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Indian Wife & Construction Guys Ch. 04

by aurelius1982 09/01/10

The next few days, I could not get my regularly scheduled updates. I was too busy at work to call Purva during the day. Then something or the other kept cropping up at night. Once, we had some guests over, who stayed till midnight, and Purva was exhausted with the cooking and cleaning, so went to bed right away. The next two days, I had to attend late night calls with the US and Europe offices, so I would go back to office after dinner and before Apu was asleep. And then we had to attend wedding receptions for a couple of nights so were surrounded with too many relatives to ever get any privacy. In between, even if we did start talking, Apu would interrupt. So it was almost a week later that Purva and I got time to talk.

"Okay, start from the beginning, go sequentially, and don't leave out any details." I said.

"Alright, so the day after, Sajid or Rasul or the rest of the guys kept dropping by at different times."

"What were you wearing?"

"Let's see....that day, I was wearing a white tank top and shorts. You know those tight black shorts? Obviously, they have even gotten tighter."

"Haha. And underneath?"

"Just panties. No bra."

"Alright, go on."

"Now remember, this was the day we were having guests over. So I had to spend most of the time in the kitchen. And it was a hot day, so I got very sweaty. By noon, my tank top was drenched with sweat. And since it was white, obviously, it did not hide much."


"So the guys dropped by one or two at a time. First Sajid came by. He said he only had a few minutes, and had to get back soon. So we spent that time in the kitchen, making out. He put his hand under my top, felt me up, worked on my ass, and kissed me all over. I was in his arms, getting mauled, my top rolled above my tits, when I heard the door open and someone call Sajid's name. He had left the door open since he had to leave soon."

"The guy who walked in was a new one. He had not been around before. So when he walked into the kitchen, and my tits were exposed completely, I panicked. I pushed Sajid away and rolled my top down. The guy first looked shocked and then started smiling. Staring at me, he said Sajid was being summoned by the supervisor. Sajid sprinted out of the kitchen and I got back to cooking. The other guy just stood there staring at me. I gave him a couple of dirty looks, and he reluctantly left. And I locked the door."

"Some time later, when I was cleaning the living room, there was a knock on the door. I opened it and saw the same guy standing there with Rasul. Rasul walked in, and hugged me very tight. He then started sliding his hands down my shorts, in full view of the guy, and I felt uncomfortable, so I slapped his hands away. Rasul looked confused and asked me why i was being so coy, when the other day I had let him take my panties off. I went red with embarrassment, as the other guy gaped with his mouth open, shocked at the revelation."

"Rasul took advantage of my being stunned and slipped his hands into my shorts again, and started playing with my butt. He said, only a little while, and I let him do it, but turned away so that the other guy couldn't see it all. Rasul then moved his attention to my tits. He pulled my top up, giving the other guy one more look at my tits. I tried to protest but Rasul said the guy told him he has seen them anyway, so why stop now. I couldn't say anything in response."

"And surely you were turned on as well?" I interrupted.

"Yes, that too." Purva said, blushing. "You know I have a crush on Rasul anyway, so it is much harder for me to say no to him than to anyone else."

"Not that you seem to be saying No a whole lot anyway."

"Hehe. Anyway, Rasul played with my tits, in full view of the other guy, for a few minutes. Then he asked me to make them tea. I pulled my top down, walked to the kitchen and both of them followed me. In the kitchen, after I put the water on the stove, I saw Rasul make a gesture. The other guy cautiously walked up to me, and put one arm around me, and felt up my boobs. I stood there, wondering if I should protest, but then i thought the guy had seen them anyway. So what's the point. Plus the guy's hands were shaking, either with nervousness or excitement, and I felt sorry for him."

"He started pulling my top up, playing with my boobs at the same time, and eventually, just took my top off. And there I was, topless, wearing just my shorts. And making tea. He then fondled my butt for a while, and then starting putting his hand into my shorts when I slapped him away. Rasul laughed and said, I only let him and his uncle do anything down there. Then, after the tea was done, we all sat in the living room, me on a couch between the two guys. And they both played with my tits as they drank tea."

"They left and I put my top back on. But I guess they spread the word that playing with my tits was now okay. The next two guys who came over went straight for my top, and when I protested, said they heard many other guys had done it too. So why stop them? For the rest of the day, there was a frequent parade of guys, some of them twice, as they came and felt me up. After a while, my boobs started feeling sore because of rough treatment from their worker hands."

"Towards the end, Sajid came by with Rasul. The two of them locked the door, and sat down on the couch. I complained to Sajid that there were too many men coming over and feeling me up, and I could not get any work done. Sajid ignored my complaint, and unzipped his pants. Rasul did the same. Rasul's dick was really impressive - thick hard, and veinous. Sajid's like I told you, is good too. So all the complaints flew out of my mind and I was drawn to their cocks."

"For the next fifteen minutes, I sucked them off, one dick in each hand. Sajid made me take my shorts and panties off. And again, true to his style, did not get me fully naked. I sucked their dicks, wearing just my tank top. Rasul came first, and I took his cum all over my face, some of it running down my neck and pooling in my cleavage. But Sajid showed no signs of cumming. Rasul sat there and watched as I kept sucking his uncle off."

"When did he finally cum?" I asked, amazed at Sajid's staying power. purva is great at sucking dick and I can never last beyond 5 minutes with her technique.

"Well, almost half an hour passed, and he still hadn't cum. My jaw started hurting like crazy. I finally took his dick out of my mouth and started jacking him off with my hand. I told him my jaws were too sore, and I could not suck him any more. Sajid laughed and said, why take all that effort? He knew of another place I could take his dick in that would take in, and he would cum a lot faster. And he reached down and fingered my cunt. Rasul laughed."

"I stopped jacking him off and looked at him. He pulled me up onto his lap, and hugged me. What am I waiting for, he asked. We had pretty much done everything else, and I had obviously enjoyed . I had let my boobs be felt up by half a dozen guys all day? Why avoid something that would give both of us the most pleasure, he asked. Besides making the case with his mouth, he was also making it with his dick. He was moving it back and forth, over my pussy lips, making my resolve weaken by the second."

"Oh my god. You fucked him, didn't you?" I said, seeing where this was going.

"Yes." Purva said and hugged me.

"Rasul too?"

"No, not Rasul." she replied. "In fact, I was very uncomfortable doing it in front of Rasul, although he had watched everything else till then. I whispered in Sajid's ear, let's go to the bedroom. He picked me up effortlessly, and carried me to the bedroom. i told him to lock the door, and he did. As he took his shirt off, got fully naked, and advanced towards me, I told him we didn't have more than 15 minutes, because Apu would be home soon. he laughed and said I had been teasing him so much, he would definitely get done a lot before that."

"How did he fuck you? Tell me the positions in detail." I eagerly said.

"Well first....obviously, I had him put on a condom." Purva said. I was about to ask about it next. I was able to fuck her without care, because my sperm count had gone down recently, so there was no danger of pregnancy. This was something we found out a couple of years back. when we tried to have a second child.


"He wasn't very happy about it. But reluctantly agreed. Once he put it on, he first started fucking me missionary style. His body really close to mine, my boobs rubbing against his chest."

"You were naked?" I asked.

"No! He rolled up my top under my arms. But didn't strip it off." Purva said shrugging her shoulders. "The fucking felt really good. He didn't have too much technique, but the sensation of an unfamiliar cock was enough to excite me. For a couple of minutes, he did that, and then made me get on all fours. And started fucking me doggy style. He kept commenting on how great my ass looked when it slapped against his thighs."

I tried to picture the scene. Doggy style is my favorite way of fucking Purva as well. Her butt has such a nicely round shape, and it parts ever so slightly when she is on her knees. It gives a great view of her asshole.

"He started pounding me really hard. Grabbed me by the waist, unfolded one knee and put it next to my shoulder. And fucked me really deep and hard."

I could sense Purva getting turned on just remembering it, as she squirmed.

"As his fucking got even faster, I could sense that my orgasm was near. I pushed back against him harder, to get a better drilling. But sadly, before I could cum, he did. Started pumping his semen into the condom. Even through the condom, I could feel its force inside me. I moaned in disappointment when he finally took his dick out. And stayed there on all fours, my ass in the air, trying to regain my breath."

"For a while I actually considered calling Rasul and asking him to have a go. I was so close to an orgasm. But then I looked at the clock and realized, I really needed to hurry. Apu would be home soon. When I stood up, Sajid threw the cum-filled condom at me, and asked me to get rid of it. I walked out of the bedroom, my top still rolled up over my boobs, with the condom in my hand. Rasul was standing there. He had clearly been trying to listen in. He started laughing when he saw the condom."

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