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I've Got Time

by Veronika 03/16/04

You're such a tease - you know I've been in here working on my thesis all day and I don't have time to stop right now, but you've been walking by me all afternoon, kissing my neck, flashing me, rubbing up against me, pinching my nipples, once bending down to rub your hands across my pussy. It's just about killing me to not be able to stop and play with you, but if I don't get this paper done tonight, I'll be in deep shit.

The house is quiet, and when I get up to stretch and see you through the window, swimming... what I wouldn't give to be able to go out and get in the pool with you. I've got to get this done and I know I should try to concentrate... but I can't. I’m watching you, your strong arms stroking through the water, and looking a little closer, I can see that you’re naked, your bare skin shining in the sun. You swim to the side of the pool and hoist yourself out, drying off quickly with a thick towel, then stretch out on your back on the deck, one hand behind your head, the other stroking your shaft, and you look so fucking sexy I can’t stand it.

All I can think about is riding your cock, what your tongue feels like on my clit, what your skin feels like against mine and I'm getting wet... I lean back in the chair a little and pull up my skirt, spread my legs, bracing them on the window ledge so that my pussy is facing you, and rub my clit. I'm so ready for you, so wet that I surprise myself. Makes sense though, it's been building all day and I WANT you. I’m watching you, you’re completely hard now and stroking faster, and my hand is matches your rhythm, a little faster, a little harder, my fingers sliding over my clit, inside my

cunt, pretending it’s you, wanting you, needing to feel your thick cock deep inside me.

I don’t have time, but fuck it, I'm gonna make time...

I close my eyes for a moment, and when I open them, I see you standing up, facing my window, watching me. My eyes lock with yours and my fingers dip inside again, further this time, and I can feel my orgasm building. I’m so close that I stay where I am, close my eyes again and let it happen, all the longing and frustration, all the need I have for you bursting forth, making me moan, quiver, call your name.

After a moment, when my legs have stopped shaking, I get up, but when I look out the window again, you aren't by the pool anymore, and I don't see you outside at all. I walk out through the back door, but you aren't there, and I hear the shower come on inside. I think about leaving you to it, but decide that I can't - not now - and head for the bathroom.

The door is partially open and I peek through - you're underneath the water with your head back and your eyes closed. I can't think of a more perfect opportunity, so I strip off my clothes, open the door and climb in with you. Your eyes don’t open, but a slow smile crosses your face, and I reach out to touch you. I take your face in my hands and kiss you, your lips, your cheeks, your neck, your shoulders, down your chest. I trace the lines of your muscles with my tongue, tiny licks across your nipples, down across your stomach, lingering briefly around your belly button, down further, running my hands down your legs, my tongue down toward your dick, and you’re getting hard again, growing before I really touch you with my hands or with my tongue.

I kneel down in front of you and grasp you in both hands, caressing you, planting kisses up and down the length of you. I can't ever get enough of your cock, so I push you back against the wall, lean in and lick you, suck you into my mouth, water running over both of us, my hands on the wall on either side of you.

Sucking you hard, licking you, using my lips, my tongue, my hands, I want to make you come, I need to taste you.

Your hands are tangled in my hair, pulling me closer, pushing your cock into my throat, fucking my mouth and I know that you're getting close. I look up at you, and your eyes are on mine, watching as you slide between my lips and out again, and you groan way back in your throat and pull me to my feet. Hands on my hips, you turn me around and I brace myself against the shower wall - one hard thrust and you're inside me. Harder, I need you harder and I tell you, begging you, 'come on sugar, fuck me, FUCK ME... please...' And you do.

I start to come again, and you pull out, stroke your cock against me, and yell out my name as you come on the tattoo right above my ass...

I stand up, put my arms around you, kiss you quickly, rinse off and get out.... got work to do!

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