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Good Sex with a Bad Wife

by SlyDog969 07/14/13

I stood there for a moment trying to decide what I should do with her still holding onto my crotch. Finally I said to myself, "Oh what the hell, everybody else has fucked her, I might as well!"

"Alright you win, what do want me to do?" I sighed.

"Good boy" she said with a satisfied smile on her face.

"Here help get me out of this corset I can't breathe in this thing." As I undid each clasp I notice just how tight it was and I wondered how did she get this thing on by herself without anyone helping her?

She peeled her black satin panties off and tossed them towards the closet door which was closed. She was now clad in only a black garter belt and sheer black stockings.

She turned around slowly to face me and my eyes were immediately fixated on those big wonderful breasts of hers. She immediately noticed where my head was at and smirked. "Oh! That right you never seen the girls before like this have you?" she said holding them for me to see "Are sure you don't want try them out? Go ahead feel them up that's what they are there for, this may be your one and only chance so make it count."

She held her breasts squeezing her arms underneath them, lifting them up, and pushing them together. This mashed her tit flesh together, squeezing it so that they bulged out even further.

I grabbed her large honkers and lifted them up with the palms of both hands. Then with both hands I worked her breasts, first stroking softly, then just touching her nipples, then twisting them, large, suckable nipples that were swollen and semi-hard, looking like a delicious treat.

"I bet you'd love to bury your face in them." She said with a grin.

I did not hesitate for a moment; I buried my face between her breasts. Sticking out my tongue, I licked at the tender milky white flesh of her breasts, drawing my tongue slowly across the vast expanse of her womanly assets. I took my time, savoring the moment, feeling her soft flesh pressed up against my face. I then kissed and explored the inner slope of her left breast. Before reaching her erect nipple I moved to the other breast and kissed it as well.

I grasped her and fed her right breast into my hungry mouth. Again, teasing her nipple with my lips, tongue, and teeth drove each of them to new levels of arousal.

I rubbed my head from side to side, letting my mouth and cheeks rub all over her tit flesh. Then, I sucked her right nipple into my mouth and began nursing on it hungrily; devouring it like my life depended on it.

"Mmmm, that's it baby, nurse on my tits." She purred, keeping her breasts pressed right up against my face.

I sucked her nipple in between my lips and pulled it into my mouth as my tongue rubbed over it, flicking against the very tip of her nipple. She moaned and arched her back, which thrust her breast against my face more, causing her fleshy mound to squeeze against my face and bulge out at the sides. My mouth drooled over her melons messily as I sucked frantically.

I was so preoccupied with sucking her erect nipples and caressing her breasts in my hands I must have lost track of time. She suddenly stepped back, "Ok that's enough foreplay" she said. "Let's get down to business I don't have all day besides that I have another date with a tall well hung black man later tonight and I am definitely not going to miss out on that."

She quickly unbuttoned my shirt, pulled my pants down, and followed by my boxer shorts. Both hung down around my ankles as my cock sprung free and was level with her face as she got down to rest on her knees before me.

She played with my cock and balls for a while before touching them with her mouth. She seemed to get a lot of pleasure out of seeing the effect she was having on me and she looked up at me and asked if I liked what she was doing while she stroked and fondled my shaft, making it bigger and harder.

Eventually, she took the tip of my cock into her mouth and surround it with her wet tongue and lips as she slid it in and out, sucking, loving, worshipping, all while looking up to see my reaction. I smiled to myself as her lips wrapped around the head of my cock and slid it into her mouth.

"FUCK MY MOUTH!" she urged me, as she surrounded my cock with her hungry lips.

Putting a hand to either side of her head so that my fingers were just behind her ear, I took control of her head and slid another two inches of my member into her warm and inviting mouth. Instinctively, her hands rose to my thighs. I slid another two inches into her mouth. As soon as I touched her gag reflex, she pushed back.

I firmly clamped my hands on to each side of her head taking control of her. She closed her eyes and relaxed her tongue. She let me take charge now as I thrust my cock deeper into her warm wet mouth. My cock filled her tight mouth while my hands controlled her head.

She was holding her mouth open and wide as she could now. I thrust my hips faster and deeper into her mouth almost gagging her. I felt my cock against the back of her throat. I felt her teeth gently scrapping against my shaft with each rapid pounding stroke of my cock. I smiled as I could feel myself getting closer and closer to her gag reflex.

My shaft was throbbing now with that familiar feeling behind the groin swelled up ready to explode. I grunted, my eyes drifted up to the ceiling as streams of my hot cum erupted inside her mouth. As I felt the jolt of my cum explode into her mouth I let a small, appreciative groan escape from my lips as I let my hands fall lazily to my side.

I looked down into her dark brown eyes.

"Swallow it." I said.

She shook her head.

"Now, I insist." I barked in a low and commanding voice.

She gave me a defiant look, showed me the cum on her tongue and then swallowed it and showed me her empty mouth.

She moved from her knelling position and stood up. She took a sip from my drink and then walked over to where I was standing. She started yanking my cock back to its previous erect state. In a few minutes I was hard as a rock once again.

"You did Ok so far." she said. "Now comes' the real test. If you want to walk out of here free and clear you need to give me the best fucking I've ever had."

I was tired of arguing with the bitch and my dick was already at full attention so I just told her "shut up and just fuck, it is obviously the only thing you are even mildly good at!"

I grabbed the back of her thighs just under her ass cheeks, and lifted her up against my body. Gripping my cock, I placed it against her hot, waiting twat, and entered her deeply. She gasped at the sudden intrusion.

She wrapped her arms around my neck, helping support her weight, while I fucked her in the air. I squeezed her ass cheeks tightly; lifting her up, and then letting her weight drive her back down onto my cock. She grabbed my head and took my mouth with hers, a vestige of my own flavor lingering in her mouth, as her tongue invaded my mouth keeping time to my penetrating her.

It was maddeningly intense, but too exhausting, and I took her over to the bed. I lifted her off of me, eliciting a cry, and then placed her on the bed, belly down. Spreading her cheeks with my hands, I once again located her wet slit, and entered her. I leaned over, grabbed her shoulders, and pressing them into the bed, I fucked her as hard as I could. Very hard, very fast, forcing my cock as deep as it would go inside her womb.

As much as I hated and despised this women and everything she had done, I did enjoy the way her pussy felt wrapped around my cock right now. I couldn't believe how tight her pussy was especially after all the different men she had been with. Of course I was not going to tell her that, that or anything else she could remotely consider being a compliment. I wanted to be as emotionally detached from this fucking whore as I could be.

Unrelenting, I continued pounding away, losing myself to the rhythm of the slap of my thighs against her ass. She pushed back on every stroke, her entire body strung as tight as a violin.

We were not making love we hated each other and were fucking and using sex as a punishment to hurt each other and take out our aggressions.

"Come on you worthless bastard fuck me like you hate me!" she squealed.

We glared at each other with mutual contempt as I pounded her and as she dared me to fuck her harder and deeper taunting me saying I was a lousy fuck.

The fucking I gave her was almost vicious in its intensity. I was using my cock to punish her for being so mean. After a few minutes I could see her wincing under the continuous pounding, and changed my attack.

I slowed, grabbing her cheeks in my hands, reveling in the deep penetration. In and out, I kept feeding her my cock, using that pussy. I was getting into it. I was fucking her like I wanted to hurt her, like it was a fight, a contest.

"Pull my hair," she moaned.

I grabbed her hair, that long black hair. I had hold of all of it. I pulled on her hair like it was a horse's main as I fucked her, pulling her head back with each deep thrust of my cock.

I fucked the shit out of her. I had a handful of hair and was fucking her balls deep as hard as I could. I felt powerful. I felt like she was my possession, like I could do whatever I wanted with her.

She was hurting; she had to be, but she was enjoying it. I was absolutely hammering her. I couldn't stop myself from grinning. I could feel the smile spreading across my face, that's how much pleasure I was having.

Looking down at the view of her pink flesh swallowing my cock, I saw the rosebud of her asshole, and forced my thumb into her there.

I fingered her ass, as I continued to screw her. Her ass cheeks clenched and released against my probing, finally accepting the inevitable. When I inserted first one finger, and then a second in her butt, she looked back at me with impassioned eyes, and through clenched teeth she warned me. "Don't do it, you bastard." She was thrusting herself hard against my invading fingers.

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