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Home Family Nudist

by MeanMan01 06/11/12

I always wanted to go to a nudist resort but there aren't any near where I live. Beside I doubt any of them would allow a male to enter without female company, their way of keeping out voyeurs.

My desire to parade au natural really wasn't a sexual thing it's just that for our whole lives we seem to undress, get in the shower, then get out, dress and out we go. Even if you sleep nude you get naked, get in bed between the sheets and when you get up you put on a robe and tie it securely around your waist so as not to flash your family. I mean we spend most of the time clothed and at least for me it always felt so unnatural. If I sleep in pajamas I feel like I'm being strangles all over my body.

Well I got to the point where I couldn't stand it anymore and made every effort to be a naked as I could when I could. At first because I most often was up before my family I would take my morning coffee on the covered patio allowing my robe to be open. Soon I purchased shorter thinner robes. My wife Wendy would be the next to get up and often catch me lounging in my open robe and chastise me for my behavior but that didn't stop her from smiling and sometimes groping me at the same time.

I next got the idea to enclose my back yard in a six foot high board on board fence so folks could not see in. Since the homes in my neighborhood are all one story they would have to get on their roof to peer into my yard. I was now safe to wander in my thirty by a hundred foot enclosure naked as the day I was born and only risk discovery by Wendy and our daughter Ann if I over stayed my morning time. Actually when I got the fence my wife deduced what it was for and only asked that I install a hot tub as well before the fence went up. I of course acquiesced and though the cost was dear we were both happy.

Now that there was a hot tub my spouse and I would sit out in the warm water with a glass of wine on Saturday nights, removing our suits when the hour got late. Yes, I am the one who started that the first night we stayed late. It wasn't long before we made love in the hot tub but I must say water is a poor sexual lubricant and we both found it uncomfortable to actually make love in the tub. Besides while we enjoyed being nude in the tub being nude out of the water together was much more thrilling physically and sexually.

My 38 year old wife surprised me one Saturday night when she informed me that she had invited her younger sister Sara and her fiancé Mark to come over and enjoy the tub with us. I felt kind of strange because while my daughter and her girlfriend have used the hot tub on their own it really kind of felt like a stage where my wife and I had sex!

Saturday I set up a little table near the hot tub with wine on ice and glasses and Wendy made hors d'oeuvres. She kept it simple but they looked classy the way she laid them out. When Sara and Mark arrived it was already seven-thirty and so we headed directly outside, they commented how fancy it looked and said we shouldn't have gone to such a fuss for them. Our guests went to the spare room to change and my wife and I went to our room. They were waiting for us by the side of the tub and pouring themselves some wine when we got back out and after we poured ours we all got into the hot tub and settled in. I took the seat nearest the table first and watched them climb in.

I must say my sister- in-law was wearing a one piece but it was paper thin and hid nothing. Wendy was wearing a two piece she had purchased after we got the hot tub and it was minimal to say the least, I watched Mark watch her as she got in before him and his eyes were glued to the thong between her ass cheeks! We sat and chatted about what we all had been doing and the family and stuff and then we started talking about what prompted the purchase of the hot tub. Well I was embarrassed to answer and I hesitated. But Wendy just came out and regaled them with my lifestyle choice calling it my "little fetish" I objected and explained how I felt about it, defending myself. Then Sara surprised me by explaining that she and Mark had visited a few different nudist resorts. So I told them, getting back at Wendy, that we usually spent our Saturday evenings nude here in our own little resort. "That sounds great!" says Sara stands and promptly removes her suit and flings it against the patio wall of the house with a loud slapping noise. Mark broke out in a hardy laugh, stood up and said 'When in Rome . . . "and removed and thru his suit as well.

Wendy was laughing but her eyes watched Marks cock as it reseeded into the water. I have to admit I felt like I was at a tennis match as my eyes darted from her face to the object of her attention. All eyes turned to me! I said "I'm game' and removed my suit but I cheated them and took it off under the water before tossing it on the patio as well. They all laughed at my trick and Sara inquired if I was hiding my shortcomings but my wife came to my defense and said in fact I had nothing to hide. To which my sister-in-law said "that's what I was thinking!" and we all laughed again.

Now contrary to what people who don't have a hot tub think you cannot stay too long in a hot tub without getting a little sleepy especially when you have consumed as much wine as the four of us had. Now we realized we had all tossed our swimwear on the patio wall ten feet away. But again Sara was a leader and just got out looking really sexy, dipping water as she walked to the patio and sat in a chair. I say sat but she really draped herself over the chair with one leg extended and slightly parted with her head tilted back. Wendy followed her and then Mark, no one moved to retrieve a suit and since this had now moved into a personal fantasy of mine to share nudism with others I sure wasn't going to throw a monkey wrench in the works. We all had our wine and sat a chatted.

It was at this point I realized that Wendy, I guess being used to hot tub night sex, was getting amorous by reaching over to fondle my cock. One small problem, we have a glass tabletop and Sara and Mark were watching her do it. You would think I would have been disturbed and I was some but evidently my dick wasn't as he quickly rose to the occasion. Sara followed suit and groped Mark as well and Wendy stared shamelessly following Sara's hand up and down Mark's tool. It was soon like they were competing as they stroked us and Sara proving once and for all she would not be outdone by her older sister proceeded to lean over a take Mark into her mouth with a loud hum.

Wendy just leaned over and buried my seven inches in the back of her throat! I wanted to close my eyes and enjoy Wendy's talents but I could not for the life of me take my eyes off Sara blowing Mark or her fingers stroking her bald pussy between her now wide spread legs. I looked over and saw Wendy was doing the same and so I reached over and took over fingering her sweet clit but she popped up and told me to finger fuck her deep so I did. When I next looked over at Sara and Mark she was standing with her hands flat on the table and Mark was fitting his cock into her from behind. She moaned with satisfaction and said "Oh yeah fuck me!"

Wendy stood and assumed the same position as her sister and not being slow on the uptake I quickly got behind her and sank my cock into her dripping wet hole. When I started thrusting into her I realized the table would not take the punishment my wife's pussy could for long. I moved over to the area with the rug on the floor and reentered her doggie style. Sara and Mark must have been watching us and followed us over there; it was not a large rug. It was only seven by ten and they were facing opposite us and to the right as well.

I sure was surprised when I felt Sara's hand on my dick as it moved in and out of Wendy's snatch. I was again surprised when Wendy reached over to them to do the same. Sara was rubbing Wendy's clit and smearing Wendy's cum over my ball sack as I fucked her. It made me slow down to a grind but it was so pleasurable in its own special way. A night of firsts I responded immediately when Sara raised her head to look in my eyes and asked me to kiss her. Awkward as it was I did it and Mark followed and tongued Wendy's mouth as well. Then things got really wild as the two sisters pushed back and clamped their mouths together and roughly fondled each other's breast and nipples.

Mark actually tried to high five me but I shook my head no; not wanting to break any spell that was at work. Wendy flipped over at this point and spread her legs wide and lewdly for me to resume fucking her. Sara moved over to straddle her head and was soon licking the place where Wendy and I were joined together as Wendy licked Mark and Sara as well. I could feel the end approaching and to be honest I have no idea if either of the women had reached orgasm but I knew I would soon be ejaculating my seed. "I'm gonna cum!" I announced to the group and Sara pushed me back and swallowed my cock and sucked it really hard.

WOW! That was it; I filled her mouth, throat and belly with more cum than I think I have ever fired off.

It went on for so long I almost missed it when Mark withdrew from Sara's pussy and really slammed his cock down into Wendy's mouth and grunted his orgasm loudly. Cum hungry Sara never stopped sucking my cock and was still drawing on it with force, so much so I started to pee and quickly shoved her away to get it out of her mouth. That of course resulted in her getting a little piss right in her face but my amazingly kinky sister-in-law did not seem to mind at all as she hummed her approval! As I backed away, the two sisters went back to a full on 69 with each other. Like me, Mark was also resting after pulling himself up on a lawn chair nearby. The girls soon shuttered to orgasm and sat back to rest. I immediately start to apologies for finishing without her but my better half informed me she was coming since I was fingering her at the table; women are such a damn mystery.

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