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Incest in the Woods

by Cokeman 01/12/03

“What will we do now?” asked Sarah.

Brad sighed, “you can have the bag Sarah, I will sleep outside of it with some blankets,” he said.

“Screw that, it’s pouring rain and cold, we’ll just both sleep in the sleeping bag, it’s big enough,” she said.

Brad looked his sister in the eye for a second. She looked so beautiful, he knew it was the sensible thing to do to sleep in the same bag as her but he knew he should also be careful.

“Well?” asked Sarah impatiently.

Brad smiled, “sure sis, if a brother and sister can’t sleep in the same sleeping bag then something must be wrong,” he said.

Sarah nodded as she started to take off her pants. She was self conscious about it at first but part of her hoped Brad would watch her as she changed.

Brad watched as Sarah’s pants fell to her ankles and she kicked them off. Folding them and standing in her panties for a second. Sarah could feel her brothers eyes on her body and her face flushed. She looked up at Brad and saw his eyes on her panties and a tent in his pants.

She bit her lower lip and her panties began to dampen. The thought of her brother looking at her body and getting excited by her intoxicated her. She decided not to put on her shorts and left her t-shirt on as she slipped into the sleeping bag.

Brad watched his sister take her pants off and saw a wet spot develop in her panties. He was aware of her eyes on his crotch and even more aware of how hard he was. He was aware of her eyes on him as he undid he belt, unzipping his pants and pushing them to the ground.

His cock was hard in his boxers and making a large tent. He saw her eyes focused solely on his hard-on. He took off his shirt and put it with his pants. Even though it was cold outside he was extremely hot.

He moved down and slid inside the sleeping bag behind his sister. Sarah took a large intake of breath as Brad zipped up the sleeping bag. For the longest time the only sound was the pitter patter of rain as it hit the tent.

Brad could smell Sarah’s hair; her breathing was fast as they lay in the sleeping bag. All he could think of was the wet spot in her panties as she stared at his cock. His cock throbbed in his boxers.

He moved slowly in the sleeping bag, moving closer to his sister. Sarah heard him; she closed her eyes and bit her lip. Her nipples were hard and her panties were drenched. She was incredibly horny.

He moved closer to his sister until his hard cock rubbed against her hot tight ass. His hand moved across her body and squeezed her breast. Sarah inhaled sharply and then moaned softly.

Brad groaned when he hear his sister moan. He pushed his cock against her ass and was happy when she pushed back. He squeezed her breast and Sarah bit her lip harder. Brad started to rub his sister’s breast as she moved her ass against her brother’s rock hard cock.

Brad moved his hand down his sister’s body to her panties. Groaning loudly when he felt her drenched panties. His hand slid underneath them, rubbing her bare wet pussy as the grinded into each other.

“Oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh Brad……….fuck yes…..that feels so good……my pussy is so wet,” she moaned.

Brad groaned his approval as he continued to feel up his sister. He pushed her panties down to her knees, rubbing her wet cunt. His cock continued to throb against her as she pushed hard against him.

Sarah moaned loudly as her brother felt her wet pussy. She was so incredibly horny and her pussy was buzzing. Anything short of a big hard cock would not satisfy it tonight. She reached back and pulled Brad’s boxers down, letting his hard cock spring free.

Sarah grabbed her brother’s cock and started to jerk it. It felt so hard in her hand, so hot. It throbbed as she grabbed it, stroking him hard and slow. His moans filled the tent and filtered outside as she jacked his cock.

Sarah rolled over so that she was looking her brother in the eye as they felt each other. She moaned when he thrust two fingers in her hot box and responded by jerking him faster.

Her breathing became short as he fingered her harder. His eyes piercing into her, lust in them. She licked her lips as he groaned, her fingers moving to his balls and squeezing them as she stroked his meat.

“Mmmmm Brad….your fingers feel so good….your cock so hard…..I’m so horny….hornier than I’ve ever been before,” she groaned.

Brad nodded, “me too sis….me too… are so wet….so tight….fuck you are so hot…I don’t know how I’ve kept my sanity around you….you are so fucking hot,” he moaned.

Sarah closed her eyes as an orgasm washed over her. She stroked Brad harder and faster, wanting him to cum with her. Brad felt her pussy clamp down on his fingers. He thrust his fingers harder, finger fucking her like a mad man.

Her juices washed over his fingers and hand as she came, her juices so warm on his hand. “Ooohhh…yes….yes…..yes…..YES BRAD YES!!! Mmmm fuck yes…..cum with me brother….” She groaned, jacking his cock harder.

Brad groaned as his sister came. Her hand squeezed his cock and stroked him faster and faster until his balls tingled and finally erupted, shooting his load all over her belly, chest and hand.

Sarah caught her breath as she came down from her orgasm. She let go of his cock and brought it to her mouth, licking it clean and tasting his sperm.

She moaned her approval, her eyes rolling into the back of her head as she clean her hand of his cum. She scooped her hand down again, wiping his cum from her body and taking it in her mouth.

She smiled and looked at Brad. “That was so intense,” she groaned.

Brad grinned back, “I’ll say, that was even better than fucking Julie,” he said.

Brad ran his hand over her body. He unzipped the sleeping bag and took off her t-shirt, gazing at his sister’s naked body.

“God you look so good,” he groaned.

Sarah giggled, “thank you, you don’t look so bad yourself,” she said as she gazed at his rapidly hardening cock.

Brad followed her gaze and smiled. Sarah’s nipples were still hard, her pussy was sopping wet and she licked her lips as she started at his meat.

“Jesus sis, I can’t help it. I NEED to fuck you. You look so hot, so sexy, I need to stuff my cock in you, whether you are my sister or not,” he said.

Sarah moaned her approval, spreading her legs wide. “Mmmm please fuck me Brad. Fuck your sister. Take my virginity. Fill my cunt with your cock. Make me moan and cum around your meat. Fuck me,” she moaned.

Brad mounted his sister, his cock rubbing against her pussy. Her chest heaved and her eyes glazed over in desire. He held her softly and slid his cock inside her wet hole.

Sarah moaned as her brother entered her virgin cunt. “Yes, yes, yes, yes,” she chanted.

Brad groaned as she chanted. He pushed deeper and deeper into her, stopping when he reached her hymen. He felt her hands go to his ass; Sarah smiled at her brother and thrust up into him, sending his cock deep inside her teenage pussy.

Brother and sister moaned loudly as Brad entered his sister balls deep. They stopped for a second as Sarah adjusted to her brother’s size. Brad looked down at his sister and started to fuck her.

He thrust long and hard into her, sawing in and out of her sweet pussy. Sarah wrapped her legs around her brother and fucked him back just as hard as he was fucking her. Lust and desire ran through her body as she fucked her brother with animal lust.

Brad held his sister close, pounding her pussy for all it was worth. Grunting as she wrapped her legs around him. His balls slapped against her as he fucked her. Her sluttish moans feeding his desire.

They grunted together, nothing being said. Nothing had to be said. Brother and sister fucked as if they were long lost lovers, finding a rhythm as they thrust into each other. Brad fucked his sister deeper and deeper. His cock was buried inside of her delicious pussy.

He knew he was on the verge of an orgasm and fucked his sister harder. He fucked her harder and harder and harder, fucking the living shit out of his twin sister.

Sarah moaned loudly as her brother assaulted her pussy, she was getting the fucking of her life from her brother and she didn’t want it to stop. Her hands went down to his ass and she squeezed it as she began to cum.

She came hard around his cock, looking into his eyes as he let go and EXPLODED deep inside of her pussy, shooting load after load of hot cum inside his horny sister.

Brad and Sarah continued to fuck as they orgasmed, slowly their thrusts slowed down until they were both spent and Brad collapsed atop of his sister, his cock buried in her pussy.


Sarah slept better that night then she ever had before. She dreamt of fucking her brother that night and slept soundly. Reliving every second his cock was inside her hungry pussy. She woke up on top of her brother; his cock was still inside her pussy.

She could feel his morning hard-on rising in her cunt and groaned in desire. She slowly thrust on his cock and smiled when his eyes fluttered open.

“Morning stud,” she moaned as she leaned down to kiss him on the lips.

Brad kissed his sister back as she started to rock on his cock. He groaned into her lips, his hands moving to her hips as she started to fuck him.

Brad slid his tongue in her mouth as Sarah fucked her brother. His cock was so big and fat it felt great in her pussy. Their was cum everywhere and it only increased her lust for more of his cock.

Sarah bounced on his cock, her breasts bouncing with her. She smiled as she looked down at Brad, he thrust his cock up to meat her tender pussy. The more she fucked him the more she knew she was hooked, not just on sex but on her brother’s cock.

She felt her orgasm rising again and increased her pace. She fucked him hard, grinding slower and fucked her brother as only a sister can.

Brad held his sister tight as she bounced on his cock. He squeezed her hot ass as she started to come on his cock. Biting her lip as she came Brad shot his load inside of her sweet young pussy for the second time in the last 12 hours.

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