered!"

Kelly looked panic stricken for several seconds before it dawned on her what I had said. "Do you really think so?" Her eyes seemed to be begging me to be truthful with her.

"My god, Kelly, why do you think that place is so packed with guys when they think you will be there? Every guy in the place knows how good you are! How in hell did you get so good at doing that?"

"One of my girlfriends from high school took me there right after graduation. It was the first time I had even seen a hard cock...I peeked at you a few times when you still lived at home, but you were always soft...and I didn't know what to do. My friend showed me how to do it and I quickly found that I loved doing it! I love knowing that the cock in my mouth is growing harder and bigger because of me, that it is shooting its stuff into my mouth because I made it do it! Besides, I make really good money at it! Tonight I got $1200!"

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