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His Wife's Cousin

by alparker 04/30/06

"Just look at them." She said, pushing my hands away. She removed her shirt and sat with her back stiff. "Well?"

I stared at her, trying to hide my excitement. I moved closer and inspected them. I wanted to suck those nipples. "I think this one's bigger but that one has a bigger nipple."

(author's note - like you dear readers I said, "Right. She whipped off her shirt and said feel my tits?" Mike got mad and told me to go fuck myself.)

That's why I told you about Bob. She wasn't embarrassed anymore. I had just told her something she didn't know about her own body. If I told you something you didn't know. Wouldn't you check? Just in case? Can I finish now?

She stood up and went to her dresser mirror. Her right tit was definitely bigger and hung about an inch lower.

"Oh wow. I never noticed that."

She put her hand flat near her collarbone and pulled up. Her tit rose a bit. I took another picture of her reflection. Click.

"Hey." She said again and crossed her arms. She turned.

"How about a shot lying on the bed?"

She questioned me with a look. She gave me that look women give you when they know you're up to something but they're not sure what. "You can keep your arms crossed." I smiled.

She went to the bed and laid down. She was propped up by two pillows. She was covering her boobs with her hands. I bent her knee slightly and tugged her skirt up a little. Her leg was exposed to mid thigh. I stepped back.

"Bend your leg a bit more." She did and her skirt inched higher. Click. I snapped a shot. I caught a glimpse of white.

I moved to the end of the bed. She laughed and covered her chest with one arm and moved one hand to push her skirt between her legs. "You're trying to look up my skirt." She said. In a playful way, not angry. She was flirting with me. She was feeling comfortable.

"Just a little." I said. "You've got great legs. Move your hand."

"No. I've got my work underwear on." She laughed.

"They give you underwear at work?"

"Nooo. It's what I wear to work. They're loose and comfortable. You wouldn't believe the butt rash a thong gives me from all the moving around the chair."

"How about...?"

I moved to the bed. I straightened her legs. I raised one side of her skirt and then the other. She leaned against the pillows again. I moved her skirt until there was about a half inch of white showing between her legs. I could see the bumps her hair made against the cotton panties. There were errent dark pubic hairs sneaking out the loose crotch of her panties. I made sure the skirt material was bunched a bit at her crotch so she couldn't see her panties from her angle.


She looked down at her bare legs. She did her posing smile.

"Put your arms down." She gave me that look again. "Come on. I've already seen them I'll even use an angle where the midget one doesn't look so bad."

"It's not a midget, just smaller. My mom better not see these." She put her hands in her lap and did her posing smile again.

Click, click.

"Beautiful." I said. Kim blushed. "Gimme sexy." She got confused. "Lie a bit that way and bring this leg over and up."

I had her partially on her right side with her left leg crossed over and bent. I had a clear shot of her entire thigh and half her ass cheek. I saw the white part of her ass usually covered by her bathing suit. Her panties sagged away from her pussy and gave me a view of her dark curlies. Click. She reached her hand down and felt how much was exposed. She covered her butt with her hand.

"You said you wouldn't take any pictures of my underwear."

"Well, you can take them off if they're that ugly." Here was another point she could get mad.

She got a look on her face that said she finally figured out what I was up to. Maybe her crush years ago wasn't completely gone? Maybe it was the chance to do some naughty posing? Maybe it was the pot? I don't know.

"You are so bad." She was flirting again. Kim moved her hand. She rolled more onto her stomach. "Is this what you want? You perv."

Her skirt moved higher. She had one leg bent and the other straight. I could see most of her ass. Her panties were loose enough that her bush and her ass crack was showing. The white skin of her private area was such a contrast to her very tan legs. Her left tit was hanging to the bed. My boner twitched. My ears were pounding and my heart racing. The back of my neck was scorching.


"Get on your knees." I was losing my voice.

"Like this?"

She was playing now. She was on her hands and knees. Her big tits hung down and swayed a bit. Her skirt hem was now near her hips. Her entire panty covered backside was exposed. She looked back at me over one shoulder and then the other. Her ass wiggled as she moved her head. Her panties were so loose that when she wiggled her butt, I saw the untanned part of one cheek and then the other.


"That's it baby. Put your shoulders down and spread your legs."

"Mike." She laughed again, but did it. Her ass was in the air with her head on the pillows.


"Those panties really are ugly." I said.

I moved closer. I pulled them to her knees. She jumped and rolled onto her right side with her knees together and her heels against her ass.

"M-i-k-e!" She shouted from surprise.

"Let me see?" I said as I tugged her panties down her legs and off. She didn't fight me. "Come on. Just a peek?"

"No." She giggled again. I put my hand between her knees and pushed up lightly with the back of my hand. She resisted. I pushed harder. Her leg moved a bit.

"No." She said with a pout.


I pushed again.


Her knees were now about 5 inches apart. I had a clear view of her pussy. Click. The flash lit up her crotch and for that brief moment, I saw the split of her pussy.

"No." She said. She was shaking her head and spreading her legs.

Her knees were now a couple feet apart. She had both legs bent. One on the bed, the other one moving wider and wider. Her pussy lips parted slightly and I could see pink.

"You look so hot."

I clicked off a picture of her lying back, her tits bare and her pussy exposed. Her left knee was about as wide as it could get. Her pussy flaps fell outward and I saw Kim's inner folds and her clit.

"Jesus, you've got a pretty pussy." I said without realizing I was saying it out loud.

"Mi-i- ke." She said, embarrassed. She looked at me. "Really?"

I wanted to jump her right there and damn the people downstairs. But there's a big difference between a girl showing you her tits and cunt and her letting you stick something in there. If you asked ten girls on the street for a picture of their tits, you might get a couple to agree but that don't mean they'll fuck you.

"This is soooo bad." She said, staring me in the eyes. "We are going to be in so much trouble."

She said, 'we'. We were partners in crime. I clicked another shot as her legs went as wide as they could. She put her hands between her legs and used her thumbs to hold her pussy open. "Penthouse." She said. Click.

She blushed and covered her snatch with her hand. "That was very naughty. Wasn't it?"

I put my hand on her right knee and slid my fingers up. I felt little tremors under her skin. My fingertips touched her hand. She moved it. I slid my hand up until my fingertips touched her pussy. The hair was coarse under my fingers.

"I don't think you should be doing tha--hat." She jumped a bit. There was a catch in her voice. My thumb found her clit. "How'd you - oh - find that so fa--ast." I rubbed circles.


"Well, Mr. experie--ence. I think you had better st -- op."

She pulled her crotch away.

"If my mom or your wife catches us ..." She didn't have to finish. "How about this?" She jumped to the pose on her knees with her ass in the air.

Oh shit. Her hairy snatch and pink asshole were on display. Her pussy lips were still partially spread from moments before. She looked back at me with her face on the bed. She wiggled her hips. I could smell the soap she washed her cunt with. Peach.

"Come on. Take the picture."

I did. Click.

Then I lost control. I grabbed her hips and stuck my face in her young twat. I licked at her gash, trying to reach her clit. She jumped and laid on her side again.

"No. I'm all sweaty from work."

I dropped to my knees at the side of the bed. I grabbed her leg and pulled her to me until her knees were on either side of me and her calves hanging over the edge. She was flat on her back. "I think you taste sweet."

"Whatcha gonna do now." She asked with a wicked smile. "It better be quick."

I buried my face in her snatch again. I lifted one leg over my shoulder. She tasted of sweat and musk and peach and youth. My hands grabbed her tits and pulled her nipples. My tongue found her clit.

"I don't think you ... sh - ould be-e-e-e do-ing ... oh yessss. There. Right there." She grabbed my hair and pulled me tighter into her pussy.

I turned my head so that when I flicked my tongue up and down it moved sideways across her clit. It did for her what it always did for my wife. She held my head and pumped her hips against me.

"Ohhhh Miiiike." She squealed.

She covered her mouth to keep from making too much noise. I pushed two fingers into her hole, up to the last knuckle. I sawed them in and out while licking her clit. In seconds my fingers were drenched. I stuck a third and finally, my pinkie in her wet hole.

"Please Mikey. Now. Finish me. M-I-K-E-Y." She begged. "Mmmmm. Mmmm. Mmmmm."

She moaned behind her hand. I jammed my hand faster into her while my tongue flicked her clit. "Mah. Mah. Mah." She said, I think. Then she clamped her hand tighter against her mouth as she screamed and her hips lifted off the bed. Her leg tensed on my shoulder. Her heel was digging into my back. Kim held my head to her until she was done.

"Oh yeah. That was good. I needed that." She said, breathless. She unhooked her leg.

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