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Grandma’s Helping Hand Ch. 03

by milfleglover 12/31/13

Erica listened to Amy, her gorgeous teenage granddaughter, once again lament the lack of sexual attention paid her by Jimmy, her boyfriend, a 19-year-old showing typical selfishness toward women. Amy would get him off, she told her grandma, but then leave her hanging, not completing what he started once he was satisfied.

Erica loved lending her grandchildren, and any of their young friends, a helping hand in time of sexual need. She was quite proficient in use of her hands on both males and females, able to get them off in loving ways, using other parts of her very sexy, very well-kept 65-year-old body as needed. The tall, athletic, silver-haired beauty was very much the doting grandmother in so many ways, and in the ways of sexual satisfaction she provided, quite unlike most.

"I just don't know what to do, Grandma," Amy groused on the phone as Erica puttered in her garden, dressed for the hot day in sinfully short cut-off jeans that accentuated her long, muscular legs toned hard from years of exercise. "I mean last night, I know...well, I sucked him off and then he takes me home and that was that. Christ."

Erica smiled. She loved how her grandchildren were so open and honest with her. And as she listened, she knew she could once again lend a helping hand. Or any other body part it would take to train the wayward, selfish Jimmy.

"Where's Jimmy now, honey?" Erica asked.

"Finishing up at work, we have a date tonight," Amy said.

"What's his number?" Erica asked. "I want to have word with that boy."

"Would you, Grandma, would you?" Amy gushed excitedly. "I knew I could count on you!"

Moments later Erica sat in the living room, debating whether to shower or not. She was sweating quite heavily, her silvery hair hanging in wet strands down her pretty, wrinkly face and brushing her shoulders and sagging neck. She smiled and thought not.

"Jimmy? Yes, this is Erica, Amy's grandmother," she said into the phone. "I'd like to see you, I have something I'd like to discuss with you?"

"Really?" the surprised Jimmy answered. "Uh...what?"

"You'll see, son, you'll see," she said with a hint of sternness. "Come now. I know you have a date with my granddaughter in a few hours. This won't take long...too terribly long."

She clicked off the phone and waited, crossing her sexy, tanned legs and looking down their fleshy, muscular length to her hard calves, short, very dirty gray socks and low leather work boots she wore.

"I think I'm more than dressed for the occasion," she sighed to herself, going outside for a few more last-minute gardening chores as she waited.

Twenty minutes later, freshly gleaming with sweat, she heard Jimmy's car in the drive, and went inside to answer the ringing doorbell. The somewhat bewildered boy stood before her, a skinny, curly-haired lad with an uncertain smile.

"Mrs. Allston?" he asked quietly. " wanted to see me?"

"This way," she said plainly, walking away, feeling the boy's eyes burning the back of her sexy old legs and full ass packing her tight shorts.

She sat on the couch, crossing those hard legs and as the boy started to sit in a chair, she stopped him.

"No, stand up if you will, Jimmy," she said sternly.

Jimmy gulped and obeyed.

"Jimmy, Amy tells me you're a bit selfish sexually, that she gets you off, makes you cum if you will, and then you do nothing to reciprocate, is this true?"

Jimmy's eyes went wide, his mouth falling open.

"Uh...uh...well...geez, Mrs. Allston...I mean God...why would she..." he stammered, shifting from foot to foot.

"The point it she did, she did tell me, and we can't have that can we?" Erica said, uncrossing her legs and sitting up straight, pushing to the edge of the sofa. "Jimmy, you must take care of the woman, always, and not be so selfish. And I'm here to show you how."

" what?" he said, eyes widening. "Show What?"

"You'll see, son, you'll see," she smiled, pulling her wet hair behind her and tying off with elastic, another one around her bony wrist she'd put there earlier for the purpose ahead. "Now, come, Jimmy, here."

She pointed to the spot directly before her as she sat, slightly spreading her granny thighs. He stared unmoving.

"Here, Jimmy," she growled sternly. "Now. I'm not going to bite. Just the opposite, in fact."

Still not knowing what to expect but caught up in the sultry dominance of this rather sexy old lady, Jimmy shuffled forward and stood, looking down into the wrinkled, moist cleavage of a woman 45 years his senior and liking the view, a tapered fold of sexy, saggy flesh and beyond, the creamiest milky white skin the sun had missed.

His cock stiffened in his jeans as he stood inches from Erica as she leaned toward him and stared directly into that thickening bulge, smiling.

"Now, Jimmy, Erica tells me that she often blows you, makes you cum, and you do nothing in return?" she said as Jimmy watched that softly wrinkled mouth form words, he never imagined them saying. "Is this true?"

"I..I..I...." he stammered, looking down at that very pretty face that got prettier with every breath he felt on his crotch as she leaned closer.

"I take that as a yes," she sighed, lifting her hands and tugging at his belt, undoing it forcefully to offset the reluctant boy's attempt to back away. "Now, Jimmy, hold still, this is for your own good..."

He relented, groaning as Erica unsnapped his pants and slowly pulled them down, his now fully erect seven-inch cock bobbing straight out, a breath away from that sexy, puckered mouth.

"Oh my, what have we here?" she smiled darkly. "That's pretty impressive, young man..."

Jimmy gasped as Erica encircled his cock with her thin fingers and slowly stroked it, cupping his bloated balls with the other hand. She jerked him very slowly at first, then increased the pace to his mounting moans.

"My, my, my, so anxious, young man," she hissed, sticking out her tongue to slurp up the copious pre-cum welling in Jimmy's thick cockhead. "Hold still...."

"Jesus, Mrs. God..." he groaned, watching her stroke his dripping dick with both hands now, her mouth opening toward it. " good..."

"What, doesn't Amy jerk you like this?" Erica laughed. "Or do this?"

With that, she popped him into that sexy puckered mouth, jerking him by twisting her bony hands in opposite direction and sucking him down to the balls, pulling out, twisting those hands again, repeating the motions quickly and wetly, until Jimmy screamed in pleasure.

"NO!" he cried. "She doesn't do it anywhere NEAR THAT FUCKING GOOD!"

"Language, son, language," Erica laughed, pulling his dick from her mouth and rubbing the dripping head on her wrinkly cheeks and neck. "Guess I'll have to train her as well!"

She resumed her rapid blowjob and within seconds, felt the young stud trembling before her and knew he was seconds away from popping off in her sucking mouth. She smiled around his cock and just as he was about to blow, pulled that elastic from around her wrist and expertly slipped it over his cock to the base, twisting it over once to snap off the massive load he was about to deliver. He looked down, eyes wide in shock and frustration, his cock quickly going purple, the meaty wand bobbing at Erica's face.

"WHAT THE FUCK!" he screamed, frantically trying to pull the excruciatingly tight band off his dick. "PLEASE LET ME CUM!!!"

"Not until you've been trained, young man!" she barked, slamming one booted foot into his balls, taking his breath away and knocking him to his knees, where she scurried behind him to quickly tie his hands together with a scarf she'd left on the couch for precisely that purpose. "And you WILL be trained on how to put a woman's needs ahead of your own!"

She stood, waiting for the pain in his balls to subside and then leaned down, cupping his chin to tilt his face up to her as she bent over.

"Do you lick my granddaughter young man?" she barked. "Do you?"

"Yeah...yeah, sometimes," he panted, struggling vainly against his bonds.

"Sometimes?" she growled. "Not good enough. You WILL lick her ALL the time from now on, do you understand, BEFORE she turns any attention to you. Now you're going to learn how."

She grabbed his hair, pulling him around to face the couch, where she sat, spreading her saggy, meaty thighs, the folded tanned flesh jiggling. Jimmy blinked at the sight of it as she drew his face closer to her crotch.

"Inhale," she snarled. "Smell me. I'm very sweaty, very nasty, Jimmy, but you must service a woman no matter how bad the smell, to show her your love and devotion. Now smell!"

He balked, trying to twist his head away. Erica laughed and pulled him directly to her crotch, which was nearly exposed as her shorts rode high on those fleshy thighs, her wet panty peeking around the side of the shorts fabric and tufts of wet hair poking out from either side. She easily pulled his face in and clamped her saggy thighs around his ears, locking her boots together and squeezing hard, the flesh of her quivering thighs going hard with the muscle beneath. Jimmy yelped in pain.

"Smell," she said simply.

He had no choice and inhaled, the acrid, sweaty, raw scent of Erica's unwashed pussy embracing his existence, filling his nostrils and lungs, nearly searing his throat as he desperately fought for air in the scissoring grip of her meaty old thighs. She smiled down at him, holding his head in one hand and sneaking a hand under his face to devilishly pull aside all the material, her cheesy, hairy lips spreading wide and kissing his face wetly.

"There, get the full effect, Jimmy!" she laughed, throbbing her granny thighs on his crushed head. "Smell me good...."

Erica was hardly the dominant type for the most part, lavishing her grandchildren with love and attention – and sexual services – in the same doting fashion as she'd make them cookies. But once in awhile the dark streak came out, particularly when there was training at hand and now as she looked down at her thighs bowed out in muscular fleshiness around Jimmy's moaning, trapped face in their meaty clamp, she felt it very strongly, grinding her moist bush into his mouth, pumping her hips, lifting her sagging ass cheeks off the couch to use him fully.

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