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Life with My Step-Daughter Ch. 10

by herdad 12/22/08

I no longer cared about our audience and rose up a little and my half hard dick slid in Liz's very hot and wet snatch. Excitedly Eve said, "Hot damn... Liz you're fucking your step-dad... old man you're fucking your step-daughter."

Liz and I paid no attention to Eve and reunited our affair in a very loving way. I doubted if I could cum again so I gently just rocked back and forth inside my step-daughter. We had just witnessed each other doing things which we never mentioned to each other. Even though Liz had seen me get fucked before by Eve on the video, this time she witnessed it first hand and even joined in.

And for me, Liz had told me she and Eve had made love before, but I had never thought that in their own words – Liz was a whore.

I could tell Liz was close to cumming and she gripped down on my cock with her pussy. Both of us stared at each other and fought the temptation to say anything. Our words were meant just for each other.

But Eve spoke for each of us. "Does your daddy's cock feel good in you?" Liz stared at me and shook her head in approval. Then she asked me if my step-daughter had a tight pussy. I, too, shook my head with approval. "Come on old man, fill her with your cum."

I couldn't keep quiet any longer as my ass rocked harder and I pounded my meat into my step-daughter. I looked Liz in the eyes and told Eve, "She may be your whore, but she's my slut."

Eve let out a laugh and said, "Did you hear that Liz? He called you his slut!"

Liz never broke her stare with me and said, "I am his slut and only his slut." That was it for me – my semi-hard cock managed to spit out another load in her pussy and she said, "Fill me daddy... fill me with your cum."

I began to come back down to earth and Liz and I resumed our kissing. My train of thought was broken when Eve gave my butt a light tap. "Did you just cum inside your step-daughter?" Liz and I broke our kiss and we both shook our heads yes.

It was the first time either of us had looked at Eve since we got our tongues out of her. She sat in the chair, with her clothes back on and a little in shock. She asked, "How long have you two been doing this?"

Liz smiled and said, "Daddy's a good man... who has been way too lonely. I'm making sure he doesn't cheat on mom."

Eve shook her head and said, "You two are nuts! Anyone else know about this?"

Liz quickly answered, "No! And it better stay that way. If you told anyone then the only one who would be hurt would be mom."

Still laying on top of Liz, my limp cock stayed warm in her pussy, I began to think of all the ramifications for us if Eve shot her mouth off. I think she saw my fear and said, "Don't worry old man, it will be our little secret." She got up to leave, heading for the backyard gate. She turned around and waved and said, "Thanks Lizzy, we'll have to do this again real soon."

We both stared at Eve as she walked away. And I thought that underneath those baggie clothes was a top notch ass. Liz asked me if I'd like to make love to Eve. I said, "No, I only want to make love to you and maybe someday to your mom. But I'd love to fuck her."

Liz smiled, broke her arms free from around my neck and went down and playfully slapped my ass and said, "It would be neat if we could get mom into our sessions."

It was a hell of a thought, but if Beth knew what I was doing, I thought I'd be out the door. I said, "Yeah, it would be neat but I doubt it would ever happen."

A couple of more playful spanks on my butt and Liz said, "Give me time daddy. We're both going to make love to mom. Now let's get back inside before your white ass gets sun burned."

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