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In Big Trouble

by Missconduct 11/25/02

"Ouch. Daddy, your pee-pee is too big for me. It hurts. I can't take it." I cried as I tried to pull away from him.

"I said hold still, slut!" He smacked my ass hard and shoved his cock deep into my cunt. "Oh god yes. You are going to learn your lesson well. You're so tight and hot. Daddy's pee-pee feels so good inside you, little bitch. Take it all." He started to rhythmically pump in and out of my poor pussy. My ass stung from his pants zipper with each forceful thrust. He gripped the end of the table above my head and impaled his body against mine. He started to thrust deep and hard into me making my cunt ache. "Take this, and this, you dirty cunt." He stated with each pounding push. "Daddy's going to fuck your cunt so hard, you'll never want to touch yourself down there again. Daddy's going to make you beg him to stop. "

My thighs were quivering under the pressure. Yet something about it all felt terrifyingly good as Daddy's cock massaged my insides. I felt a strange sensation building deep within me. "Daddy, I feel funny. Something strange is happening. Please stop. This can't be right. I-I, I don't know what's happening. What are you doing to me, Daddy?" My pussy began to shiver.

"Oh god, baby. You're pussy is so tight on Daddy's stiff prick. It grips me so well. You're going to cum on Daddy, aren't you. What a dirty slut. Are you enjoying this? Now you're in bigger trouble with Daddy. It looks like you'll need even more punishment." Just when I thought he couldn't thrust any hard, Daddy slammed deep in and pulled way out of me. "Well, if you're going to cum, then Daddy's going to cum too. Cum for Daddy, baby. Cum all over my cock."

I began to shake and squirm under Daddy's force. I started screaming out loud, "Oh Daddy. Ow. Stop. Please. Oh. Don't. No. Yes, oh Daddy, yes. It feels good, Daddy. Don't stop making it feel so good."

Daddy rammed into me hard, "That's it baby. Cum for Daddy. Daddy's going to spread his spunk all over your nasty cunt. Come on, baby. Give it to Daddy. Give it up. That's a girl. Ooooh, what a baaaaaad girl you are for making Daddy feel so good." I felt his cock swell inside me as sensational waves of pleasure washed over me. I bucked against him. Then I felt him swiftly pull out of me. He took one hand and held my pussy lips apart while he stroked himself with his other hand. "Daddy's going to smear his spunk on your clit baby. You're a very dirty little slut for making Daddy do this. Oh! Oh, God, yes. Unghh!" I felt his hot liquid squirt onto my hard clit. "Take that you naughty lying little slut bitch." He rubbed it into my cunt with his cock head and then stepped back.

I lay on the table sobbing with my bruised ass in the air while Daddy's cum dripped down my leg.

"Now go wash up and prepare for you next lesson."

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