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Jenny Sits on Brother Ch. 01

by liebetooyoo 02/14/13

Note: All characters are over 18. The reference to the car licence hasn't anything to do with American laws and people getting their licence at 16. This story isn't set in America nor has nothing to do with it, I use the term panties because it is a nice word. I haven't given any ages or real details because I feel it makes it easier for the reader to imagine what they want. So enjoy.


"Sorry guys."

My parents didn't seem too sorry for their mistake. They were just happy to be away from work.

Me, my sister Jenny and parents had gone on a holiday after a long session of school and work respectively. My parents didn't get many days off, while the last two school holidays Jenny and I had worked every day.

We were saving up to get cars. It wouldn't be too long before we got the independence of a full license and be able to move out of home.

The reason my parents were apologising was because of the sleeping arrangements. They were fine with their double bed.

The problem lay in the single bed in the same room on the opposite wall. They thought they had booked two rooms. One for them and one for me and Jenny with two single beds. They had booked a cheap hotel, because we wanted to spend the money on good food and fun activities, the hotel was just a place to sleep.

Of course the hotel owner had screwed us over. He thought there was only one child, so he squeezed us into one room and charged us the same. My dad had nearly had a fit, mostly over the money, but mum had told him they were here to relax.

So they got over it and told Jenny and me to work it out. Since they worked a lot and we looked after ourselves a lot, they just assumed we would do it.

So while they unpacked the car Jenny and I had a silent but furious argument over bed rights while watching for our parents. I argued I was bigger and hadn't brought a sleeping bag like her. She argued she was delicate and wouldn't be able to sleep on the floor.

As if anyone could sleep on the bare wooden floor. We were on the coast, so the cool sea breeze made the nights cool and the room was drafty as all hell.

I looked at the bed, it was single, but we weren't very big people. I was slimly build, just enough muscle so I could hold my own in sport and fights.

Jenny was slim, but with curves if on another girl I would describe as kicking. Her tight arse was definitely an eye catcher, as her brother I hadn't been able to ignore that asset. While her breasts were a nice handful, or so my friends who had never touched her told me.

Not that I had the hots for Jenny, I just noticed was all.

My father came in looking like he wanted to sleep already. It was a feature I shared with him, we both looked perpetually tired. More than one teacher had tried to catch me out, only to find I was paying attention. Even when I was excited I still looked bored as all hell, a good poker face.

My mum bounced in, the opposite of dad. I never knew how he had managed to get her, she was a slightly thicker version of Jenny. I never saw her exercising, I think because she seemed to bounced around so much, she stayed fit.

I had asked my father plenty of times how he had managed to get her, he always looked like he was still surprised she was his wife. Since she was still quite young considering having two kids, I always assumed he got her pregnant when she was drunk.

A horrible thing to think, but the only explanation I could think of.

I quickly saw the opportunity to get the bed. Our parents thought me and Jenny didn't argue, a belief we had cultured to avoid awkward moments. Jenny wouldn't be willing to lose that for the sake of a few nights in a bed.

"We decided dad. I will sleep on the bed."

Jenny glared at me, then a smile crossed her face. She nodded.

"While I sleep in my sleeping bag on the bed as well. Problem sorted."

I tried not to glare while in front of my parents. With her in her sleeping bag, I would be forced to endure the annoying scratching exterior material rubbing against me.

Mum and dad nodded and that was that. We exited the crappy room to explore the area and find things to do. Since it was a beach town, there was plenty to do, kinda the reason they call these towns tourist traps. That and they are really expensive.

I had forgotten the sleeping predicament until we came home exhausted and excited from the days play. There had been plenty of hot girls in skimpy bikinis or the equally hot swimsuits. Sometimes it was even sexier when the girl covered up and showed only glimpses of their delights. I wasn't hard all day, but my hormones were definitely churning, made worse by the knowledge I wouldn't be able to play with them. My charm was equal with my father and while the bored look worked on some chicks in the long run, it definitely didn't work on super hot beach chicks.

Mum and Jenny went into the room to change while me and dad loitered outside until they were ready. We went inside and stripped to our briefs, dad quickly jumped into bed, the air was freezing. While I stood and looked at Jenny.

She was taking up the whole bed, I had overestimated the size of the bed. I managed to crawl over her before dad turned out the light. By the time I had gotten under the thin blanket, mum and dad were already asleep. His soft snores punctuated by mum's higher pitched snores. They had acted like kids today and tired themselves out completely.

They had the foresight to bring their own blankets and Jenny had her sleeping bag. While I hadn't realised cheap hotels gave you a sheet as thick as paper.

I poked Jenny and kept my voice low, my parents were deep sleepers and completely exhausted, but I didn't want to wake them.

"Hey, open your sleeping bag and use it as a blanket. I am freezing."

Jenny's voice was just as low.

"No way, I won't be so warm then. You should have brought your own."

I poked her again, but I had nothing to say to that. I knew if the situation was reversed I would do the same thing. I poked her again just to annoy her.

She sighed.

"Ok, you can get inside the sleeping bag with me, there is plenty of room. But it will cost you."

I knew the sleeping bag was big, I often borrowed it when camping with friends. And at this very moment I remembered how warm it was.

"How much?"

"Fifty bucks a night."

I nearly choked on my tongue, that was the same as renting a room for two people in this crap hole. I very nearly refused, then the sea breeze picked up and the poor insulation of the hotel was all to obvious.

"Fine, but you can't back out. No matter what every night I get to sleep in the sleeping bag and you can't kick me out."

"Deal. Pay me all when we get home, and if you try and worm your way out of the deal, I can tell my friends I accidentally saw your penis and it was the smallest thing I ever saw."

I swallowed, Jenny had some very hot friends. But that rumour wouldn't stay with them and since I was so awkward with the ladies it would take some time to disprove.

"Deal. You'll get your money, so move over."

Jenny shuffled over and I awkwardly slipped into the sleeping bag, it was big but with two people inside it was cramped.

My heart missed a beat as my bare legs brushed up against her mostly bare back, then gliding over her panties before running along her smooth legs. My bare chest rested against her back, her shirt had bunched up when she had first gotten in the sleeping bag.

It must have made her feel weird to feel my flat belly against her smooth and supple back. I was suddenly trying to think of maths problems as she started to wiggle around, her arse in my groin. She was having trouble getting her arms around to pull her top down.

"Stop it." I hissed. I had been excited all day and now Jenny was grinding her hot arse against my cock.

"Wait, I need to get comfortable."

My cock hardened quickly into a solid bar, pressed between her cheeks. She stopped moving, she was breathing in and out very deeply. My erection wasn't going anywhere, her movements had bunched up my briefs so more of her soft skin was pushed against mine.

Why was female skin so much softer? Why did she feel so good against me?

"What is that?"

"I think you know. I told you to stop, you were practically giving me a lap dance. I'm not going to go soft in this situation."

"You sicko, getting hard over your sister's arse. Get out and freeze."

"Do you remember our deal? You can't kick me out." She swore, I would have grinned if I wasn't so turned on. I was painfully hard. "Don't worry I can make it go down."


I moved my hands until the left went underneath her and rested on her bare belly, while the right held her hip. Her skin was so soft and even resting my hands on her was getting me seriously excited. I ground my hard cock against her sweet arse and moaned softly in her ear. She just lay there, but every time I breathed out on her ear she would flinch.

I couldn't believe I was doing this, I couldn't believe I had just started grinding her.

"You sick fuck, if you even try to feel me up I am going to yell out for mum and dad. You won't be able to say anything with your big hard dick sticking up."

I could barely believe it. I had expected her to threaten me to stop, instead she was letting me hump her arse. I felt flattered at the mention of big dick. I was a bit over average, or what the internet said was average for what little that was worth.

I couldn't remember a dick size survey being spread around the world.

I rubbed my cock up and down her arse crack, feeling her soft cheeks through our underwear. It was heavenly, I started to rub her belly with my left, with my right I rubbed the top of her panties feeling her pubic hair through the material. I softly blew on her ear.

"Stop it and just blow your load in your pants. If you get even one speck of your dirty cum on me I am going to make you eat it."

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