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Hmmm... A Swinging Barn Dance

by hornyscot72 01/13/18

I really wasn't sure about this. Okay, I had made the booking but could easily cancel it. I had been in two minds from the moment she contacted me but as I drove around the city by-pass I was now certain this was a mistake. It could never be like it had been before. That I knew, but I wasn't really sure what it now could be. I decided that I would drive to where I said I would pick her up, explain that I had changed my mind, apologise of course, then return home. I was sure that she would see my point of view. What we had in the past just simply couldn't be revived.

It was nine months since we had last met. Nine long months. The first couple were painful, but I began to understand and it began to get better as the months went by. I stopped looking at her photographs from her birthday shoot everyday and by the time my own birthday passed I realised that I hadn't looked at them for weeks. She was becoming a simple memory; a pleasant memory but that was all. A memory of a couple of good years, an awakening, a time of excitement and discovery. A time of secrets and illicit liaisons; but a time that I could never really forget, so perhaps she would always be more than a simple memory.

She'd left suddenly without warning. I thought she had been caught out. Normally after any of our liaisons we would have been in touch with each other after a couple of weeks just to check in, perhaps start to plan our next. We liked to leave at least two months between them, sometimes longer, avoiding Christmas and family birthdays. However this time there was silence, a complete radio black-out. I was patient, but my patience wore thin. Perhaps I had read her wrong all along, but then again we had both agreed our arrangement suited us equally.

When she did get in touch she did try to explain her absence. Also to tell me of her intended extended, if not permanent absence. She needed to 're-connect'. Our liaisons had been a whirlwind but she now had all her desires and fantasies satisfied. She needed to 're-connect' with her real life and rekindle the passion that she had with her husband. 'Glad to have been of assistance!' I thought at the time. I knew it would end at some point but I was still a bit shocked when it happened so suddenly. Had I just been used to satisfy a short term urge to do all the things she ever wanted but had never done? My mind had gone into overdrive. But hey, I accepted it pretty quickly as I realised I had done exactly the same. I had come to accept that she'd probably done the right thing - got it out of her system then returned to the life that she had lived for over twenty years. I knew at that time that I should do the same.

It still felt hard though but I knew I couldn't go back. When she called out of the blue I should have replied with firm 'No'! However, my curiosity had gotten the better of me yet again. I really should have been more resolute.

My mind wandered as I stopped once more at the end of yet another long row of dazzling brake lights. These were a clear indication to stop! I had made my mind up. I had wobbled but I had to be firm. She may be disappointed but I had to call this off. A quick explanation, a quick phone call to cancel the bed and breakfast and a quick farewell. Over and done with. End of adventure. End of affair.

I pulled off the by-pass and into the car park where we had arranged to meet. She was already there, waiting, bottom propped up on a wall, her long legs stretched out in front of her. 'Damn!' I thought as she came into view 'She's my fucking Kryptonite!'

I was in trouble!

She looked different. Her hair was shorter, that was clear, but she looked somehow younger, perhaps more radiant, more confident. She beamed at me as she crossed over to the car, throwing her small bag into the back before climbing in next to me. She leaned in and gave me a kiss on my left cheek, my legs wobbled. Her scent filled the car; memories of our times together flooded my mind, my heart began to race. I felt helpless, I knew immediately that I couldn't resist re-opening the Pandora's Box that she was for me, letting all her evils out.

"Well?" she asked with raised eyebrows.

"I'm good, I'm fine, yes... if that's what you mean"

"I meant 'Well, what do you think to this? I mean us? And where are we going?"

"Ah", I paused. I thought about the decision I had just made driving here. 'Stop, end this, go home'. I thought about my first glimpse of her outstretched legs in her tight jeans and knee high boots, the way her blouse was stretched across her boobs, the curves of her hips as she stood when she saw me. I thought about the fact that my cock twitched when I looked at her. Yes, I had made up my mind.

"A small bed and breakfast just the other side of the border. Miles from anywhere. No-one to bother us at all. Two days of just the two of us. Nothing more. Time to catch-up. Time to reflect..."

I felt a small groan inside of me - 'you idiot' it was saying, 'listen to your mind, not your cock!'

"Perfect," she said in reply. "Sounds like just what we need. Come on, get going! There's more than a peck on the cheek waiting for you!"

I slammed the engine into gear and sped off quickly, my cock stiffening in my boxer shorts. I swallowed hard, my heart thumped.

"We'll be there in no time." I managed to croak.


It wasn't long before we left the city behind and well on our way down through the Borders and into England. The bed and breakfast I had chosen was on a remote farm on the South edge of the National Park. The area was known for its 'dark skies' - the lack of light pollution was perfect for star gazing. What we were going for was its remoteness - a chance to be by ourselves. I didn't have anything else in mind other than relaxation and hot sex. Lots of relaxation and bucket-loads of hot sex. It had been nine months after all and, on reflection, my reservations were groundless; there was no way I was ever going to resist! We had our own 're-connecting' to do, and boy were we going to 're-connect' big time!

We turned off the main road and along a narrow farm track. I glanced across at Ali's boobs bouncing around over the bumps. She turned and grinned.

"Missed them, have you?" She looked down to my cock. "I see that you have!"

I shook my head in feigned disapproval.

"Obviously not as much as you've missed ..." I replied looking downwards.

She adjusted herself, pushing her boobs out further in a playful tease. It felt nice to be together again.

We parked up and walked across a small courtyard to the entrance of the farmhouse, directed by the sign. The farm itself appeared to be quite busy with a number of people fussing about unloading trucks and moving large bales of hay about on tractors, wagons and forklifts. Numerous vans were parked and it did look like there were preparations being made for some kind of event. 'Hmmm', I thought, 'peace and quiet is what we want. I hope that it's not tonight.'

We pushed a stabled door open into the farmhouse and approached the small reception desk, pressing down on a traditional bell. After a couple of moments, the owner appeared and welcomed us.

A few details and niceties were exchanged, he explained a few things about where we were, the facilities, about our room and other such information. We enquired about a good nearby restaurant.

"No need for that tonight. There will be food at the 'event'."

"Event?" My heart was dropping like a stone. 'There goes our peace!' I shot Alison a glance that said 'Sorry, I didn't know'.

"Yes, every couple of months we have a get together. You know, a themed night. It's Country and Western this time, out in the barns. You'll have seen us setting up on the way in."

"Yes, we wondered what was going on."

"Well, you should come along. There's food, music, entertainment, lots to watch, dancing, line-ups and much more to take part in if you wish. People make a great effort to get into the swing of things. Dressing up, play acting. You know. All that kind of stuff. You'll love it."

"I don't think Country and Western's our thing really." I raised an eyebrow to Ali. She shook her head in agreement with me.

"That doesn't really matter. It's just good fun. Look, the place will be heaving. We've couples from all over the North coming. You'll hardly be able to move. You'll be amazed at how we all get along so well. And our guests are always welcome to join in. You'll make so many new friends. They'll be fighting each other off to get to know you!"

My heart sunk further. Noise, people, music, cars everywhere. This weekend was about to turn into a nightmare.

"It really won't be our thing, sorry." I reaffirmed.

"Well, I wouldn't want you to miss out. Perhaps Tammy will convince you."

"Tammy?" I enquired.

"Yes, Tammy, my wife. She can talk anyone into doing something. You'll meet her soon."

'Tammy!' I mouthed to Ali rolling my eyes.

He gave us directions up to our room and we set off back across the courtyard to the converted outbuildings that served as the accommodation. We closed the door into the stairway behind us and fell into fits of laughter.

"Country and Western? Tammy? You couldn't make this up! I'm so sorry Ali, this place was meant to be away from everything. I honestly didn't know I'd taken you to Nashville!"

"It's okay, we'll just hide under the covers for the night. Seriously though, he never did give us the name of a restaurant. With all the cars and comings and goings it may be tricky to get out. I'm not walking miles down that track. It's a bit far."

"Well, we could go to the - what did he call it? - the 'event'. Grab some food, do a bit of line-dancing, hee ha, then come back up here. Sound good?"

"Apart from the dancing. And besides, you're going to need all your strength tonight!" she laughed as she grabbed my hand to haul me up the final stairs and into the room.

"I've waited a while for this."

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