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Homecoming Revenge Ch. 2

by PAS 02/01/01

Terri knelt on the floor with her hands still tied behind her back. The thought that her ordeal at the hands of twelve young, drunken rednecks was only beginning was more than she could stand.

"There’s still one cock you haven’t had yet, bitch." The ringleader said. Terri glanced around the room guessing that she had been done by all of them. She hoped that they hadn’t called more friends.

Seeing the confused look on her face the leader said, "Junior needs to be rewarded for all those fine kicks he made tonight."

The room filled with laughter as Terri’s face turned into a mask of horror. "Get his pants off." The leader ordered.

Two guys grabbed Mark’s waist and began unbuckling and removing his jeans. Mark tried to kick and protest but was safely secured by the bonds holding his arms behind the chair. When his underwear was pulled down Terri was shocked to see that Mark’s penis was erect. And it must have been 9 inches.

Mark was humiliated as everyone jeered him for being aroused at his mother’s rape. He had been horrified to watch but his body reacted involuntarily to give him an erection. Other than a hand job by his ex-girlfriend Mark was still a virgin and had trouble controlling his arousals at times.

"I won’t do it!" Terri protested.

"Fine, then we’ll let your sweet daughter do it instead." Came the reply. Terri couldn’t allow her daughter to be forced to suck her brother’s dick. So she regretfully agreed to degrade herself accordingly.

"Mom, no!" Mark cried out as his mother leaned over his lap.

"I’m sorry, Mark. But I have to." She said trying to hold back the tears.

The rapist weren’t satisfied with just letting Terri get on with it. One of them ordered, "Have the cheerleader cheer her mom on while she does it!"

"Good idea," The ringleader agreed. "Go ahead sweetheart. Start cheering ‘suck that cock’ and don’t stop until your mom swallows every drop."

Ashley refused.

"Tell her to do it momma, or else I’ll shove my cock down her throat."

"Do it." Terri said.

As Terri slid her lips over her son’s hard cock she tried to force the sound of Ashley’s repeated chants of "Suck that cock, suck that cock."

She saw a flash and realized that someone must have a camera. That only intensified the shame and disgust she felt. Terri continued on working her mouth over her son’s 9 inches.

Mark couldn’t close his eyes. He sat there in shock watching his mother sucking his cock. The cheers of his sister and the taunts of the others kept him nervous enough not to cum right away. But that only made it worse because he could feel his dick growing harder at the forced pleasure. He saw one guy with a camera and yet another with a video camera recording the whole nightmare of his mother giving him head. Then he felt his balls growing tighter. The surge was mounting deep inside him. Mark tried to hold back but knew that he was about to have an orgasm in his mother’s mouth.

Terri continued moving her mouth up and down Mark’s cock. Then she felt his legs clenching and his hips thrusting. She realized that she was making her son enjoy her sucking. Then she felt the first blast of his warm liquid shoot into her mouth. She couldn’t force the sound of Ashley’s voice chanting "Suck that cock" out of her head as she continued taking each blast of her own son’s cum until she finally felt him stop. With that Terri had lost every bid of pride and dignity in her body. She crumpled to the floor crying.

She heard a struggle and heard Ashley crying, "No." but didn’t have the willpower to lift her head until someone grabbed her and pulled her up. When she opened her eyes she found herself resting in Ashley’s lap. But the bastards had pulled her daughter’s bloomers and panties off. One of them was behind the chair reaching around and groping Ashley’s tits.

"Now it’s your daughter’s turn." Came the lewd order. This was too much for Terri. There was no way on earth she was going to go down on her daughter. She shook her head, unable to speak.

"Look bitch. Either lick your girls pussy until she gets off or else we all get to fuck her. Do it and we’ll let you all leave."

Terri refused to look into Ashley’s face as she leaned forward and began licking her daughter’s pussy. Ashley cried out but Terri just continued licking. Without thinking she focused on Ashley’s clit. She could feel the 18 year old’s juices start to flow as she licked. The taste of another woman’s pussy sickened her. But she tried to tell herself that this was for Ashley’s own good. She licked and licked, then felt someone climb behind her and begin fucking her sore pussy. She couldn’t even think of the cock in her as she continued licking pussy. Soon she realized that whoever it was had ejaculated and pulled out.

"Untie the boy." She heard.

Mark was released from the chair and thrown on the floor behind his mother. "Fuck her!" someone ordered. Mark sat still. "Fuck her or we’ll cut her tits off." He looked up and saw one of the guys holding a knife.

"Tell him to fuck you, mommy. Or we might just cut his pecker off as well."

"Fuck me, Mark." Terri gasped between licks.

Mark got up behind his mother; his cock hard and ready. He reluctantly shoved his dick into his mom’s loose and cum-drenched pussy. Terri knelt in Ashley’s lap feeling Mark’s large cock banging into her as she licked Ashley’s throbbing clit. She hated the show that her family was putting on for this depraved group. And knowing that they were video taping it was even worse.

Ashley sat there crying. Hands ran across her now exposed tits roughly squeezing and pinching her nipples. They had pulled her shirt and bra up and were enjoying the sight of her mother slurping at her pussy. Ashley quivered every time her mom got a good lick on her clit. Her head was jerked aside and a cock shoved into her face. She tried to hold still but was forced to take it into her mouth. She recognized the guy as one of the ones who had done her mom anally. Being forced to suck cock was bad enough. But one that had just been in her mom’s ass was even worse.

Ashley’s head was held firmly as the guy fucked her mouth, ramming the head of his cock into the back of her throat. Ashley tried to concentrate on the cock rather than her mom’s tongue but it was growing ever more difficult as she felt the passion of each lick growing deep between her legs. To avoid choking Ashley tried sucking the cock in her mouth, trying her best to put an end to this forced blowjob as rapidly as possible. Soon she felt his hips buck and the cum jetting into her mouth.

When he was through he pulled out and Ashley returned to face her mom, only to realize that Mark was now behind their mother fucking her and watching Ashley suck dick. Then she felt the first eruption in her pussy. She whimpered for her mother to stop but there was no relief. Unwanted release was overtaking her young body. Ashley moaned involuntarily as the first wave of her orgasm washed over her. She cried in shame as she felt her pussy cumming against her mom’s face and tongue.

Terri heard Ashley’s moans and wanted to stop but knew she couldn’t. She felt the juices flow from Ashley’s cunt as her tongue brought her daughter to an orgasm. Then she heard, with relief, someone order Mark to stop fucking her. Only the relief turned to fear as she heard his next command.

"Fuck your mommy’s asshole!" Came the order. Mark obliged. In his own way he thought that this would be better for his mom. At least he wouldn’t be forced to cum in his mom’s pussy. He put the head of his dick against her asshole and slowly pressed in. Terri cried out in agony as she felt Mark’s huge cock forcing it’s way inside her bowels.

Then he began pumping her asshole. The others had hurt but this was horrible. She lay her head in Ashley’s lap and endured the pain as much as possible. Then she felt Mark’s pumping grow harder. She knew that he couldn’t help but enjoy the sensation of fucking. And she could tell by the quick strokes he was making that he was about to cum. Then he rammed all the way in shooting his load into her ass. Terri screamed as she took his load.

As soon as Mark was finished he was grabbed and his hands retied behind him. Terri looked up at Ashley and saw the guys taking turns grabbing her breast. She could see that her daughter’s nipples were swollen from the many pinches and pulls. Anger washed over her as she realized that Ashley wasn’t to be spared from all of this.

To Be Continued...

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