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I Fucked My Mom Up the Ass

by FeverDreamer 10/10/10

By now I was squirming pretty good, I was sitting there naked, my cock not getting softer at all, and I realized that the porn was still playing on the TV as my mother stood right there beside me. I tried to casually at least cover up my hardon a bit by putting my arms over it, but touching my cock with the soft skin of the bottom side of my wrist was a bad move, as it just made my cock jump and throb more. It was like my cock was responding to everything.

"Geez Mom," I whined again. I'm sure my face was all red and dripping with sweat at this point. My heartbeat echoed in my ears. "Can't you, uh.." I nodded my head to the side, "Just give me a few minutes to clean up, okay? Geez, this is crazy, um...then we can talk it out, I know I did wrong, and, uh..."

My mother stepped in front of me, looking down and shaking her head. I realized how sexy she was looking in her office clothes. I guess she had come home during her lunch break or something, she worked close enough to do that. The heels, the pantyhose and tight business skirt, the white blouse under the jacket, made her look so powerful and mature. She told me, "I've noticed you haven't been doing as well at school, and being more sulky and lazy around the house. A bad attitude. I think we need to sort it out. Right now."

I was shocked as she dropped to her knees in front of me, looked up at me as she put my hands on my knees, and applied some pressure for me to spread out my thighs. She leaned forward and looked right at my cock, "I bet this is the problem right here, isn't it? You feeling too fucking horny to do anything, are you? You know son, sometimes being too obsessed with something can be bad for you. Take your hands away, I want to make sure you didn't hurt it while you were abusing yourself."

I pulled my arms back just because she said to. I leaned back and just looked down at her, as my cock throbbed, sticking up between my legs, my balls right underneath it feeling so sensitive against my thighs. She brought her face close enough that I thought I could feel her warm breath on my twitching cock. My mom leaned forward more and I saw her tongue slip out and slide over her wet, red lips.

"Ohhh, my gawwwd," I moaned, throwing my head back, it was almost too much too watch.

"Yeah, I think we're at the core of all your 'issues' right here," she said. I felt her breath on my cock from every word she spoke. "I think what we're dealing with here, is that, well, you need this taken care of, before you can spend your energy on anything else."

And then she grabbed the shaft of my cock with her hand and put her lips around the head. I felt my mom's wet, soft lips sucking on my cockhead, her tongue licking on it, as she sucked harder, then popped off. "Wowie," she said, and licked her lips. "That tastes even better than I thought." She leaned forward and kept stroking my cock steadily with that one hand, as her other cupped my balls, and her mouth went back to really working me now, sucking and slobbering, as I just grit my teeth and looked down as I squinted my eyes.

My mom looked so amazingly hot there, in front of me on her knees, her heeled feet sticking out, the heavy outline of her breasts pushing against the front of her blouse. Her mouth and hands kept working my horny cock, tasting it all over, and at one point she wet deep on it made a little gagging sound, then a whole mess of spit flew out all over my cock and her hands and part of her blouse. "Fuck yeah!" she muttered, her lips moving over my sensitive cockhead as she said it, then started loudly sucking the spit back up, sucking up that shiny layer of her drool that my cock was covered in.

I was really squirming at this point, clutching at the armrests with my hands and trying to pull away if just to hold off from cumming. My mom smiled and looked up at me, "Too much for ya, baby?" she quickly pulled off her jacket, then pointed at me. "THIS is just between you and me, you got it, you horny little bastard? I mean it, if you breathe a word of this to anyone, you are in deep, deep shit, you got it?"

I nodded and my open mouth might have muttered some kind of agreement. I watched as my mom quickly unbuttoned her top and pulled it to the sides and then off, showing me her big tits supported by her bra. I gasped out "Ooohhh..." and my mom smiled up at me as she unhooked her bra and slowly let it slide off, showing me those big pale soft breasts and the hard nipples that were pointed right at me.

"Ohhh, fuck fuck fuck, Mommmm, those are like the most beautiful set of tits ever!" I groaned, and she smiled at me, rubbing them with her hands, caressing them, visibly getting even more turned on just from her own touch.

"You like your momma's big breasts, huh baby? Ya wanna feel em on your cock?" She didn't wait for a reply, but put her tits on either side of my cock, letting it slide deep into her cleavage, then using her hands to bury me in all that warm soft flesh.

"Ohhh!" I groaned, "Oh yes, c'mon and fuck my cock with your tits, Mom! Fuck!"

My mother purred as she held her tits solidly around my cock, pushing them up and down. She talked quietly, as much as to herself as to me, "Oh yess, you like that, you like that. MMMmmm, feels so nice, would be even better with some baby oil on everything."

I started to cum without any warning, I don't think I even really realized it myself until a few shots had already blown out the end of my cock. I looked down and my mom laughed in surprise and kept stroking my cock with her tits. Thick white shiny hot cum hit the bottom of her chin and her neck one shot somehow managed to reach the side of her cheek, and so much thick cum was dripping down her big tits and her hands as she stroked me out. She squeezed and stroked on my cock with those big warm tits 'til I was aching.

As I was sitting there recovering, and watching the way my cum dripped and shone on her tits, my mom reached down to undo her skirt, then stood up to slip out of it. She took the opportunity to go over to the window and pull the blinds down completely, then turned back to me with a smile, "Nobody needs to see what's going on here, do they?"

She walked back over to me slow, totally naked, and I looked at her hips moving, at her pussy covered by some not-too-thick pubic hair, and up again to those breasts that she hadn't cleaned off at all.

Then she pointed at the doorway and said something I never, ever thought I would hear my mom say, "Let's move. You don't want to fuck here too, do you? It's kind of uncomfortable."

I stood up, then remembered about the TV, and reached for the remote to turn it off. I followed my mom's wiggling hips down the hall, then right up the stairs, just staring at that behind, getting such a close-up look at it, I didn't realize where we were going until we were standing in the middle of my own bedroom. My mom stood in front of me and said "Is this okay? I think it'd be kinda hot if we do it here," and then pulled me in for a mouth-to-mouth kiss. It was unbelievably hot.

At this point, okay, honestly, maybe it was all the new experiences or blowing my load, but I was feeling a bit tired at this point. I don't think my mom was interested in taking a break, though. She sat down on my bed and put one leg up, rubbing her pussy as she looked at me.

"Looks like you're ready for another go," she smiled, and nodded at my cock, which was sticking right out again, hard as ever.

"Get on your hands and knees, Mom, c'mon, on the bed, I wanna see that ass," I told her, and she did as I said, getting on all fours on my bed, then putting her head low, her bare ass way up in the air. I got right behind it and put my hands on her big asscheeks, rubbing them slowly as I sighed.

"Ohhh, Mommmm, this ass is fuckin amazing!" I moaned, and spread her cheeks. I took a glance at her hot pussy, that looked really wet and ready, but mostly I was checking out her super-tight asshole. I just had to lean in closer, rub my fingertips on it, and then lean in and give it some licks.

The touch of my tongue made my mom moan and really wiggle her hips as she curled her toes. She moved that ass side-to-side on my face, and seemed to want me to lick her pussy more, but I held her big warm ass steady as I could with my hands and kept on licking fast on her tight asshole. "Put it in me! Put it in me!" she called out urgently from way out front where her head was, and bumped her ass harder onto my face.

To satisfy her I drew up closer, rubbed my cockhead against her pussylips, and started to push in. I'm not saying it wasn't nice, it sure was nice to be fucking that hot wet pussy from behind, but I remained fascinated by her asshole. As my cock started to pump that wet pussy I licked a couple of fingers and rubbed them on her asshole, then started pressing one in.

That made my mom shoot a glance over her shoulder back at me. So there I was, on my own bed, fucking my mom from behind with her ass up and head on my pillow, and she was giving me this look as one of my fingers dug into that asshole. Man, was it warm and tight in there.

I felt her pussy squeeze down more on my cock as I kept pumping it, her pussyjuice making my cock so wet as I felt rivulets of it start to run down my balls. I worked that finger in and out, getting deeper, I just couldn't get over how hot she felt in there, how good her big thick asscheeks looked pushed up just for me.

She kept staring back at me, "You like exploring back there, huh?"

I thrust harder into her pussy, slamming her ass and making it shake more as she thrust it back on me. "Fuck yeah Mom, I love it!" I grunted. "I wanna fuck you right up the ass!"

I put two hands on her hips and really started slamming into that pussy, I could see her big tits bouncing under her as I fucked her hard, making her grunt and thrusting forward as I fucked that pussy in and out hard.

Then, hammering away, and making my mom bite the pillow, my wet cock slid right out of her pussy. I grabbed it quickly with my hand, lined my cockhead up with her asshole, and started to push it in.

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