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Going To The Beach, With Friends

by fl_mike 06/22/01

Special thanks to blue_eyed_5ft_angel

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My wife wanted to go out and enjoy a night on the town.

"Hey, I am all for that. We could have dinner on the beach and visit a few nightclubs." There was something about the beach that really made my wife horny!

"Great!" she replies with a big smile. "Let me call Bill and Cathy and see if they can join us."

I have to say I enjoy getting with Cathy. She is a major flirt with lots of touching between both of us. It becomes a game to see who does more and who pushes the limits farther. I am not sure how much our spouses know or have seen.

My wife walked down the stairs in a stunning, tight, black dress and black heels. She looked incredibly sexy. Slowly she glided over to me feeling my eyes like hands on her body. I know she felt my gaze as her nipples hardened, pressing against her dress.

"Wow, you look very sexy. When was the last time you were able to wear that dress?" I asked.

"It's been years," she replied with a proud smile, knowing I had noticed the changes.

The diet was working, giving her body the look of an eighteen-year-old. The stress of the workweek had vanished and she was ready for a night out.

"Let's have some fun tonight," she announced, "Leave all our worries behind and act like kids again!"

I escorted her out to the car, holding her hand as she settled down into the plush seat, watching her shapely legs lift inside, hoping she would have spread them open just a bit to give me a peek.

I watched her beautiful face through the windshield as I walked round to the driver's side. After I backed out onto the street, my hand was free inching over onto her thigh. Gently, teasingly I touched her knee cause I knew this drives her nuts! Her chest expanded thrusting out her ample breasts. She was holding her breath in anticipation as my hand inched along to the inside of her knee, seeking that very sensitive spot that ignites her!

Teasingly, she took my hand moving it back to her thigh. "I bet someone thinks they will get lucky tonight." She whispered coyly.

With that she took my hand and moved it to her pussy. This was NOT something she normally does. Then reaching down she pulled up her skirt revealing her panties. She never does this either!

It was becoming extremely difficult to drive. Thank God there were no cops around. I would have been pulled over for a DIU. Not for driving under the influence of Liquor but Lust!

As quickly as our fun began it stopped as we pulled into the restaurant's empty parking lot. Not to busy this time of year it was easy finding a parking place. Like a gentleman I walked round opening the door for my woman. She sat waiting patiently with a naughty little grin written all over her sweet little face! I was not sure what she was up to, but I was definitely game!

We walked into the restaurant, my arm around her shoulder, looking side to side for a sign of our friends. They had not arrived yet, so we alerted the Hostess and headed to the downstairs bar for a cocktail. The restaurant had two bars, one upstairs and one at beach level. I chose the latter. My wife was a different person by the water and I wanted to explore her wild side tonight!

It's a different bar beach side. Almost funny, we had been coming to this establishment for five years and never really noticed the interior. The builder paid close attention to detail using Dark Oak for the crown moldings, which were etched with carvings. The tall bar was also constructed in dark wood with a heavy polished top giving the room a very subdued, romantic ambiance. I took my wife's hand balancing her as she perched herself up onto a bar stool before I climbed onto the one beside her.

All of a sudden soft delicate hands were gently gripping the sides of my head, inching through my hair as small fingers covered my eyes. "Miss me stud?" A female voice whispered.

Her voice sent shivers down my spine. Immediately the adrenaline started pumping through my veins. When I spun around on my stool there was Cathy, looking very sexy, wearing a short, almost sheer sundress, clinging to her curvaceous body like a second skin.

My wife gave Bill a big hug while I manhandled Cathy, then we swapped greetings. It had been less than a week since our last encounter yet the wives acted as if they hadn't seen each other in years.

"Excuse Me." The pretty Hostess interrupted, "Your table is ready."

We followed her single file, as there must have been something happening out on the beach because the restaurant was crowded. Being held up in the lobby Bill began drilling the Hostess about tonight's specials. My wife was behind Bill and Cathy was walking in front of me. I bumped into Cathy pretending it was an accident that my hands were touching her while I felt if she was wearing a thong or if she by chance she left her panties at home. She played coy suspecting what I was up to as her hand slowly moved behind her back taking a hold of my cock.

This was totally unexpected throwing me for a shock as my body betrayed my mind while my cock stiffened to her touch. Thank God I was wearing a long shirt, hiding my raging hardon. I was surprised how long she held onto me, but even more surprised when she began massaging my cock!

Cathy has broken all the rules pushing the limits farther than I ever dreamed. It was difficult holding back.

"Two can play this game," I whispered into the nape of her neck as I slowly slid my hand up under her sundress, moving straight for her inner thigh, cupping her pussy! She was so wet I decided to push her this time. The restaurant was very crowed with people standing and walking everywhere. No one would be able to tell what I was doing.

It was a struggle moving my fingers between her pussy and panties. Her nether lips were wet and slippery as I slowly eased my fingers between them. Her hands were gripping my cock like a vice. Does she want me to stop? I know she's aroused?

As the Hostess reached for the menus we both released our grips on one another. My head was spinning with lust. I wanted to take her now! Walk up to the closest table, bend her over, rip her panties off, spread her legs, and take her like an animal. The caveman in my mind was telling me to use her body as my sex toy. Enter her hard and fast nothing romantic just hot hard sex. However, this was not the time or place as we started walking toward our table.

Our seating was in the back near a window. With it being dark outside it was almost impossible to see the ocean. The Hostess seated us, Angela and Bill sat in the chairs while Cathy and I sat in the booth. The table was lit by candlelight creating an intimate and romantic setting. As I put my napkin on my lap I noticed a lot of leg being displayed by Cathy.

The waitress came over to our table introducing herself. Not wanting to slow down the party, I ordered a bottle of wine. Bill was leading the conversation, as usual. The evening was starting out very comfortable except for the games with Cathy. She started to rub her leg against mine. Cathy has long legs and feeling them rub against me started to make my mind wonder. How would those legs feel wrapped around my body? Would she enjoy me teasing her by licking her toes then slowly working my way up her thigh?

Conversation started to flow like the wine. My wife was enwrapped with Bill while Cathy and I started to enjoy some sexy word games while flirting. Cathy turned her body facing more towards me. Her eyes moved from her legs to mine, staying focused on my groin, then slowly worked their way back up to my eyes. A slow smile escaped her lips. Slowly the tip of her tongue appeared at the corner of her mouth. Then she wet her lips smiling at me.

What a bitch! Without words, or touching she had given me a raging hardon. My hand casually moved to her knee while trying not to alert the others. Her dress inched up exposing her panties. Conspicuously she gave me a little smile. I wanted desperately to move my hand between her smooth thighs cupping her pussy.

She moved closer to me. "They have no clue, do they? Here we are, having dinner, our spouses are talking and you have a hard cock that is crying to get inside me." she whispered with another smile." You want to take me into the ladies room and fuck me, don't you? You want to cum inside me, don't you?" She continued to taunt and tease.

As Cathy spoke the word cum the waitress appeared with our salads. My face must have been lobster red.

It was difficult sitting through the entire meal with a raging hardon, trying to eat dinner, wishing I was eating Cathy.

We left the restaurant walking down to the nightclub below. The club was a little different only having three walls. There was no far wall exposing the room to the ocean. It was nice yet different as cool air rushed in with each crashing wave onto the shore.

The ladies walked towards a secluded table in the corner standing beside a barstool. The bar waitress finally came over asking for our drink requests. She was a total bomb, about five four with long curly brown hair, wearing hooter shorts with nylons and braless with a tight white t-shirt!

Bill and I started flirting with her. Bill was very brave and very drunk, asking her for a hug. Surprisingly she walked over giving him a big one!

We had a perfect view of the dark beach and a not so good view of the dance floor. The table was about four feet tall and had bar stools. Everyone was standing around the table when Bill excused himself to find the men's room. As soon as Bill left the waitress arrived with our drinks.

"I bet you want her for Christmas, Don't you?" My wife asked me as her eyes followed the girls waving hips as she walked away.

Reading Angela and Cathy's body language it was easy to tell that they were feeling a little intimidated by this younger female. The challenge started out as a jealous reaction to the waitress.

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