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Kristina: Home Invasion

by crxbxtl 05/23/12

Kristina was 23 and a dancer. She had large firm DDs with nipples pierced. She had her tongue and belly and clit also pierced. She was 5'7 and 130 pounds with a nice tight ass and smooth long legs. She had long flowing blonde hair and crystal blue eyes. She was of Spanish and Jewish heritage with a nice year round olive tan. She had a couple strategic tattoos one on her pelvis and paw prints on her back shoulder as well as angel winged heart on her lower back.

She had been dancing for about 5 years and was a very popular girl at the club. The club was on the outskirts of a major city where nude dancing was aloud. Club Kray. It featured a rotating assortment of hot young strippers. She made a lot of money dancing. Sometimes she would spend the money to spoil herself: fancy cars, lavish jewelry vacations, weed. One night she was giving a private dance to a man named Clint. Clint was a black man who was involved with some bad gangs in the area. She was very playful and flirty with Clint. "Ever been with a brotha before?" Clint asked. "Hehe you know it" said Kristina. This was in fact a lie. Despite her fondness of hip hop and friends she secretly had a dislike of black men as sexual partners, nothing personal. They were also notoriously bad tippers however Clint kept the ball rolling that night.

Kristina was wearing a hot pink bra and g string with 6 inch clear heels. Her toes were painted baby pink as well as her fingernails. She had a gold "Diva" chain around her neck and a butterfly belly piercing. Her clit and tongue were both small silver small studs. She also had a tiny nose piercing.

She received a generous tip from Clint after her session and it was last call. Clint went into the bathroom to jerk off then he got in his van and drove home.

Kristina went home to take a long shower. Her tanned skin looked great wet. Her pussy was clean shaven. The shower was a nice walk in stall with all her little body lotions. She rubbed them all into her skin as the water beat down on her tight 23 year old body. She also had a fancy bidet in her bathroom which she used to clean out her pussy and asshole. After her shower she dried up and put on some lace tight pink panties a white bra and threw on some lose sweat pants and a white t shirt. her hair was put into a pony tail. She was waiting for her boyfriend a club promoter in the city to return home.

She heard the wheels drive up the gravel on her driveway she thought it was her boyfriend Jonathan. He was a Persian 6'5 240 rock solid muscle. To her horror when she opened the door Jonathan was there but his face was wrapped in tape and his eyes swollen shut and badly bruised. His nose was bleeding and his hands were behind his back. He also had a gun pointed at him from behind...It was Clint from the strip club. How could this be? Clint was a wirey 5'10 180 pound black man bald head little muscle and a pencil thin goatee and mustache.

"Good to see you again Kristina!" Clint shoved Jon to the floor. Kristina screamed but then when the pistol was pointed at her she froze in fear. Her whole body was trembling and her stomach felt queezy.

"Not a fucking word do you understand me"

She nodded. Tear drops falling down her cheek.

"Turn the fuck around bitch". Clint took out a roll of duct tape and secured Kristina's hands. He forcefully and firmly grabbed her ass and really got up in there with his hand.

"Oww" She tearfully cried. He put his hand around her mouth and a gun to her temple. "Shut... the ... FUCK..up"

Clint tore of a piece of silver tape and forcefully pressed it against her mouth.

"MMMPPH!!" There was a horizontal crease where her mouth was under the sticky tape. Clint then roughly smacked Kristina across the face as she began sobbing. He taped around her ankles next. Jon was grunting eager to protect his girl. Clint walked over and kicked him in the head.

"You read to watch me fuck yo' girl right in front of you asshole?? I told you 10gs!!" "I actually got a surprise for you two!" Clint took out his cell and sent a text. A moment later the door opened and Desiree walked in. Kristina's eyes went wide and her mouth puffed under the tape due to her expression.

"What up hoe haha. You like my man Clint?" Desiree was half black half Spanish and had small B cups with dark nipples. She had a typical mulato complexion and had belly ring herself. She was wearing a jean skirt and a red tank top. She had wet curly black hair.

Clint threw Kristina on the bed and sat her up and sat down behind her. He slid his hand down her shirt and began fondling her breasts.

MMMMPPHHH as her eyes closed in frustration. "You like it dontcha bitch". He started softly kissing the back of her neck. She smelled like coconuts. Meanwhile Desiree sat Jon up and put him onto a chair. "Ready for the show?" Desiree unzipped the semi conscious Jon's jeans and whipped out his large 7 inch cock. She started going down on him. He obviously couldn't prevent himself from getting an erection. It took a while because of the trauma but he eventually came into Desiree's mouth. She stood up and spat it back in his face and turned around and positioned herself reverse cowgirl to ride his cock some more.

Clint laid Kristina back down on the bed. He took out his knife and she shrieked. "Relax baby" He cut down her sweatpants and ripped them away her pink panties remaining. Her start mashing her pussy together from outside the panties. "Nice camel toe" Kristina sighed more humiliated. Next he slid his black fingers under the panties.

"Noooo" she moaned under the tape.

"Nice and tight and smooth damn girl" Clint licked his fingers and then proceeded to tear her shirt and bra off. "There are them beauts!" He then started sucking on her nipples until they got rock hard. "

Desiree got up giggling off of the beaten Jon's dick. She lit up a joint pre-rolled from her pocket. The room was mostly white with a California King sized bed. Desiree reached her fingers down to her snatch and came over and ran them across Kristina's nose. She wretched and gagged and coughed under her tape gag.

"Like that smell cunt? That'd be the herp and the clap hon. Got tested a month ago its why I aint been around. Guess which motherfucker gave me that shit??"

Clint smiled. Desiree went on to explain how it didn't matter. He wouldn't last the night without medical attention.

"I always admired a fine young cunt like yo self. And you always been cold to me. I know how you fuck some of those other girls and you fuck the owner Marco. You are a backstabbing whore!" Desiree yelled this at Kristina as she grabbed her gagged face. She then licked the front seal of the tape up to the tip of the nose. Clint was still holding her as she was positioned on top of him, bare breasted and in her panties.

Desiree ripped the tape off Kristina's mouth.

"YOU FUCKING BI....... " Kristina shrieked out until Desiree dug her tongue into Kristina's mouth. She gave her a long sloppy kiss and Kristina resisted. "Not gonna cooperate?" Desiree walked over and stomped on Jon's balls as he mmmphhed. Clint had his hand over Kristina's mouth.

Desiree strolled over and started licking her belly. She curled her fingers under the straps of Kristina's panties as she started shaking her head. Clint kept laughing. Desiree slid her pink lace panties off. Revealing her perfect shaved little pussy. "Mmmmm how nice hehehehe" "Open up" Clint let go of Kristina's mouth as Desiree shoved her panties into her mouth. Her grabbed her throat as Desiree took the roll of duct tape and wrapped it around her entire head. Kristina was coughing beneath her new tight tape gag. Clint started playing with her breasts some more. Desiree started to peck every inch of her tight tanned abs. She gets down to the goods. Her luscious flower.

Desiree starts licking her pussy. Not just licking. Fucking her with her tongue. Kristina can't help but get turned on as her body betrays her and she starts moaning. The flesh completely covers Desiree's mouth as the pressure from her tongue pushes up through Kristina's groin.

"Let me taste some of that baby" Clint adds. He leans in for a long kiss with Desiree and they pause and glance over at Jon struggling in the chair he was tied too.

Clint now had a full erection. He took out his knife and cut Kristina's hands free. He took some rope and tied one hand to each corner of the bed post as Desiree did the same thing with her feet, not before tickling them and then sucking on her toes for a minute of course. She was now tied spread eagle naked with a wrapped tape over her mouth. Desiree rubbed Kristina's pussy as she walked around the side of the bed to mount her across her breast. She was rubbing her crotch into Kristina's face. "MMMMPPPPPHH!!"

"Ready for the show tough guy?" Clint taunted Jon. Clint slid off his raggedy jeans. His black cock was thick and long. First he walked over and slapped Jon across the face with it and called him a punk. He walked over to Kristina "You ready bitch?" She moaned nooo and please through her gag as Desiree was licking all over her face and neck and tits.

"You wet already damn bitch"

Clint took his cock and slid it right into Kristina's pussy. "Ehh not soo tight haha you are a whore after all!" Kristina's vagina was engulfed by Clint's cock separating the flesh into too. The contrast of the black skin to the olive skin stood out. Desiree had gotten off at this point and was playing with her self. Clint was pumping and thrusting into Kristina raping the living shit out of her.

Clint yelled over his shoulder breathless. "You like watching another man fuck your girl faggot??" Jon grunted. Embarrassingly it was turning him on and he was getting an erection. Desiree noticed and went over and began giving him a hand job. Clint's black ass was facing the two of them as his nuts were slapping off the bottom of Kristina's pussy and the top meaty part of her cute butt cheeks. Clint had one hand on her tit and one around her throat forcing her to look him in the eyes. "Now I know this cunt has fucked niggers befo!!" Desiree smirked and giggled as she took Jon's cock slowly into her mouth with a lot of pressure as her lips slid down his shaft up and down.

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