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Lord of the Rings: Legolas

by My Erotic Tail 04/26/04


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Lord of the Rings: Legolas and the Ring of Passion

The sounding surf was deafening that graced the beaches of Triten Bay. Waves crashed at the water's break and white swells rolled. The wind whispered as it passed in constant sandy gusts.

Lying on the sand, face turned slightly from the water's splash, Legolas swayed in the ocean's edge. Unconscious, he floated to a halt on the morning sun's beach. Slight surges from the sea's surf pressed him to land a bit more.

Lying lifeless on the sand with his Bow tightly fisted in his grasp. His breathing shallow and movement none. Soaked from the sea his clothes clung to him. His quiver still attached and half full of long feathered arrows.

The sound of four feet on wet sand came near. Legolas raised his head ankle high and let out a powerful sigh. The gracious beauty of a leg, with a thin chain of silver and a little red stone, churned his desire in a moment's glance. The sweet foot's big toe had a gold band around it. His body went limp, passing out again. His eyes closed to the sight of four bare feet nearby.


His eyes opened to the sun's blinding light through a round window. Turning his head to shield his sight he saw a beautiful Maiden at his side, knitting. Her head darted in surprise as Legolas arose. She jumped to her feet and ran to the door, shouting in a language not known to this elfin.

Legolas stirred but his body was too weak. Sitting up proper was such a strain. He settled for upright when he felt he was not clothed. Pulling the covers to him tight, he glanced around for his belongings. The room was of living but strange things were throughout. Odd shaped glass and chairs of twining branch and vine. Doors and round windows and arches throughout the structured room. A plush cushion bed which he lay upon with a thick cover quilt and pillows full of feathers.

The maiden returned quickly with a man of red hair. Giant in size and wearing green, yet his words seemed gentle as a lamb, "Org oh zine?"

"I'm sorry I do not understand," Legolas struggled to say. His throat was parched and the sea salt taste was still strong.

"Bine yu fot un," The giant man with red hair and green clothes spat.

Legolas gripped his throat and pointed at it. The beautiful blonde haired maiden quickly poured a mug of liquid and handed it to Legolas. She then settled behind the giant again, peering out from behind him with silken skin and softening eyes.

Legolas smiled at her pretty facial charm and drank from the goblet's rim. His eyes squinted from the sun's shining beam. The sun's rays were burst through the round window as if the design were intent. The spotlight aimed to cover only the bed. Peering was the giant of hair that was auburn-red.

His hands on his hips and speaking in a foreign tongue seem so distant from the glances Legolas made at the fair maiden he was drawn to. A slight smile to her he gave. The giant man began to rant and rave. "Peen don fi ni," He yelled.

"I am Legolas, my father was Thanduil, of the Sindarin Elves of the woodland realm. My friends and I are on a quest with the Hobbit who keeps the ring." Legolas managed his words and drank again. His eyes like magnets drawn to the maiden's beauty.

"Hon di quin," the giant man shouted as he turned to leave. The round door shut and the maiden just stood. Her eyes were of big pearls with soft blue spots. Waves in her hair that twisted and curled. Only heightened by her upward smile on rosy red lips. Her fingers were adorned with many rings shiny. As was her earrings of large ovals made of silver and gold. Her standing was long but her looks were longer.

Legolas placed his goblet down next to the bed. Turning his head he slighted a smile to the maiden of beauty. She returned the glow in her facial expression. Finally she sat back in her chair of intertwined vines and went back to her knitting. She began a humming delight that took Legolas's fancy. Her eyes darted his way with short comforting smiles.

"My mother used to sing when I was but a nymph in size," Legolas prized. His smile grew as her tune relaxed the muscles and tension that the situation demised. She hummed with such charm that Legolas settled deeper in his bedding's plain.

His thoughts began racing as the body settled. "What of Gimli and Aragorn?" He questioned quietly. "We have survived and fought in the battle of Hornburg. After the War of the Ring, we journeyed, Gimli and I to visit the Glittering Caves and Fangorn Forest. In the Year 120 FO, after the death of Aragorn, I sailed over the sea, taking Gimli the dwarf with me."

"We have fought in the Battle of the Pelennor Fields; while in Gondor. The battle of all battles we fought the War of the Ring." Legolas turned to the maiden with clinched fist and gritting teeth. Intensely recalling his endeavors.

The Maiden rose and stepped yet slightly floating to his bed side and reaching out she took his fist and gently wrapped her long soft fingers around his hand. Legolas's worries melted like ice in the sun. His soul seemed recharged with love and joy. Her tender touch electrified and grew warm. Her eyes closed as she hummed one long tone.

Legolas drifted into another realm of mental plains. The clouds seem to uphold him while gently holding his hand was the maiden. He interlaced his fingers in hers as he pulled her close to his lips. Her finger from her other hand laid softly upon them. He kissed it just the same but with a slight confused and puzzled look.

Her finger pointed in front of them as he looked below the cloudy floor. There in a field was Gimli, chasing the youth of a village in playful jests. Legolas smiled at the vision.

"Your friend is well and intriguing," the sound filled Legolas's head but not his ears for the sound was telepathic. The maiden's lips never moved only smiled enchantingly. Gripping each others hands lightly and sensually. Binding together and nearing each other.

The maiden leaned slowly, her eyes remaining open, and kissed Legolas upon the lips lightly. He returned her motion and kissed her back with passion and haste. Tightly, their hand's and finger's grasp became stronger. The curly hair maiden pulled back slightly from his lips and looked down through the swirling clouds. Legolas looked down then back at the Maiden that now had closed her eyes and was chanting.

The color went from green of a brightly grassed meadow to a swirling blue of light and dark. White streaks swirled in as if clouds circled the color until the focus became clearer of an ocean swell of a raging sea. The large boulder darted before Legolas in the thick fog. The sound of crushing hull and splintered wood. Then bodies scattered throughout the sea bobbing, floating, and cries of distressed men.

The boat quickly submerged and people swam to the nearest floating device. Legolas saw himself holding fast to a small drifting plank. Then the beach with the surf pounding him before pushing him gently to shore. The ankle seem so close that had a silver chain and a red stone. There was before him the toe with gold band. The tightening of her hand made him glance into her eyes. She gave a slight smile then her jest to look down again as she closed her eyes tight.

Legolas looked down at the Maiden's ankle and saw the chain dangling on her with a flash of reflection from the red stone. The Maiden opened her eyes and smiled at the elf. His heart became enflamed with her glance of seduction which came just before her lips enveloped his.

Their hands separated as they pulled to each other and embraced. Legolas felt a change as he looked and saw the puffy quilt over him and the Maiden in the bed with no sun beaming down. Her bare leg ran along his as her smile grew and the warmth from her body was comforting. The feel of metal made him curiously raise the covers. His stiffened muscle was bound by a ring. The gold band was around his muscle of love and his brow wrinkled from not understanding.

"'Tis the custom of my people to wear a ring of love if love is what you wish." Her mouth never moved but his understanding was coherent. Her words were absorbed like a sponge does the water. His grin was for the thought of a fancy that was tickled. He wrapped his arms around the fair Maiden and snuggled deeply in the plush quilt. Embedding himself in her fully and the ring on his base brought him delight as it grew tight.

His lips to hers as they pressed ever so lightly. Gracing the other with tongue and flesh as their bodies meshed. The ring of his cock pleasured him physically, but the maiden's beauty was his eyes most delight. The waves of passion came as a quickening. His warmness was felt as she smiled and she cooed. His body did quiver as her legs wrapped him tight, while ecstasy took flight. Their bond was then grown as she did moan too.

His strength was all gone as he lay still as wood. Her fingers did glide along his back of muscles and bone. Her eyes become wide with wonder as Legolas's did close. Slumber took him quick for he was still weak. But the ring that he wore was forged in his cock's flesh. The deeper he fell into dreams, the tighter it got. Metal that expands and shrinks to his size. Permanently binding him to her forever more.

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