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Learning A Lesson In Life

by Woffen 01/03/07

I want to tell a story of how my close family became a VERY CLOSE family. First of all let me tell you about them. First my husband, Jim, 43 years old, a good provider in and out of bed with a 8 inch cock that is as good today as when we married 20 years ago. My daughter (Jolene, Jo for short), 19, beautiful, smart and sexy if I do say so myself. She has naturally blond hair, a 34C – 22 – 34 body and a playful personality that is sometimes naughty. My son (Brad), 18 years old, 6' tall, 180 lbs and loves sports. He is almost an exact duplicate of my husband. I am 41 years old, redhead with a 36D – 24 –35 figure. I weigh 124 lbs and luckily I don't have to work very hard at keeping my weight down. By the way my name is Barbara but everyone calls me Barb.

This started two months ago when Jim mentioned something about Brad and how he was moping around the house. It was winter and the weather wasn't all that good but Brad seemed to be down in the dumps. Jim said he tried to talk with him but didn't get anywhere and wondered if I would try. I said of course I would talk with him this weekend. Jo was visiting a friend and Jim was leaving Saturday on a business trip so it would be just Brad and me.

Saturday came, Jim left for the airport and Jo left with a girlfriend for the weekend. I ask Brad if he had any plans and he said no and sat down on the couch to watch TV. I asked him about dinner but got little response so I order out for the two of us. After dinner I told Brad I wanted to speak with him but not knowing what may be wrong I hoped that getting him to relax would help. I told him to get a bottle of wine from the frig while I got comfortable. I went to my room, slipped off my cloths and put on a short nightgown and a sheer robe. This is usually the way I dressed while at home so nothing was unusual about it.

I came back to the den and there sat Brad with a bottle of wine opened and a single glass. I ask him if he would like to join me since he wasn't going out and I couldn't drink the entire bottle by myself. His eyes lit up and ran to get another glass for himself.

"Thanks mom, I didn't think you would let me have some."

"That's OK son, just keep this between us. OK?"

"Yea, thanks...."

We both drank a glass and refilled both glasses. A little while later after I could feel the wine having the relaxing effect I hoped for I ask Brad about his attitude and mood. He hesitated at first but after some coaxing told me that he and his girlfriend had broken up. I urged him to get into more detail and after a third glass of wine he blurted out the entire story. He and Ellen tried to have sex but apparently Ellen had much more experience than Brad and things didn't go very well. She had criticized him for his crude attempts and his lack of staying power and forced him to take her home telling him that she never wanted to see him again. Brad was devastated.

"What can I do mom. She said I didn't have any experience but how do I get experience without her?"

"I see your point, son. Do you mind if talk this over with your father? He might have some ideas that can help. He has been worried about you."

"Yea, I guess it would be alright. You aren't mad are you?"

"No! Not at all! As a matter of fact I am glad you decided to talk with me."

Brad's story had gotten me so hot that I knew I had to end this conversation before I lost control. Shortly after that we said goodnight and went to bed. I lay in bed thinking about Brad and his problem. The more I thought about it the hornier I got until I had to take things into my own hands and fuck myself to a not so satisfying orgasm.

Sunday and Monday came and went, Jo had returned early Sunday morning from her trip going straight to her room. Jim returned Tuesday and by Wednesday we sat down to discuss Brad's problem.

"Jim, that's it. Brad needs experience but no one to get experience with. He is afraid to start dating someone else and I don't want him to go to a hooker. With the diseases out there you never know what will happen. What do you think?"

"I agree, how can we help him get his confidence back?"

"I don't know but I will tell you one thing. After the wine and my talk with Brad I got so horny that I almost wore out my favorite dildo and talking about it right now is getting me wet again."

"You are? Well I have something for you to work on right here."

Right then and there Jim slipped off his shorts and fucked my brains out for over an hour. Afterwards Jim turned to me and said "Barb, how about we teach Brad what he needs to know. I mean I will talk with him and you can show him, that is if you are alright with that."

"You know Jim, I don't see why not. If Brad is receptive to it then I'm all for it. As a matter of fact I wish I had someone to teach me when I was younger then maybe I wouldn't have been so uptight until I hit 30."

"OK, it's a deal. I'll speak to Brad on Friday and see what he says."

On Friday Jim and Brad went out for a pizza and a beer while Jo and I went to a movie. Jo and I have always been close and she loves to kid around. We got to talking and I let it slip about what Jim was talking to Brad about and the problem Brad was having. Jo's eyes lit up and her mouth dropped open. It was several minutes before she could speak.

"Mom, so you are going to help Brad? Damn, if I had know what the problem was I would have been glad to help. I mean, I don't have a lot of experience but I would be patient with him."

"Jo, he's your brother."

"So what, he's your son."

"I see your point. Well I have an idea. Why don't we both help. I'll ask you dad and if he doesn't mind then we both can help Brad."

"Sounds good to me. But since your going to help Brad then would you mind if dad teaches me a couple of things? Like I said I'm not all that experienced either."

"Well this is not exactly what I had in mind Jo, but I'll leave that up to him. After all it was his idea for me to help Brad."

"Great mom, what do you say we surprise them when they get home?"

"Sounds good to me Jo, lets get out of here."

And off we went back home to get ready for the night ahead.

"Brad, your mom talked to me about your problem and we understand. As a matter of fact I had the same problem when I was your age. Luckily I met your mom but there are no guarantees in life. What I'm trying to say is that we think we can help."

"OK dad, do you want me to read a book or see a shrink?"

"No, I'm sure you have read enough books and I don't see a shrink helping with this problem. What we had in mind is your mom and I helping you."


"Well, I will talk you though what a man does and your mom, well she is demonstrate and give you a woman's perspective. That is if you are willing to do this."

"Wow, I didn't expect this. I guess it would be all right. I mean, well, yea. That is if you and mom don't mind."

"Son, your mom and I have talked about this and we feel it is the safest and best way we know to help. So if you're ready lets get out of here and head home. I'm sure your mom is waiting by now."

So off they went, heading home where Jo and I had already started to get ready. Brad and Jim entered the house and went straight to the bedroom. Jo and I were just putting the finishing touches on when they entered.

"Barb? Are you here? Jo, what are you doing here?"

"Dad, Brad, Hi. Mom and I are just getting ready for the two of you."

"Getting ready for what Jo?"

"To help Brad of course dad. Mom told me all about it and I think it's wonderful. I even asked if you could show me a few things and she said that was up to you. It is OK with you isn't it dad?"

"Yea, I guess. Barb? Is this OK with you honey?"

I entered the bedroom from the bath dressed in my most sexy long gown. I could see Brad's eyes about to pop out of his head as he stared at me. What intrigued him most was the split in my panties and my full ripe tits poking out of the top of the gown. Jim spoke almost instantly.

"Well I guess I don't have to ask again. It looks like the two of you are ready. Why don't Brad and I break open a bottle of our best wine while you two ladies finish up. Brad, lets go. It looks like it is going to be a great night."

Brad and Jim left while Jo and finished up. Jo wore a very, very short teddy with see through thong panties. I could tell she was getting excited by the way her nipples were getting hard.

"Jo, how many men have you been with if you don't mind me asking?"

"No mom, I don't mind. Actually, none. I have been with one other girl a few times after practice in the shower but that's it."

"A girl? You mean you're gay?"

"No, just curious. I haven't met any guys that turn me on except for dad and Brad. I think both of them are hunks."

"Well that's a relief. But I have to agree with you there about your father and Brad. I guess we'd better go before they give up on us."

Jo and I walked into the den to admiring eyes. Jim had our wine ready and gave us both a glass. I could tell both he and Brad were ready from the lumps in the front of their pants. It certainly appeared that Brad was just like his father.

We talked about why we were here. Both Jo and Brad understood and agreed that this was not to leave this house under any circumstances. We also talked with them about commitment, love and passion. About family and of course sex. After we had covered everything Jim and I could think of Jo broke the ice and said: "Dad, can you show me what a read man looks like. I have only seen boys and to tell you the truth I wasn't impressed."

Jim smiled, rose from the couch and started taking off his cloths. Brad was sitting on the edge of his seat when I told him that he should also get undressed. Brad stripped before Jim could finish. I was impressed, he was his father's son. Maybe just a hair bigger. I told Brad to come to me as Jo stood to go to her father. I stood in front of Brad and told him to take it slow and let me show him what to do. I looked over at Jim because I knew he wanted to help instruct Brad but he had his hands full. Well maybe next time he could help instruct him.

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