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His Belt

by Slayers jewel 06/18/03

I slip into the room. Sitting on the couch, You call to me.

“Come to Me My precious.” patting Your lap You beckon me to my favorite place. I settle softly into Your lap my body against You. My jeans and shirt gently brushing Yours.. The summer hot air palpable around You. You reach Your arms around me and pull me close into a hot kiss, deep and long.

Releasing my mouth suddenly, Your gaze darkens and i pull back just a bit but Your arms hold me close and You whisper, “How was Your day baby..?”

I whisper back, “It was good love… Just fine, but long and I am so glad to be home with You.”

You reach over and grab an ice cube from Your glass, pressing it softly to my lips. I suck gently, icy drops of water dripping from the ice, into the V of my silk shirt, to slide cool and inviting between my breasts. You let me suckle the ice a bit before pulling it away, just a small piece left, drippy and melting and drop it suddenly down my shirt making me jump and squeak a little as the ice slides down into my bra lodged there to melt.

You press Your fingers again to my mouth telling me softly, to suck the water from them… as I suck Your fingers one at a time into my mouth, Your other hand is softly rubbing my leg and caressing my thigh. Your hand moves softly up across my pubic bone to the snap in my jeans where You play with the zipper length for a while.

You pull Your hand from my mouth and wrap that arm around my body pulling me close for another kiss. Your hand lowers slowly caressing over my bottom. Feeling Your fingers work on the snap of my jeans pulling it free, I pull back from the kiss. You lightly smack my bottom to get my attention.. I look at You and You say “Get up..”

I look back hesitantly. You pat my bottom again, moving me from Your lap… “Get up baby… and stand there.” pointing to a place just a few feet from You. I look to You inquisitive but obey, standing straight and tall before You.

That dark look coming across Your face again as You look at me. A slow smile and smirk across Your face.. “Now precious…. Undress that body for me… do it slow and make me want you….” A look of tentative comprehension lights in my eyes. You nod encouragingly and settle back into the couch grabbing Your glass of icy coke to sip while You watch.

Reaching a delicate hand toward the top button of my silk blouse, i run my hand slowly over tight nippled breast, confined in my bra all day, aching to be set free. My auburn curls floating over my shoulder and the swell of my breasts are brushed back with a flick of my wrist ... reaching to the top button and flicking it open with a practiced hand, a small shy smile playing across my face.

I see Your desire tempered with control… The next button falls open, as a glimpse of my pale olive cleavage appears sugessting bountiful breasts, held secure by the expanse of white satin.

The next 2 buttons fall victim to my nimble fingers. The valley between my breast appears and the swell of each ponderous breast rises and falls with my deepening breaths. Reaching between my breast I concentrate a moment on unsnapping my bra, my hand freeing the front clasp.

A sweet nervous giggle floats to Your ears... green eyes twinkling as the silk of my shirt billows in the slight breeze, showing more and more of my olive skin. Brushing both hands softly across the round heavy bottoms of my breast as i draw the shirt softly apart. The swell of each breast coming into view.

The silk falls from my shoulders exposing my full breasts and round shoulders, the skin flushed in the overly Warm room. The silk slides from my arms, hands trapped by the sleeves, held loosely behind my back in a silken bondage.

Walking slowly toward You I keep my eyes on Yours. My breast bounces softly with my walk. My knee nudges Yours further apart as i step between them. I turn… offering my bound hands to You to remove the shirt from my wrists.

Taking care not to make body contact, You grasp the shirt and lightly pull … I step delicately away, slipping my hands free leaving the silky slithering fabric in Your hands. My hands back to my sides, I step a few paces away and turn again, my heavy breast swaying gently..

You take a moment to bring the shirt to Your nose to inhale my scent, then gaze up to me smelling woman and Escape. While the shirt floats softly from Your hands, Your eyes shine with desire ...

Smiling softly into Your eyes, I reach for the snap of my jeans.. my fingers brushing soft over my belly as the open snap comes under my hand.. Pulling it further open revealing a triangle of flesh.

My hand slips softly across my hips. I hook my thumbs at the waist band of my jeans. Giving You a coy look, i draw the denim softly down my hips showing an amazing expanse of flesh. Denim slides over my hips and down my silken thighs and calves, my body clean and smooth as i draw a deep quivering breath. The stiff fabric is bunched against my ankles. I raise my right knee slowly, Showing the creamy smooth skin between my thighs just briefly

I pull my ankle from the jeans setting my toe down gently, lifting my other foot, I flick my ankle away from the denim freeing it from my ankle and replacing my foot gently down once more.. Standing before You, naked, glowing, my body vibrant and alive as I draw a shaky breath....

The look on Your face is priceless as You watch my every movement and take in every glance. Your eyes travel very slowly down my naked body, leaving me feeling suddenly a bit more nervous as You call to me. “Kneel here baby.” You command softly. You may be using a soft voice and my pet names, but there is no mistaking the command in Your voice. I obey immediately, taking soft steps away from the pile of denim and drop gracefully between Your knees, kneeling softly where You command me.

I look slowly up into Your eyes, surprised to see Your desire so evident in Your eyes as they hold mine. You reach out a hand to trace a finger slowly over my cheek, leaving a quiver behind. You stroke over my jaw line and down my neck. Drifting softly over my right breast until You reach my nipple, You smile at the trail of goose bumps that form under Your finger. Reaching my nipple, You circle it slowly, never breaking eye contact with me. You roll the nipple slowly in between two fingers watching the growing hunger in my eyes with an interested glance. Suddenly, You pinch my nipple and I flinch slightly as the contrast startles me.

Slowly, You pull Your hand away to rest on my hair. You stroke down the auburn lengths telling me softly, “Now precious…. Take my belt off…” A nervous look comes across my face as my glance drops to Your lap hiding Your hard cock inside Your jeans. Your hand twines softly into my hair, with very gentle pressure You pull, tipping my face again to look into Your eyes, now dark and fathomless, so deep and compelling. “Open the buckle and pull the belt off... Do it now…”

“Yes, love.” I respond slowly and reach for the buckle of Your belt. You continue to stroke my hair soothingly and reassuringly. Pulling the buckle loose, I pull the few loops I can see loose and tug on the other end. Feeling my pull, You lift Your hips and the belt slides free. A two-inch length of well-made leather with a plain buckle hangs in my hands. I hold the belt lightly, very unsure what to do with it.

I look back catching You eyes, smiling down at me gently “Very good baby, see that wasn’t so bad. It won’t hurt… Just put the end through the buckle to make a loop.”

I comply nervously as my fingers fumble and I have to try a second time. Finally the loop is complete and You smile encouragingly and whisper, “Now put it around Your neck baby….” Then with a deep breath, “Ohh, good girl”, as I place the loop gently around my neck, the long piece dangling tantalizing between my breast.

Pressing me back with Your hands, I scoot back a pace allowing You to move away from me. Still kneeling at the edge of the couch as You rise. Looking me over, naked and collared by Your belt You kneel down beside me and take the long tail of the belt. Pulling slightly to make me move with You to the edge of the couch. You wrap the end of the belt securely around the arm of the couch, keeping me from moving at all as the loop of leather tightens softly around my neck.

Your hand slides over my body and rests splayed open on my back. You move me forward a bit so my belly is against the cushion of the low couch.

“Now girl, give me Your hands.” Your voice becomes slightly deeper as I reach my hands tentatively, behind me. You tie them securely with my silk shirt behind my back, pressing me gently into the couch.

Bending me at the waist, my torso rests against the cushion, my face turned. I feel a slight tightness in my shoulders, where my bound wrists pull lightly. You run a hand softly and settling over first my bare back, then hips and gently over the curve of my bottom to stroke my now very damp pussy. Your other hand is quickly undoing Your jeans and dropping them from Your hips.

Kneeling behind me, Your touch moving me higher I moan softly pressing my hips softly back into Your hand as two fingers dip deep inside my quivering hole. You unbutton Your shirt and pull it impatiently free from Your body..

Moving slightly behind me You take in the picture before You. I am naked, bound and kneeling before You as You are fingering me. My soft moans reach Your ears. You move Your hand so You can rub my clit as You finger me deep. Bending over with a single slow firm lick over and through my pussy, You move close behind me, allowing me to feel Your hard throbbing cock against my thigh. With one hand guiding over my hip, You reach forward and pull my hair gently from my neck, stroking it through Your fingers, lightly pulling with each stroke. I feel the slight pull when You wrap a handful hair into my bound fist letting me hold the curly silken tresses, in my hand.

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