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Incest with My 55 Year Old Mother Ch. 02

by retired04 07/10/09

Finally Billy undid the last button. There was nothing fastened now to hold my gown together. All he had to do was unfold each side to make me totally naked in front of him.

I willed him to open my gown. I wanted my son to see his mother naked before him.

He didn't open my gown. I was puzzled. I took a chance and opened my eyes a little more. What I saw pleased me very much and made me even hotter. He was staring at my bald pussy. I bet he was surprise I still shave it. I could see a little smile on his face as he stared at my pussy. I was getting hotter by the minute. I saw him reach down and touch it just above my pussy lips. He rubbed his finger back and fore across my where I shave all of my hair off. I could hardly stand it. Watching my son fondle me made me even hotter than I was. I looked up a little and for the first time I could see his dick. It was huge. I mean long and fat. I have never seen a man's dick that was so large. It was pointing straight up. It was the kind of dick all women wanted to fuck at least once in their life' It was the size that even if a happily married woman seen it, she would have to figure out a way to get my son to fuck her. What really excited me even more was than soon he was going to try and put all of his massive dick in my pussy. I am not a big woman. I only weigh about 100 pounds. I knew I could take it all in me. I now know there was no way my son was getting out of this bed before he fucked me. It amazed me how he had got it in me the first time when I was on my side. I didn't think all of it was in me then and I was right. If I felt full before when he fucked me on my side, think how good I am going to get fucked when he can bury all of it in me. If all goes right and he doesn't stop I was going to get that big huge dick back in my pussy again.

Billy reached up and unfold one side of my gown. Then he reach over to the other side and opened it. I was now totally naked and exposed to my son's eyes. I watched him look at my body. I could tell he like what he saw even though I was 83 years old. I"m glad I took care of myself. Finally, all the hard work keeping fit was paying off.

My legs weren't still spread out wide enough to get fucked. I knew this and I hope my son realized this. He did. I felt him put his hand under each one of my thighs. He slowly started pushing my legs apart. After he got my legs spread wider for him I thought he would get busy fucking me. He didn't. He wasn't done yet. . I was wide apart, but I knew I could spread my legs even more. Maybe my son thought he had spread them as far as he could. I wanted to spread them even wider for my son to make it easy to fuck me. I couldn't do that because he would see me spread my legs further and maybe stop, thinking I was waking up. I was going to get fucked by my son missionary style and I wasn't willing to take the chance spreading my legs out more for him.

My son moved between my legs. His dick ready. I couldn't wait to be fuck again.

I waited for my son to guide his dick in my me. He didn't.

What was he doing? I raised my head just a little and looked though my half closed eyes. I watched my son start to lower himself down toward my pussy. I realized he was going to eat me out. I smiled. I know he wasn't looking at my face. So it was safe to watch him.

I felt his body heat before he started using his tongue. Then it happened. I felt his tongue go inside my pussy. He was licking me and sucking me at the same time. I almost fainted from the feeling. Involuntary I felt my ass move up just a little so he could really dig his tongue deeper into me. It worked, I felt his tongue go even deeper in me. I needed to spread my legs even more so he could really get in there. I decided to take a chance. As he was eating me out I spread my legs a little wider. I have always been very flexible. Even at 83 I was able to spread my legs almost all the way out flat. I felt Billy stop eating me out and start to raise up his head. I quickly closed my eyes still pretending to be asleep. After about 30 seconds I felt his hand on the back of my thighs.

I opened my eyes and watched my son move my thighs in the air so my knees were pushed up.

He stopped and took a long look at my naked body and my position. I knew I could spread my legs even further, but he didn't. I didn't want to take the chance again of him checking me out to see if I was still asleep, so I waited looking at him though half closed eyes.

My son reached over on the end table and grabbed his cell phone. While he was picking up his phone, I spread my legs even wider. I was now spread about as wide as I could get. My knees were almost touching the mattress as I spread them out further. I hoped my son wouldn't notice how far my legs were now spread out for him. My legs were spread out so far now I felt my pussy lips open up a little.

He didn't, I watched him take pictures of me with his cell phone. This excited me even more knowing my son wanted pictures. I had never had a picture taken of me being naked. I saw Billy move the camera closed to my pussy. I felt him move my pussy lips apart and take more pictures. It made me feel dirty, but a good kind of dirty.

I watched him dial someone and wondered who and why would he be calling now. I wanted fucked and he playing with his cell phone.

I realized he called Steve his best friend. I knew Steve all my life. He was like a second son to me.

I heard my son say. "Guess what? I am going to fuck my mom."

When I heard my son say that I had another organism. I hoped he wouldn't notice.

I couldn't hear what Steve was sayings. Then I heard my son say, "OK Steve watch this"

I watched my son get between my legs. I felt the head of his dick at my entrance. I realized Billy was sending a video of him fucking his mother. Billy moved his dick about half way in then stopped. I heard Billy tell Steve Bye. I was so hot by now I felt like my pussy was trying to suck my sons dick deeper in me. I felt his dick come out of me as he reached over and put the cell phone back on the end table. As he was putting his cell phone down I raised both of my arms so the back of my hands rested on my pillow. There was no way I could open myself up any more for my son. I was totally opening to him and ready for him to do anything he wanted to do to his mother. I don't think he noticed my arms up. I had my eyes closed in case he was looking at them. I hoped he liked what he saw.

My son put his hands on each side of my body. I realized he was doing this so none of his body weight rested on mine. He wasn't taking any chances until he got his dick back in me. I felt the head hit my pussy a little high. Billy re-aimed and I felt his dick slid in. He kept going this time. He didn't stop. He buried his dick all the way in me.

I had to take a chance and open my eyes. I wanted to see my son's dick buried in my pussy. I could tell his eyes were closed, enjoying this moment. It gave me the chance to look down and see his dick buried in me. I Looked. It was the grandest sight I have ever seen. His massive dick was buried all the way in. I could see the top of my bald pussy.Some of his public hair was touching my pussy where I shaved. This proved to me I was taking all of my son's huge dick in my pussy. It filled me up and again pushed against the outer walls of my pussy. I was more than ready to get fucked. I decided if he didn't start fucking me right now, I was going to start fucking him. I didn't care if he knew I was awake. If he tried to pull out I would wrap my legs around his back and keep him deep in my pussy. It wasn't necessary. Billy started fucking me.

He started slow, but pushed his dick deep in me. With every thrust he kept going deeper and deeper in me with that big dick of his. I have never had a man go so deep in my pussy. I wanted to put my hands on his ass and pull him deeper in me. I knew I couldn't but I realized it wasn't necessary. He started going faster. Even when he increased his speed he always keep going deep. I felt the full range of his huge dick. Apparently he forgot about waking me up as he started pounding deep over and over in my pussy. I had never felt anything like this before. I looked at him and saw he was pounding me as fast and as deep as he could.

I felt my pussy start to do something it hadn't done for a very long time. Years ago, this happened once, but only once. It had never happened since, until now. My pussy started sucking on 'Billy's dick. As I was having orgasm after orgasm. The walls around my pussy closed up and was trying to squeeze all of the cum out of my son. Billy started cumming in me. He kept cumming. My pussy was still sucking his dick. It was like it had a mind of its own. I felt my third or fourth orgasm; I'd lost count, My next orgasm was starting down in my toes and started working up my body. This was going to be the biggest orgasm I have ever had. My son's big dick deep in me, and my pussy sucking him dry. It hit me, all I could do was bite on my tongue to keep from yelling out. I had orgasm after orgasm. Nothing is ever going to beat this. My son fucking me so good I almost started to faint. I knew he could feel my pussy sucking his dick dry and I wondered what he was thinking.

He quit moving with his dick still buried deep in me. He was enjoying my pussy sucking the last of his cum out of his dick. His whole body was tense from the feeling he was getting.

After about a minute and after my pussy stopped sucking his dick I felt him slowly pull out of me. My head was still on my pillow so I was able to open my eyes a little and look at my son as he slowly pull his dick out of me. It was still big, but it no longer pointed upward.. I smiled to myself. " My son just give me the best fucking I have ever had. And even with him thinking I was asleep during all of this, I know I have given my son the best fuck he has ever had. He's is going to be thinking about fucking his mother every time he puts his dick in someone else for the rest of his life. He rolled over on his side of the bed. I smiled to myself again knowing I have just given my son, the best fuck he's ever had. I would have like to look at his face, but I kept my eyes closed still pretending I was asleep. If he still believes I was asleep all this time, He sure must think I am a very deep sleeper. I could feel some of his cum leaking out of my pussy. It felt like my pussy was full of cum. With a dick as big as my son's, I knew there was a lot of cum in me. It felt good having cum in me again. I even felt better when I thought about it being my son's cum in me. I wondered now how he was going to explain to his mom in the morning, why she was naked and cum was leaking out of her 83 year old pussy.

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