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Grandma and Me

by MichelleMcFarland 01/31/14

My name is John. I came from a broken home. My mother was an addict who went to jail for drug smuggling. My father is someone I never knew. So my single grandma took me in and raised me from an early age. She made me her child and proceeded to make me a man. I'm 29 years old now so that means I've been fucking her for a long time. Almost as long as I can remember.

Grandma is the kind of sweet woman who can serve you a nourishing dinner as she gives you sage, motherly advice about almost anything and then turn around and sexily beg you to ram your cock up her fat ass. "Fuck me," she whispers with a sly smile that signals my cock to perform.

For years all I've ever wanted was my grandmother's meaty maw of a hole to plunge my constantly throbbing cock into. I love the feel, the smell and the taste of it. It taste like Home. Her large soft breasts comforts me like two pillows; And she goes wild at having her nipples licked, squeezed and sucked. So do I.

She is my Mommy's mommy and my lover. At age 62 she is a fine specimen of a woman. She acts and dresses young and sexy and is very active. She was born in Arkansas where fucking your youngins was commonplace. But she was of the baby-boomer generation that believed in Free Love and Make Love Not War.

Sex was her drug of choice. She was addicted to it. That made her very popular and she was able to capitalize upon her good looks and innate intelligence to parlay her desires into wealth, if not fame. Admittedly not all of her endeavors were legal. So my mom was not the only one to see the inside of a jail cell.

Grandma always felt like she failed my mom; that she didn't show her enough love. She has ruminated that she should have put her on a tighter leash and been more hands-on. Instead, she was a free-wheeling party girl who dragged my mom into the lifestyle. When I came into her life she was determined to correct her errors.

Grandma understood sex and taught me to understand it too. It's normal and natural to want to kiss, lick, suck and fuck; especially those you love. Who knows you better than those who spend most of their time with you; caring for you? A man is a man and a woman is a woman, she said. And we all need to be touched. Whether it be a simple hug or some hardcore fucking, that's for two people to decide.

"Do you love me, baby" she asked casually as she stuffed her nipple into my mouth.

I murmured, "Yes," as my face sunk into the fleshy goodness of her tits. "Then when granny gets horny she wants you to touch her all over and make her feel better. Okay, baby?"

"Yes, ma'am," I answered. Grandma's nipples were a particular delight to me. They stood out even when she wasn't stimulated. They were dark and thick with a slight mushroom shape. Her areolas were also dark and wide with edges that revealed goosebumps when she was sexually stimulated. I loved the feel of her nipples between my lips as I sucked gently, releasing them and quickly flicking my tongue around them, as well as licking around the rim of Grandma's areolas. She fucking loved that!

Grandma's favorite sex position was 69. Sucking my cock was second only to fucking on her list of activities. For me, I got buried in the world of Grandma's fat cunt and wide ass. The warm wet aromas wafting from between her legs always engulf my senses and connect to a very primal part of my brain. I become all instinct and attack my granny's genitals with wanton gusto.

She tells me and shows me what she likes and how she likes it and tells me to do the same with her. Our communication is good. However, we are at a point where only our grunts and sighs and moans are all the verbal communication we need.

Over the years, the more Grandma sucked my cock the larger it became. Her mouth was like a penis pump only far, far better! My cock now swings at 9 1/2 inches. Even I was amazed when certain friends revealed their cocks to be from 4 inches to 7 inches in length at erection. I liked to test its length with Grandma by seeing how far I could push it up her asshole when we fucked. Sometimes it went all the way but it maked Grandma moan in both pain and pleasure.

Grandma knew that catering to my sexual urges at an early age would keep me obedient and docile. I attended to my school studies without much distraction because my needs were constantly attended to at home. Even when cute schoolgirls would totally turn me on with their short skirts and budding breasts, grandma would dress up as a schoolgirl (or teacher or nurse or whatever) and tease my stiff cock until I almost lost my mind and had to almost rape her. . Over the years I have, in fact, had sex with other girls. I totally rocked their worlds. Afterward they all want to marry me but I'm already married to my grandma--semi-officially. I signed up over the internet as a minister in an online church where I became legally able to marry couples. So I married my Grandma in a private ceremony at home. Then I fucked her for the entire night and all into the next day. Every time she stared at the diamond wedding ring I gave her she would seize up and cum all over my hard cock. It felt so good to make my Grandma cum again and again and again. I can't remember how many times I came in her but by the end her pussy was overflowing with cum.

The next day we celebrated further by going out on a romantic date. At each place we visited we found somewhere to suck or fuck. At dinner in a fancy restaurant I had my foot massaging her soft wet cunt under the table. While strolling around town, a few times she would pull me into an establishment's empty bathroom in order to have me pump a fresh load of my cum into her mouth, pussy or ass.

We live a sweet life. Even at age 62 Grandma looks twenty years younger. "60 is the new 40," she says with a grin. She has the lithe body of a much younger woman and the energy to match. She weighs 144 lbs. There is very little sag in her skin, although her 38-D breasts are not as pointy as they used to be. But she knows how to turn me on and make me fuck her and that's all that matters. We kiss a lot. Our tongues are always snaking into each other's mouths. It's another way that we fuck in public. I stab my tongue down her throat the way I want to slam my cock up her pussy or ass. That turned her on so much that she grabbed my hand and guided it to masturbate her under her dress or skirt.

I learned that when sex becomes so easy to acquire (merely on a whim) it can get easy to take it for granted. But grandma doesn't let it become boring for either of us. She's an uninhibited freak who's game to try almost anything that doesn't involve pain. Her motto has always been: If it feels good, do it! That includes swinging.

A couple of years ago, after several long conversations, Grandma took me to a swingers convention and watched me fuck several willing strangers while she did the same. We always kept our eye on each other as we copulated with others. Then we fucked each other as others watched us. Because of the family resemblance I'm sure many there guessed we were related in some way. That seemed to turn on a lot of the guests who freely masturbated around us in a crowd. One woman accidentally squirted on my back as she came suddenly. Grandma's moans were loud and insistent and my grunts were measured as I was determined to make us cum together.

The loud squishing from Grandma's cunt was intrusive and nasty in a sexy way. It hardened my cock and made me fuck her like an animal-- not the normal romantic way we usually engaged in. We went through a bunch of sex positions until at one point Grandma was on top of me in a reverse cowgirl position with her legs spread wide, taking my cock repeatedly and bouncing down on it. After awhile she had other hands on her body, caressing her breasts, arms, legs and belly. Soon I felt her cunt tighten and her breath quicken. Another orgasm was imminent for both of us. So I moved myself to her rhythms. I concentrated on her moans, the feel of her pussy, and the length of my cock going in and out of it like a slow-speed jackhammer.

Then I began to talk dirty.

"Aw, fuck, you're a hot old bitch! You like that cock? You like fucking my big cock, bitch? That's a big fat cock up your cunt, ain't it? You feel that? Pound it, bitch! Pound that cock like the whore you are! Ahhh, you're such a fuckin' cockhound! You want more and more of this cock in your cunt, don't you? Don't lie. You know you do. Now all these people know it too. They all know you're a cock-fucking whore like I do. You're the kind of whore who will die if she doesn't feel a cock ramming hard up her cunt, right, bitch?"

"(Gasp!) Yes. baby! Fuck me!! Fuck my pussy hard!!! I'm your cock-loving whore!!! And I always will be!!!"

At that point the room shook with a bloodcurdling cry of orgasm emanating from the throat of my grandma as she came harder than she ever had before (and that is really saying something)! The combination of having incestuous sex in front of strangers while enduring sexual insults combined with the friction in her pussy was too much for her to take and her body and soul exploded.

The wails from her mouth were so loud it brought others into the room to see. And for the first time she squirted all over. I kept ramming my meat into her intensely spasming vagina to prolong her orgasm. Then I gave in and shot my hot cream up into her womb. My hips bucked up against hers and we grinded them roughly together. We kept grinding and grinding in an effort to extract every drop of cum we had in our bodies. Then we collapsed in a heap with Grandma's sweaty body on top of mine. We are now invited to attend Swinger's conventions every year.

My grandma's kisses are sweet and so is her tongue. But her mouth is spent mostly wrapped around my cock. She is an expert at making me empty my nutsack into her belly several times a day. It begins in the morning 'til around noon. Then later in the evening and, of course, at bedtime. The rest of the time my cock is either in her pussy or up her asshole running its full length back and forth.

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