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Lexi Classified Ch. 03

by bellalisashy 02/21/18

Chapter 3: Daddy Crosses the Boundary


The following Friday it was Christmas weekend. Lexi called her father to see what his plans were for the holiday weekend. Since Nancy had no imminent travel plans, Malcolm had been picking arguments with her throughout the prior week, hoping she would leave, enabling him to invite his daughter to visit him privately once again. Nancy angrily left home Thursday evening and told Malcolm that she would be staying with her daughter for the Christmas weekend. Malcolm reluctantly divulged to Lexi that he and Nancy had been arguing. He conveniently left out the part about him instigating the arguments. His behavior was driven by his desperation to see his daughter privately. Malcolm eagerly invited Lexi to come down and stay. He knew she would be off work the following Monday, as it was the Christmas holiday. He played the jilted lover card, expressing his sadness, preying on his daughter's good heart. Lexi, having no plans, and feeling sorry for her father, reluctantly agreed to come down and stay for the long weekend. .

Lexi took her time packing and getting ready to go. By the time she arrived at her father's place it was late evening, around 10:00 pm. Malcolm greeted Lexi at the door with a vodka and tonic. His eyes were red and glassy. He was energetic, and Lexi could tell he was already drunk. Lexi entered the toasty room. The wood burning stove was roaring. She arrived wearing a floor length maxi dress with no bra or panties. She wore flip flops on her feet. She had a coat on that she immediately shed when she entered the house. Lexi grabbed the cocktail from Malcolm's hand and proceeded to get a buzz.

While consuming drinks Lexi began to notice that her father's eyes were fixated on her breasts. She ignored him as best she could and proceeded to down several more mixed drinks, trying to catch up with his buzz. They watched comedy news and had many laughs together. A while later Malcolm put in a DVD of the last Star Wars movie. Throughout the movie, Malcolm would weirdly digress to his religious tirades. Lexi knew to just ignore him. Worn out from listening to him trying to relate everything about the movie to his personal conspiracy theories, she announced she was going to bed. When she stood up, Malcolm was right behind her. He reached up from behind and tugged one of Lexi's nipples and laughed. Lexi pushed Malcolm away as he laughed off her rejection. He reminded her that it was no big deal. He made her feel prudish for not allowing him to touch her in that way.

Malcolm watched as Lexi retired to Nancy's room. He rubbed his cock as he fantasized about fucking her. He had been able to finger her without her knowing. He was consumed with intimate fantasies about fucking her. He was no longer interested in licking and sucking her tits. His obsession with fucking her superseded any of his other interests.

Lexi took her medication and was asleep within an hour. Malcolm settled onto the couch and proceeded to jack off. After twenty minutes of trying, Malcolm still could not cum. Malcolm had been jacking off quite a bit lately, catapulting his sexual stamina to a whole new level. He knew he needed to touch Lexi's clit so he would be able to cum. He wandered into Nancy's room where Lexi contently slept. She was on her back, making it easy for him to spread her legs. He pulled the sheet back and spread her legs far apart. He climbed between her legs and began to lick her clit once again. He licked her clit for twenty minutes then began to insert his tongue inside the opening of her pussy. He felt her move and he immediately stopped. Five minutes later he resumed. As he continued to lick her cunt he realized it was still not enough to get him to orgasm. He inserted his finger inside her. He started moving it in and out of her. He kept trying to imagine that it was his cock inside her. When he felt his cock swell and ready to cum, he pulled his finger out of her. Not bothering to cover Lexi with the sheet, Malcolm immediately crawled out of the bed and departed to the living room. There he could freely enjoy his ejaculation. Once back on the living room couch, Malcolm pumped his cock to orgasm. His orgasm was blissfully intense.

Only an hour later, Malcolm was still awake. He continued to obsess over Lexi's pussy. It was 12:00 am and he lay there, frustrated, strategizing and fantasizing about fucking her. He started to fondle himself. As his cock grew hard Malcolm became more frustrated. He stroked it fast and hard trying to cum but he couldn't. Another half hour later and still drunk, he was desperate. He returned to Nancy's room intent on satisfying his sexual hunger using his own daughter.

It was 2:30 am when Malcolm arrived in Nancy's bedroom. There lay Lexi, still on her back, with an open invitation to her juicy pussy. Malcolm crawled into the bed between her legs. He immediately put his tongue to her clit and began to lick it. He began to insert his tongue inside her pussy. All Malcolm could think about was sinking his hard cock inside Lexi's juicy pussy. He needed to make sure that Lexi would not wake up. He knew there was lubricant inside Nancy's bedside table. He sat up and reached over and opened the bedside drawer. He grabbed the lubricant. He poured it generously down the front of Lexi's pussy. He massaged it over her clit and into the opening of her pussy with his fingers. He rubbed his hard cock with the lubricant and readied himself. He placed the bottle of lubricant on the bedside table.

Malcolm leaned forward. He slowly slid his hard, lubricated cock into Lexi's lubricated pussy, hoping she would never know. Malcolm pressed the head of his lubricated cock just inside the lips of Lexi's pussy. His raunchy desires over shadowed any remaining feelings of shame or guilt. He progressed slowly trying not to wake Lexi. He was only able to barely get inside her and he was ready to explode. He moved stealth like, until he had pushed his hard cock all the way inside Lexi's pussy. As Malcolm reached her cervical wall he almost panicked. Her pussy felt greater than he could have ever imagined. The warmth and softness of her pussy enveloped his cock. He knew he would never be able to top that very moment. He knew that he might wake her, especially if he tried to reach orgasm. He knew he could be rather rough during uninhibited sex, because that's how he liked it. He knew he might lose control. He rested still for several minutes before gently pulling his cock out of Lexi. Malcolm knew he could not cum while in between Lexi's legs. Should he wake her, he would expose himself and his rape crime.

Malcolm gently, but quickly crawled out of the bed and retreated the kitchen to do three more shots of bourbon. Mission penetration was accomplished. He went to the living room couch where he proceeded to masturbate. With only five strokes of his hard, lubricated cock, he watched, as it fully unloaded. Cum spilled all down the outside of his hand. After Malcolm finished, he quickly cleaned up and turned in to go to sleep. He laid there feeling amazed that he was able to slide his cock inside Lexi's pussy. He was intrigued that she didn't know. Malcolm knew he was very well endowed and Lexi's pussy was tight. It was a feeling like no other. Beyond that point, nothing less would satisfy Malcolm sexually, other than having his cock inside of Lexi's pussy. He obsessed for the next hour about how he could get inside her pussy again. He drank more shots of bourbon as he masturbated several times throughout the next hour. Malcolm was able to cum several more times with only the memory of his cock being inside Lexi. He finally drifted off to sleep. He slept contently until the next morning.


Lexi woke up late the next morning expecting to smell breakfast, but instead she smelled sex. She also felt as though she had been fucked. Her pussy felt lubricated and also stimulated. She reached down and touched herself. She was really wet. She saw the open bottle of lubricant on the bedside table. She assumed that she had lubricated herself during her buzzed stupor. She immediately put the bottle away, not wanting her father to know she had used it. She would be embarrassed for him to know that she had masturbated using Nancy's lubricant. Lexi stayed in bed for a while before she decided to get up. She got up and immediately went to the bathroom to shower.

Malcom woke up while Lexi was in the shower. He was still very drunk and horny. He immediately began to strategize as to when and how he would next sink his cock inside Lexi. He even fantasized about fucking her in the shower. His big head was pounding, but his little head was also throbbing. He stayed on the couch until Lexi came into the living room. Lexi had dressed herself in a sheer tank, panties and her father's big shirt, before making her entrance into the living room. When she arrived in the living room, Malcolm remembered he had left the lubricant on the bed side table. He began to panic. He excused himself telling Lexi he had to pee. He stuck his head just past the bedroom door and saw no sign of the bottle. He went on to pee trying to appear normal. He knew she must have put it away. Malcolm wondered if Lexi knew that he had violated her.

Malcolm came back into the kitchen and began making them cocktails. A couple of hours and several cocktails later, they were both inebriated. They were both yawning on the couch, needing a nap. Malcolm got up to make one last cocktail for them both. He went to the bedroom and took out three of Lexi's gabapentin capsules from her makeup bag. She never knew that he even left the kitchen. Malcolm was so horny that he was beginning to get impatient. He was beginning to get desperate. He needed Lexi to go back to bed and back to sleep, so he could get inside her pussy. He was willing to drug her to make that happen.

Malcolm was determined to make love to Lexi. He was determined to fuck her. At this point, nothing would get in his way. Malcolm knew how Lexi's medication dosages affected her, especially when they were mixed with alcohol. He pulled each of the three capsules apart sprinkling the powder loosely into Lexi's drink. He stirred it until it was fully dissolved. He tasted it and was convinced she would never know. He brought her drink to her and sat down beside her, finishing his own cocktail. He soon noticed Lexi beginning to yawn. She was getting sleepy. Malcolm knew it wouldn't be long before his cock was comfortably inside Lexi's warm, luscious pussy. Malcolm laid his head back as he recalled the time when he discovered Lexi was no longer a virgin and how bad he wanted Lexi at such a vulnerable age. He recalled every detail of their past encounters. He recounted how it felt when the head of his penis barely entered the opening of Lexi's pussy. It was pleasantly tight. He remembered when the head of his penis rested against Lexi's cervical wall. The warmth and the wetness from her pussy felt so soothing to his rock hard cock. The pleasure he felt when he pulled his cock out of her was more than he could have ever imagined. Malcolm's sexual thoughts were disrupted when Lexi announce she was headed to bed to take a nap. He responded, "Sweet dreams, babe." Malcolm knew his cock would be inside Lexi within an hour.

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