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Incest with Pregnant Sister-in-Law

by HotWillie69 07/17/09

This is my first venture into erotic writing. I feel I should include the usual disclaimer, if you're not of legal age or if you find this type of writing offensive, please move on to another story or another site.

This is actually a true story, the names and places have been changed to protect the innocent and/or the not so innocent.


In a small rural town in Indiana in the summer of 1966, my older brother, his wife and their two small children moved into the second story of an old farm house my parents had back then. This was just before I started my freshman year in college. This was the first time any of my married siblings had lived at home after getting married and having a family.

We lived in an old farm house with two bedrooms on the first floor, as well as the living room, dining room, kitchen and bathroom. On the second floor there was a fairly large "T" shaped room with no door and no divider of any kind between the top of the "T" and the tail of the "T". Since the top of the "T" was larger and much more spacious, my older brother, Sam, and his wife, Sheila, took over that part for their bedroom for them and their two small children. Sam put up a heavy vinyl lined drape between the two areas to provide them and myself with some semblance of privacy for sleeping and changing clothes.

I had turned 18 earlier that year and was pretty innocent and naïve, growing up in a strict Christian family in the Bible belt of Indiana. I was about 6' tall and weighed about 165#. As I had grown up on a farm and with a father that worked construction, I was pretty fit and in shape for an average 18 year old boy.

Let me take a moment to describe Sheila, my sister-in-law. She was 27 or 28 years old, and had grown up in southern California. She stood about 5'3" and was slender, other than her pregnant tits and tummy, with naturally dark brown hair that came down over her shoulders in beautiful curls, and she had bright beautiful blue eyes.

Now onto the story. Sheila was about 3-4 months pregnant when they moved in with us. Sam, Sheila and my parents decided they should stay there until the baby was born and save up some money while doing so, so they could have a nice down payment on a place of their own after the child was born.

The curtain did not provide any privacy for noise and sounds, although it was excellent for blocking visual privacy. As I would lay there going to sleep, often I would hear the sounds of love making or the attempts at it. It seems as though Sam was not interested in an attractive lady with a large pregnant belly. So I would hear Sheila imploring him to have sex with her; and I could hear very clearly what she was asking him to do to and for her. She must have been much more sexual and horny than he, which was a definite surprise to me, as I thought he was always on the take for good sexual encounters; at least that was the way he appeared to me.

I would hear Sheila coaxing Sam and asking him to suck her nipples, play with her thick pregnant pussy, and gently caress her pregnant tummy, etc. He stated often to her that he was not interested in "pregnant ladies". He told her she would just have to wait until she delivered their baby, and then he would give her all the sex she wanted and all she could handle.

I would hear Sheila sobbing and pleading with Sam to make her feel like she was his wife and the very sexual being she was, even though she was pregnant. He would reply that she was very pregnant and that they had no privacy since his little brother could probably hear everything. She stated she did not care, as she was in dire need of some real and intense sexual relations since her hormones were going crazy while she was pregnant.

This happened repeatedly over the first couple of weeks they were there, and did not seem to be improving with time.

During that summer, not long before school was to start, I was laying in bed, waking up and preparing to get up, when Sheila came into my part of the second floor. She sat on the side of my bed and began talking with me about how her husband, my older brother, was treating her and making her feel like she had the "PLAGUE" or something similar. She stated he would not touch her sexually, and that she was very much a woman and had needs that MUST be filled.

I lay and listened to Sheila with the covers over me and the fan blowing over my bed, as we had no air conditioning back then. I told her that I was not man enough to care for her or her sexual needs in her present condition, as I was just a young and innocent high school boy. I went on to tell her my sisters were downstairs and would hear everything, if anything were to happen. We had some old squeaky beds back then with coil springs and metal frames. They were always noisy, even when getting in or out of bed or even just turning over in bed.

Sheila went on to explain that we could lay a blanket on the floor and be very quiet, and they probably would not hear us. She also said that I may be young and innocent, but she would enjoy teaching me what to do to become a good lover. She stated I could do a very good job for her in her condition, as she was in desperate need of some caressing, touching, etc., as well as some good sex. She went on to say that because I was younger, that I could probably do more for her than Sam, her husband, who was 10 years older than I; he could not last as long as a stud like me.

I was still having none of this as I was deathly afraid of being caught by my sisters, parents or brother. Sheila then suggested that I go with her to the store to do some shopping. She said that we could take their van, as my brother was working construction with my father and they always went together in my father's pickup. I said I would be happy to go to the store with her, but I did not know why she needed my help when she had always taken care of that by herself in the past. She stated it would be nice to have the help with the bags of groceries and things she needed.

So I got up, got dressed and went with Shelia to the store, or so I thought that was where we were going. Sheila was driving and as we left home she made a wrong turn to get into town. I asked her where we were headed. She said she had a little surprise for me and to just sit back and enjoy the ride.

Little did I know what Shelia meant by "enjoy the ride," but I was soon to find out. Down the road she took another wrong turn to get to town and we ended up at an abandoned farm at the dead end of a dirt road. At this point, I had an idea of what she may have in mind, but I was much too innocent to fully imagine exactly what was going to happen.

I certainly had no idea that Shelia had been scouting the area for some time, as I was to find out shortly, or that she had found this abandoned place that just looked like no one was home. She parked in the barn and instructed me to close the door behind the van. She stated that if anyone came down the road, which seemed highly unlikely, they would not be tipped off to anyone in the barn.

Once safely inside the barn, we went up to the loft. Shelia had carried a quilt to lie on the soft loose hay left in the barn. She then began the instructions for me to remove all of my clothes, as she did the same. I was amazed by the size of her nice tits and the large dark areolas and nipples, and the fact that her nipples were very hard and erect. I was also pleasantly surprised at the size and fullness of her pussy lips. Up to this point I had only seen photos of Playboy models and they, back then, did not show any really good pussy shots. They were nonexistent or blurred out. This was all extremely new to me. I had never touched a girl or lady up to this point, other than when playing tag or some other contact sport with my sisters or close friends. I was very innocent and naïve at the tender age of 18. As you can imagine, I was very nervous and worried nearly to death about being caught by someone, or anyone for that fact.

Once we were totally naked, Shelia lay down on the quilt and instructed me to gently caress her tits and to be very gentle with her nipples, as they were tender. As I was playing with her lovely full tits, she told me to kiss her on her neck and ears and to suck gently on her ear lobes. This seemed to make her restless, and she started writhing and squirming about.

After a few minutes of playing with Sheila's tits and kissing her, she instructed me to gently suck on her large erect nipples and to very tenderly nibble on the very end of them. As I was doing this, she told me to rub her tummy and thighs gently with my hands. This was not a problem, as her breasts were naturally firm enough that they stood straight up and did not fall to the sides, so I could easily follow her instructions while gently caressing the rest of her.

As I was gently rubbing Sheila's thighs and tummy, every time I would get anywhere near her pussy she would slightly shift or twist in an attempt to make me touch her pussy lips. I did notice that they were very shiny and looked moist, even though I had not touched them directly yet. I was totally fascinated by what I saw and what I was doing. By this time I had a raging hard on and could not even begin to hide the pleasure that I was getting from kissing, touching and caressing her.

At some point Sheila told me to move my mouth down to her pussy. As she spread her large full pussy lips, she showed me her engorged clit and asked me to gently lick and suck on her little "man in the saddle" to give her more pleasure. While I was doing this, she began writhing and moving like she was possessed or something similar. She actually began breathing rapidly with ragged respirations. I was not sure what was happening, but she kept encouraging me to keep it up, because it felt so good.

It was not long after I moved down to Sheila's clit and pussy that she began to shake wildly. I could not keep up with her movements. She then suddenly pushed my face away and laid there panting and breathing very heavily for a short time. When she could breathe comfortably again, she told me that I had just made her have an orgasm. When I asked what that was she explained that when a female was stimulated properly, they would have an orgasm which made their whole body shake and then every part of their being tensed and spasmed until their orgasm was complete. Then they would relax, and most females would be ready for more sexual stimulation. She went on to say that most men could only have one orgasm every hour or so, and many of them would be ready to do it again.

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