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Indian Wife & Construction Guys Ch. 01

by aurelius1982 08/29/10

Note: This is a story inspired by one of my favorite writers on Literotica - Quin. I like all his stories, but in particular, I like 'How Naughty Shall I Be', and this is my adaptation of the story in an Indian context. I hope i can be at last half as good as Quin was.


"Tarun." my wife said one night after dinner after putting our 8-year old son Apu to bed.

"Yes, Purva?" I replied.

"How serious are you about the whole open marriage thing?"


"You know, what you keep bringing up every few weeks. That we should experiment. With other people."

I looked at Purva with surprise. She had a curious expression on her face. Wow, she had actually brought up the topic herself! My heart jumped with joy.

Purva and I are both 32 years old, and have been married for ten years. Before that, we dated for four years in college. People talk about seven year itches. It has been fourteen years of us being faithful to each other. Obviously, a lot of sameness and staleness had set in. There was also the fact that we had lost our virginities to each other, so we had never been with anyone else.

Like most men, I started flirting with the idea of experimentation. Threesomes, foursomes, wife swapping, were all things I read about online. For years I had fantasized about sharing my wife with someone else. And sleeping with other women. But for years, I kept my fantasies and thoughts to myself.

I finally decided to broach the subject soon after we turned thirty, and we had been through an exceptionally mediocre sexual phase. We were having sex about once a fortnight, and not memorable sex at that. Which was a shame. Because my wife was still a hot woman. In fact, even hotter than when we had started dating, if that were possible.

Childbirth and subsequent years had been good on her, and she had gone from being a slim svelte pretty young lady with medium sized boobs to a curvy attractive woman with big boobs. After Apu was born, she quit her job and became a full time stay at home mom. But it did not make her swell up like some other housewives. She still had a flat stomach, but everything else was curved in the most delectable ways. I too was physically in a much better shape than in college. I worked out regularly, had lost the tiny tire I used to have around my belly, and still had a thick head of hair, unlike some of my balding ageing friends.

Both of us got complimented on how great we looked, especially by friends who had let themselves go. So the lean sex phase, at least for me, was not because I stopped finding my wife attractive. I just craved some newness.

When I first brought up the idea, Purva got really upset. She accused me of having my eye on some young hot woman, which is why I was broaching the topic of an open marriage. I protested saying I wasn't looking for a license to cheat. If I wanted to, I could have affairs on the side (which was true). But I was interested in both of us exploring our horizons. Looking for variety. With complete honesty. I wanted us to be "open" in the truest sense of the word.

But Purva would have none of it. That fight lasted a day, and I dropped the subject. Since then, I would try to bring it up casually. Maybe forward her a story from literotica. She always reacted angrily in the initial days. But of late, she had started just calmly turning my idea down.

Two years later, it seemed like I pretty much had no chance of any experimentation. So I had not broached the subject in months. Which is why Purva bringing it up by herself delighted me. And I could not help just grin at her stupidly.

"Well? How serious are you?" Purva asked again.

"Very serious, Purva." I said, with a smile.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, absolutely. Why?"

"Have you thought about the repercussions of fantasy turning into reality? It is one thing to fantasize about your wife sleeping with someone else. To deal with the practical implications is a wholly different thing." she said.

"I know it won't be easy. But it'll work both ways. You will also have to deal with the idea of me with someone else."

"To be honest, that has been the biggest stumbling block for me for this open marriage idea." Purva tilted her head and said. "I don't know if I can stomach the idea of you sleeping with some other woman. Even if it is when I am around like in a threesome. Hell, especially if I am around."


"But you are alright with the idea of me fooling around with other men? Really?" Purva asked.

"Yes, I am. All that matters to me is honesty. I am alright with the idea of you with other men." I said with conviction. I had fantasized about it for years. Yes, getting to sleep with other women would be great. But honestly, what turned me on much more was the idea of my beautiful wife with someone else. With or without me being around.

"I agree that you think you are. But I don't know if you actually will be." Purva said.

I looked at Purva, and sat back with my hands on my head.

"What's going on, Purva? What brought this on?"

Purva shifted uncomfortably and winced a little.

"Well....." she said and paused "I have been getting some obvious and blatant passes made at me recently. And in the interest of honesty, I must say I am a little intrigued."

That seemed like a benign thing. Purva, like I said, was incredibly attractive. Guys made passes at her all the time. Heck, some of my colleagues often flirted with her blatantly, often right in front of me.

"Guys make passes at you all the time." I said. "What has intrigued you this time?"

"Okay, you might freak out and end this open marriage thing altogether, but....." Purva said, "I am talking about the construction guys."

"Construction guys? You mean the ones working on the house next door?" Our neighbor had sold his old house, and the person who bought it had knocked it down and was building a new one. A construction crew had been working on the site for a few months now.


"What passes are they making?"

"Well, when I am outside, they will start singing suggestive songs. Whistle occasionally."

"That's it?"

"That was until today."

"What happened today?"

"Nothing major. Two of them came over to the house to make a phone call. And they were blatantly checking me out, whispering to each other, and again making suggestive comments."


"And what intrigued me was the proximity to them. Their dirty sweaty bodies. Their swarthy looks. The aggression in their body language. It all...well...sort of excited me."


"I know this might creep you out. But if we are to.....experiment, I am personally more attracted to the idea of experimenting with some of these lower class blue collar guys, than middle class folks like us."

I stared at Purva with my mouth open.

"That freaks you out, doesn't it?" Purva asked, raising her voice a little bit.

"No, not really." I said, shaking my head. "To be honest, of all the erotic stories I read online, the ones that I like the most are the ones with educated women with lower class guys. I just never mentioned it to you because I thought you might find the idea disgusting."

"It is disgusting. Which is what excites me so much. Does that make sense?" Purva said, cocking her eyebrows.

"Yes, perfectly." I said. "So these two guys who came over. Tell me about them."

"One of them was an absolute Greek god. Tall, well-built, ruggedly handsome face. He is young, probably 20 or so. He is the one I was attracted to. The other guy is forgettable. Short, about my height, average built, and old. The old guy was the more blatant one though."

"Hmmm... so what are you thinking of doing next?"

"Well, I am not sure. I am not experienced in these matters."

"So do you think....." she started saying when we both heard Apu call out for her.

We both rushed to his room. He had had a bad dream. He was shivering and crying. We consoled him, and eventually had to let him sleep in our bed that night. Which meant no further discussion was possible.

The next morning too, Apu was awake and getting ready for school, as I was getting ready for work. So we couldn't talk about it. I left for work, and had a busy day. When I came back in the evening, Purva was helping Apu with his homework. Then we had dinner. Watched TV. Finally at 10 pm, Apu went to bed, and we got some time alone.

I was in bed already. Purva brushed her teeth and joined me in bed. She snuggled up next to me, and put her head on my chest.

"So, should we pick up our conversation where we left it off yesterday?" I asked.

She didn't say anything.


"Actually, something happened today." she said.


"Nothing major, Tarun. Just that the two guys from yesterday came over to make a phone call again."

"Ah." I said.

"And this time, they asked if they could wait for a return call. Something about when to expect the new batch of material or something. I paused and considered their question. One of them, the young dishy one, sensed my discomfort and said they could leave, and I could just have them over when the phone call came."

"And what did you say?"

"I told them it was fine if they waited. They both sat on the floor. And I just stood around wondering what I should do. The older one asked me if they could have some water. And I, out of habit, asked them if they would like some tea as well. They said yes."

"So you made them tea. What else?"

"Let me tell you in sequence." Purva said, slapping me gently on my cheek. "So I went to the kitchen and started making tea. A few seconds later, the old guy walked into the kitchen. He was the one who always checked me out blatantly. As I made tea, he just stared at me. I started feeling uncomfortable. I wished the young guy had been there instead. But this old man was here, just staring at me. So I asked him what his name was. Sajid, he answered. Then he said the other one was his nephew, named Rasul."

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