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Lilith Of Fire and Brimstone Ch. 11

by PlasticJane 07/05/10

This story inspired by the writings of MonikerSmith and XXXecil

Chapter 11 -- A Demons End

*This Chapter is more story than erotic so please do not get mad at me!

The elite holy servants of the Decretum Daemon Venator entered the lobby of Lilith's building, each chanting words of power from a ten thousand year old dead language. The building vibrated as the Venators holy spell assaulted the demon portal.

Inside Lilith's bedroom, the portal appeared visible to the naked human eye; it is swirling red with the fires of the abyss visible on the other side. Intense heat and vicious gases from the abyss with its much higher-pressure atmosphere surged through into the human world igniting the bed and rooms curtains. The Venators (hunters), begun rushing the stairs heading directly for Lilith's apartment.

Maephrogh was toying with a soul from the pit, a perverse but common past time of demons. He wove a particularly rare and powerful spell of utterly unspeakable pain, which had taken him five thousand years to master. He could now do it without actually annihilating the soul itself in the process. The soul once known as Lee screamed in agony as Maephrogh suddenly felt something wrong.

An abomination of holy energy surrounded him in his own domain. It wracked him with pain, real demon pain he felt himself pulled, summoned by vile holiness as he disappeared. He came through his own swirling portal in Lilith's bedroom, for which he is bound.

He flew out backwards, followed by a violent flame as he crashed into a wall. His body smashed the room's window, with its burning curtains. The red swirling demon portal flashed and turned blue. It warped the light around it, making the room itself appear to be wobbling, as it snapped shut, sealed trapping Maephrogh.

Maephrogh was shocked, long ago the forces of the abyss and light ended open battle between demon and angel on the Earth's surface with an agreement. Both had the human equivalent of an arm's agreement, restricting access to Earth, and forcing strict rules on weapons.


Only once every seven years, could the Queen of the Abyss or the Light of God, open a tear to earth using ancient timeless power and the intense desperation or faith of a human.

God had not opened any portals, or sent any Archangels to aid humanity for a little over two thousand years. The humans, it seemed were left on their own and had continued the fight with surprising ferocity, earning some although never admitted to respect from the Abyss.

However, the Abyss was relentless and had been slowly winning a war of hearts and minds for the last two thousand years. The humans would slow it down sometimes, but the Abyss always managed to deal a blow every so often, tricking millions to turn on each other.

The humans, at least initially, were often only too happy in marching to their committal of mortal sins. The 20th century had been an especially good century, not since the plagues had the Abyss had so many successes. Its pit had been well fed and its ranks had swelled.

The Queen of the Abyss did not want to risk open conflict on Earth, even though she was sure her forces could more than overwhelm the humans and gods forces combined easily. She had still adhered to the rules, so far.

Perhaps, due ironically to paranoia over god's suspicious silence, the Abyss suspected it was all a ruse, to goad them into breaking the agreement. She feared with the Abyss lunching a full on assault by leaving the Abyss and then exposing themselves to being annihilated, by a possible and much feared unknown holy weapon.

Demon spawn, those from the loins of the Queen herself, such as Maephrogh were restricted to the immediate summon area. The same restriction applied to god's archangels. Only the reborn such as Lilith and Mary, those who were already of the Earth, could move freely on the Earth's surface. The Abyss loathed closing an open portal due to this reason.

It is a weakness the Venators often use against the Abyss, to slay demon spawn. When an open portal was found, within its maximum life of thirteen days.


Maephrogh recovered from his blow as he arose to his hooves, he spotted the beautiful demonic curves and heaving breasts of Lilith. She was lying in the lounge room. She was starting to stir, after collapsing from coming out of her fight with Daniéle second best.

Her beginners luck, once again showing, since she was only the second demon out of hundreds to survive a battle with her. Daniéle considering herself retired did not count it as official. She would rather have her soul burn then taint her near-perfect record now especially with a young inexperienced demon such as Lilith.

Lilith managed to get to her hooves; she felt her hip its curved soft black grey skin showed no hint of a wound from Daniéle's bullet, although deep inside an ache continued. She spotted her Master Maephrogh in her room and begun to say "Mast..." just as her door was kicked in.

Lilith terrified it was Daniéle coming to finish her off hissed and with demonic speed, using a combination of her claws and an unnatural demonic power, leaped as a rune bullet whizzed by she crawled up the wall and along the ceiling. Two more pistol shots slammed into the walls and ceiling one after another right behind her.

She leaped from the ceiling with surprising speed directly into the hunters sending two smashing into floor. She hissed her long demon tongue at the two standing in the doorway, her claws on her left hand lengthened to 6". She was about to stab them into a hunter she had pinned down when she heard the now very familiar sound to her of another rune pistol cocking. In a blur of speed, she leaped from the hunter as a bullet penetrated the now empty air. She gripped onto a wall and crawled along it as two more shots smashed into a picture of Lilith's human family beside her.

Maephrogh now understood the hunters had found them. He watched, helplessly trapped in Lilith's room. The summoning area, unable to assist his disciple, his youngest child, or reopen his portal to escape for some time.

He bellowed to his Lilith, his child to flee. A Masters order he did not want to see her slain so young. Lilith hesitated, she did not want to abandon her Master, but she was bound to him his blood his corruption flowed inside her. She was irresistibly compelled to obey her Master; Lilith smashed through her balcony sliding doors, and leaped over the rails extending her black leathery demon wings. Another pistol shot cracked from behind putting a hole in her leathery right wing as she fled into the darkening red sky of a cold evening.

The demon hunters annoyed at her escape, turned their attention to the trapped demon. They recognised him immediately as the eight thousand year old demon lord Maephrogh the destroyer of virgins. Maephrogh's red bulk rippled as he filled with rage, his height increasing from 10' to 14'. Large scales emerged over his red demon skin and large sharp horns over his body, as his claws grew even sharper, and extended to 1', he prepared for battle. He roared in an inhuman animal voice straight from the abyss with the heat of a furnace burning from inside "I am going to fuck you all up!"

The demon hunters ignoring the demons threat, closed in. Maephrogh did a simple deception he swung his massive clawed weapon's a touch slower and a foot shorter of what he could actually do. Soon enough one inexperienced hunter fell for the trick as Maephrogh suddenly swung much faster and directly at him, he failed to dodge it, as Maephrogh's 1' claws ripped through his shoulder impaling him. He lifted him off his feet, and brought the screaming hunter closer.

Maephrogh stabbed his other clawed hand into the man's upper right thigh, as his demon cock rapidly swelled past 4' to 6' long and 2' thick. Maephrogh brought the screaming man's body up into the air as he slammed the screaming hunter's ass down onto his massive demon cock, ripping through his body smashing through his bones and internal organs.

The cock head ripped through the man's throat causing his head to become partially decapitated, as vile black demon seed spewed from the stump. His head flailing attached by a remaining connection of neck skin as his chest glowed orange. His soul was ripped, into the grunting Maephrogh's cock, and cast to the Abyss for eternal pain.

Maephrogh in his eight thousand years of pure evil had never issued a single threat he only gave promises. The destroyed hunter's body, simply split down the middle, both sides sliding off the demon's hard cock. His happening to have been a virgin was just a coincidence.

Even the experienced hunter's, who had faced evil many times, could not help but take an uneasy step back at this sight. A demon spawn, especially a lord encounter, was always a little bit more violent than a reborn encounter. They were now thankful it was far less common. Their enthusiasm, for the honour of slaying a demon lord declining.

Regaining their composure and now having sized up the demon's true speed and reach the hunters circled again, there ancient swirled rune covered swords drawn. The special swords passed from one generation of hunters to the next. The secret to forging a gift from god lost thanks to the Abyss's efforts during the dark ages was the only weapon humanity had that could actually slay a demon.

They thrust the swords at Maephrogh forcing him to block with his armoured scales as they swiftly dodged and moved around him. The hunters being more agile then the bulky demon seemed to be swarming around him attempting to divert Maephrogh's attention, as another would get behind unseen for a thrust into his less plated sides. Their swords now glowing a dark blue with the presence of the demon's unbelievable corruption.

One however was not quiet fast enough recovering from dodging a swing as the follow up connected with his back, Maephrogh roared as he swung the hunter smashing him into the wall rupturing organs breaking bones. Another hunter took the opening to thrust his sword deep into Maephrogh's left side burying it as the swords runes caused it to spin and bury deeper, its magic sucking Maephrogh's strength and numbing him.

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