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I Wasn't Expecting This!

by PM Stud23 06/16/05

"Thank you Kath" mom said as she moved back and impaled herself back onto my hard again cock. "Much better" she cood as she started moving back and forth again as she did before. I started fucking mom's ass again, picking up right where we left off. In the mean time, the girls were enjoying themselves just as much as I was. Kathleen was licking and sucking on mom's pussy and clit while I was fucking her ass and mom had her head down working on Kathleen's pussy. I couldn't really see Kathleen's cunt, but from what I could see, she looked to be a little more clean cut down there than what mom was.

The tightness of mom's cock and Kathleen licking mom's pussy and my balls finally got to me. This was the fucking hottest thing I've ever done or seen and I felt my balls start to boil. Mom felt my cock grow harder inside her ass and took herself off. "Baby, lay down, I want you to cum all over our tits and face."

I laid down, my cock standing up. Mom and Kathleen got on either side of me and started to lick, suck, and jerk my cock. Their asses were on both sides of me, pointing right at me. I took the opportunity to lick my fingers and sink two fingers into both their pussies. I was right, Kathleen's cunt was shaved totally clean while mom's pussy was naturally hairy. It was a hot combination. Mom and Kathleen alternately bobbed up and down on my shaft while I finger fucked both their pussies. It didn't take long for me to swell up and blow my load.

"Shit mom, I'm cumming! I'm cumming! AHHHHHH" I yelled as I shot my wad up in the air. Mom and Kathleen pointed it at each other. Both of then took a couple shots on the tits and then started to rub my cock head on their tits, smearing the cum all over their nipples and chest. Kathleen then leaned down and started licking mom clean while mom was licking my cock clean.

When all was said and done and the cum had been cleaned up with their tongues, mom crawled up the bed and laid next to me.

Kathleen said, "That was fantastic, we've definitely got to do that again sometime because I really want to feel that boy's cock in me."

Mom smiled, "As long as it's alright with you hunny."

I just nodded and with that, Kathleen put her cloths on and left. She said she had a meeting to go to.

Mom kissed me on the lips, "Well baby, what were you expecting to have your first time be like?"

I just looked at her, laughed and said, "I wasn't expecting this!"

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