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Late Nights on the 11th Floor

by Scheherazade 08/13/01

He saw her first in the elevator in the building where he worked. She seemed not to notice him, concentrating instead on something she was reading. They both exited on the 11th floor, and he watched her disappear inside an office down the hall from his.

She hadn't looked up, but she could feel his eyes on her as she walked.

After that, they ran into each other occasionally, neither speaking, but a silent exchange between them said more than words. He discovered she was an advertising executive. She observed he carried a laptop, and through her own investigating, learned he worked with a law firm that had an office on her floor. Both were busy professionals, leaving little or no time for social lives, and in a few weeks, each realized they looked for one another in the building.

So it was that night. He had stayed late to finish a report, and noticed the light was on in her company's office lobby. He hesitated only a moment, then strolled down the hall and pushed open the door, setting his briefcase down just inside. Listening, he heard music playing in the background, but saw no one.

She didn't have any plans and decided to write – she was working on a collection of short stories, hoping to make a living at it and leave this rat race behind once and for all. She listened to music, having found that it stimulated her creativity, and when she couldn't express what she visualized, she got up from behind her computer and danced.

He came around the corner, seeing the dim light in her windowed office, and stopped before she saw him. She was wearing a red satin dress, flowing around her as she swirled around the room, like a butterfly around a rose, arms outstretched, her hands moving as graceful wings through the air. Her head backwards, eyes closed, soft garnet strands of hair flowing down her shoulders as she danced. He felt an unmistakable fire rush suddenly through his entire body – now was the moment he had waited so long for.

She didn't hear him because she was totally engrossed in the fantasy of the music and her story. She kept her eyes closed, as if she were dancing with an invisible partner, floating across the office floor weightlessly.

He quietly stepped into the doorway, and when she was swinging past him, he reached out with both hands, pulling her to him smoothly, possessively. Her eyes snapped open, fear initially screamed from behind them, and then he saw her expression turn to recognition, mixed with confusion… and finally, it seemed like hours but only less than a minute, they were dancing together. Her heart was pounding wildly, and she felt weak, unable to resist his silent charm… the fantasies she had imagined since they first saw each other were like movie reels in her mind now, erotic visuals stimulating her even more.

He held her in his arms, moving slowly closer to her desk as they danced, and electric emotion keeping them in perfect harmony. The tiny straps of her dress slipped from her shoulders, revealing velvety flesh above the low-cut dress, and he felt his body react accordingly, visualizing the breasts barely contained in the red satin material.

She felt the back of the desk against her thigh, hot desire flashed through her – a sudden bolt of lightning that struck her very soul. She felt his hardness against her belly, and for the first time, he kissed her… his mouth covering hers, both hearts pounding… a dance of seduction.

He lifted her up onto the desk, and she wrapped her legs around him, kicking her snakeskin heels to the floor. She cupped both breasts in her hands, letting fingers slip down the material to tweak nipples, watching his face as she pulled them with her thumbs and forefingers until they were erect. His blood flowed hotly, and he put both hands on her breasts, grasping the soft mounds in passionate embrace. She moaned softly into his neck, and he let his hands brush across her shoulders to remove the dress, the slinky redness falling easily to the desk.

He pulled her to him, and she unbuttoned his shirt with skillful fingers, her breasts now against his bare chest. He caressed her slowly, gently – flames burned inside, setting hot sparks blazing unfulfilled desire in their veins. She was naked beneath the dress, and liquid in his arms, letting him touch her freely, tenderly savoring the feeling of her skin against his.

She unbuckled the black belt around his waist, pulling it from the loops until it was in her hands, and then trailed the leather across her breasts and around her throat, where she fastened it like a choker, letting the strap fall down her slender back… She leaned forward as her soft lips tasted his skin, generously teasing him with erotic kisses…while deftly she unzipped his slacks.

She held his cock in her hands and he pulled her hips to him… she was warm, wet with anticipation… she leaned toward him, guiding his cock into her tight pussy until he was so deep she could almost feel him in her chest… Her back against the desk, she held him inside her, his throbbing cock filling her with intoxicating splendor.

She frantically wanted him. She was obsessed… insatiable. He knew it, and it turned him on even more. He whispered, "Tell me." And she replied, her voice barely audible, "Fuck me… please, baby, fuck me… do it now…" She pressed her hips against him, begging for release.

He pulled slightly away from her – lifting her face to his with one hand, wanting to watch this moment – and then he thrust inside her: a deep plunge that made her gasp, then sigh. Slowly, he pulled away, letting his swollen cock glide from within her warm, tight cave… she moaned, lifting her hips upwards, pleading for ultimate release from aching desire. Letting only the tip of his bulging shaft rub against the tender hood protecting her clitoris, he teased her mercilessly, totally in control.

Bound now only by the imagination, this was one after-hours encounter that promised to be… forever, never-ending.

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