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Lexi Classified Ch. 00

by bellalisashy 02/14/18


Lexi's parents divorced when she and her brother David were babies. Growing up, she had a tumultuous relationship with both of her parents. She resided all of her preteen years with her prudish mother, Yvonne. At thirteen, and on the outs with her mother, Lexi went to live with her father, Malcolm. Malcolm had never been a full time father before. He was hard on her at times having been a military man all of his life. That was the only way he knew. The first year of high school he made her ride a public school bus even when her friend's mother or friends were willing to drive her. He justified it since his tax dollars paid for it, so she had to use it. He made her make her bed every morning. She was never allowed to sleep late on the weekends. He would wake her to do her chores due to his regimented mentality. To this day, Lexi refuses to make her bed unless she's expecting company.

Malcolm was not married at the time Lexi first came to live with him. They lived in a single wide trailer. He had already married and divorced four times. Malcolm was very much a man whore. He gravitated to younger women. They satisfied his extreme sexual hunger. He fucked anything that walked. He liked to fuck often. He would bounce from girlfriend to girlfriend, most of them much younger than he. He was often physically abusive to the women in his life. He also drank heavily, partying, and then coming home drunk. He was often rough with Lexi. Lexi was intimidated by his anger.

Malcolm's youngest concubine was Sheila. Sheila was only nineteen at the time she began dating Malcolm. She was bartending at a local dive bar where Malcolm often hung out. That's how they met. She was only a year older than Lexi. Malcolm and Sheila kept their relationship secret due to her age. When Sheila turned twenty they made their relationship public. Sheila wasn't officially living with Lexi and Malcolm, although she stayed over most of the time. Sheila and Lexi had a fun relationship since they were so close in age.

Lexi was not used to her father being tied down. Nor was she used to having his girlfriend stay over. Early one morning she walked through her father's closed bedroom door. There were no rules thus far about those kinds of boundaries. Malcolm often preached a liberal philosophy when it came to being comfortable with nudity. Lexi could tell that Malcolm was on top of Sheila under the covers. He was fucking her. He was thrusting up and down, while sinking his cock in and out of Sheila. They both flinched when Lexi walked through the door and Malcolm immediately stopped. He turned and faced the door. The expression on his face was as if he was annoyed. Embarrassed, Lexi quickly turned away, closed the door and left. She quickly went to the front of the trailer. She would not escape Malcolm's climax.

Sheila was embarrassed and wanted Malcolm to stop. Lexi's entrance had killed the mood for her. Malcolm was viral with his sexuality. There would be no stopping him from finishing his mission. Back in the living room, Lexi felt the trailer shake. Malcolm proceeded to fuck Sheila hard. He needed to cum. Sheila laid there with her legs parted. Sheila felt embarrassed for Lexi as Malcolm finished cuming inside her. He fucked her harder and faster, with no regard for how she felt, treating her like a common whore. He eventually came hard inside her. Lexi could feel the entire trailer shake when he came inside of Sheila. Lexi felt embarrassed about her naivety. Lexi went to her room and closed the door. She crawled into her bed. They never spoke of the awkward encounter.

Malcolm's and Sheila's relationship eventually ended. Malcolm would continue to go out drinking, partying, and fucking young women. The partying included weekends while boating. Lexi was present during many of those times, witnessing her father's liberal personality. Lexi's breasts had fully developed before she came to live with Malcolm. Malcolm would often pinch her nipples making her extremely uncomfortable. Malcolm was in between girlfriends for a while at that point and he was very lonely. He needed sex more frequently than most men. Most of his relationships had been about the sex and only the sex. Although, at times, he pushed the boundaries of inappropriateness with Lexi, he never fully acted on his inappropriate thoughts, until late one night. By now, Lexi had turned eighteen and Malcom had noticed.

Malcolm came home late from drinking and went to his room. He stripped all of his clothes off and then went into Lexi's room naked. By now Malcolm had been single for months without a regular stream of sex. He was desperate to sink his cock into a woman - any woman - even his own daughter. He crawled into Lexi's bed and lay next to her. He was breathing heavy. He leaned over Lexi and ran his hand up under her night shirt caressing her breasts. He rubbed her nipples and gently twisted them trying to wake her. Lexi barely moved. Lexi's arm was by her side and Malcolm placed his erect penis inside Lexi's fingers. He tightened her grip around his raging hard cock and began to gently thrust back and forth trying to reach an orgasm.

As Malcolm thrusted his cock into Lexi's grip, he began to rub his hand down toward Lexi's pussy. Malcolm managed to get his hand inside of Lexi's panties and started rubbing her clit. He began to finger her pussy with ease. At that very moment, Malcolm realized that his daughter's cherry had been previously popped. Malcolm was both disgusted and turned on by the fact that his daughter was no longer a virgin. What Malcolm didn't know at that time was that Lexi, as a young girl, had run into the woods and had fallen on her sneaker, ripping her hymen and deflowering herself. Malcolm immediately began analyzing the situation to determine if he had an opportunity to fuck Lexi. Malcolm became more and more obsessed about Lexi's loss of virginity. He continued to gently finger her. Malcolm pulled his finger from Lexi's pussy and put it into his mouth sucking her juices.

Lexi woke up to Malcolm naked with his hand inside her panties, leaning over her in her bed. He had been caressing and kissing her. He had put Lexi's hand on his erect penis, wanting her to touch him and rub him. He reeked of alcohol. As a young, inexperienced girl, Lexi was scared. She was so scared that she jumped up and over Malcolm to get out of her bed. She ran out of her room and down the hall into the living room. She pleaded with Malcolm to leave her room and go to his own bed. Malcolm left Lexi's room and went back to his own. Lexi returned to hers. They never spoke of this awkward evening ever again. What were Malcolm's intentions? What would have happened, had Lexi not woken up? What would have happened had she not resisted him?

Lexi's relationship with Malcolm remained tumultuous as she got older. She moved out at nineteen. She would never move home. Throughout adulthood she had an on-again off-again relationship with Malcolm. As she got older, she resented her father for being so hard on her. She enjoyed being able to talk to him aggressively, as if she was on a level playing field with him now.

Oddly enough at age forty nine, Lexi began to fondly reminisce about certain memories from that early stage of her life. She began to have very unnatural, yet loving fantasies. She recalled her father's fondness for younger women. She recalled having walked in on Malcolm and Sheila fucking. The visual of him towering above Sheila, in between her parted legs had left an impression on Lexi that sexually turned her on now that she was older. The way Malcolm was entering Sheila repeatedly very much intrigued Lexi. In retrospect, Lexi would fantasize as if she was underneath Malcolm, receiving his United States Marine Corp cock inside her pussy.

Lexi knew it was wrong, but she could not help the nasty thoughts that were entering her mind. She felt no shame as long as those taboo thoughts remained private. She was her father's daughter. He was to blame for her new sexual lust. Lexi would fantasize about exploring her sexuality with her daddy. Malcolm being a viral, sexual person, needed pussy often to feel satisfied. The way that Malcolm would pinch Lexi's nipples and blow it off like it was normal, left her often wondering if he longed for her sexually.

Years later Lexi would recall that moment when her father was fucking Sheila. Lexi would fantasize that it was her that Malcolm was fucking instead of Sheila. Lexi would also recall when Malcolm fingered her pussy when she turned eighteen years old. She would now get incredibly horny by these thoughts. She remained intrigued at the thought of her viral father being so lonely that he wanted his young, tender daughter in such an unnatural way. She longed for the delicious moment that Malcolm finally took her - when she had no control - like during her sleep. Lexi would lustfully fantasize about Malcolm being tender and rough while fucking her.

Malcolm continued to have impure thoughts about Lexi as well. He would often reminisce about fingering Lexi and coming to the realization that she was no longer a virgin. He despised her for it, yet he also wanted her for it in a sexual way.

Neither had any idea what was about to unfold.

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