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Love Note Pt. 02

by BaalatErotas 07/11/17

*** V ***

I look to the skies for signs

When her hand is in mine

all I see is gold and fire

Blazing so much higher

than I can lift her

I have a gift here

This I whisper to her

I have a gift here

Borne of ancient secrets

Her presence was going to be a problem.

His pillows smelled of vanilla, ginger... apricots. And he remembered how difficult it had been to shake the scent of her after their first kiss. Leo rolled onto his back, propping one leg up -- but that only made matters worse. Not only could he still smell Anaïs, but he was now in the perfect position to watch her as well.

I have a gift here

Borne of ancient secrets...

The hardest part of the day they'd met and kissed had been when she'd walked out right afterwards. Just as she was preparing to do now.

"It's not the end of the world, Thandi -- you just couldn't reach me for a few hours." Her voice drifted in from the balcony, husky and decadent. "Of course everything's fine -- I'll brief you on our progress when I get back to the flat. Stay right where you are. Don't move."

No. It was best that she was leaving, come to think of it. He'd built his life around what he'd thought was the real deal once before... and Melissa had fucked him up royally.

Blindly going that route again would be stupid.

"No, I don't understand your panic, actually. Why would you think I'd be home when we have so much to get done?" She was looking out over the private back garden; her shoulders were tense, but hints of amusement coloured her tone. "You weren't even supposed to be back for another two days, let alone suffering mad visions of me in an apron, waiting for you with your slippers and dinner in hand."

Leo got up and silently padded to the open sliding door.

The distant clouds had neared, but weren't close enough cut off the sunlight bathing her. Her skin gleamed as if she were the source of rain, not the skies. The image of sweat beads trickling into her hair as she arched up at him came to mind.

"Oh. Yes, I see." One arm was wrapped around her chest, barely managing to hold in place the sheet that dragged with each step she took. "Yes, I was sick; and I did let everyone know that I couldn't come in today... I'm sorry I worried you, but I really am okay now."

He leaned against the door jamb. Heat rose from the stone tiles and flowed over the balustrade. Anaïs glowed.

Then she turned and looked right at him. "I was very well taken care of."

Arms folded, Leo watched as she took in his nudity. She leaned against the balustrade, a fist clutching her sheet, and let her eyes drift from his biceps to his abs. On a slow blink, they flitted down to his feet then traced up, lingering this time when they got to his stirring penis.

He felt himself grow more rapidly under her dark inspection. He gripped his erection and held eye contact as he squeezed it then pulled. He watched her closely as he stroked himself.

Her friend laughed on the line and seemed to ask a question, but he was sure she didn't hear it. And fairly positive she wasn't aware of biting her lip either.

Just twenty minutes ago she'd driven him clear out of his mind in that bed and cried out his name as he'd climaxed inside her. Yet here he was again, hungry for her. Again.

She turned her back to him. "I have to go. There's stuff to do and you'll be needing the car back."

The sheet was slipping, the musical birds on her back suddenly freed.

He stepped up behind her and put his hands on her hips. Out in the sunlight their skin tones were in sharper contrast and he couldn't take his eyes off the play of colours. It made his grip on her tighten reflexively. In just a few minutes outdoors she had absorbed the sun's heat; he pressed himself to the warmth of her back.

"No, really, it's okay. I'll meet you at the flat then catch a cab to Karma for the rest of the day."

He pulled at the luxurious cotton, but her grip on it tightened. This made the corner of his mouth lift.

He swept her twists across one shoulder and put his lips to the bared one. Within moments she was leaning back against him.

"No... I have no idea what Leo might be up to."

His small smile was now a predatory grin. With slow strokes he worked his hands up from her hips to her covered breasts, cupping them from behind. At the same time his teeth grazed a line along her shoulder up to her neck. He pressed his lips there.

She trembled.

"I'm sure he has a good reason for not answering his phone either."

A harder tug produced better results -- the sheet slipped halfway down before she caught it at her waist.

"I really have to go now, geeko." Her voice was still steady, but her breathing wasn't. "Yep, I'll try find him and let him know. Cheers."

Anaïs turned on him the instant the call disconnected. Her lips were still kiss-swollen and did little to support the stern outrage in her eyes.

Leo took in her glare with subdued amusement. "Have a message for me, do you?"

"Didn't your mother teach not to go gallivanting around naked?"

"That's what Thandi told you to ask me?" he chuckled. "Tell her no one can see into the back part of my property -- which is good because I wouldn't want anyone else falling for the dark temptress on my balcony... I have plans for her still."


She was resisting -- or trying to. Saying his name like that was a big mistake on her part, though.

He pulled her closer, tightening his arms around her and forcing her onto her toes as he kissed her deeply. He never tired of the taste of her and her undisguised responses. Her arms went around his neck, crushing her breasts to his chest. She passed the sun's heat from her flesh to his.

"I have to go, Leo."

He shifted a little and the sheet dropped to their feet. Anaïs glanced around self-consciously, but he lifted her up in his arms and kissed her again until her legs wrapped around him and she moaned into his mouth. His hands lowered to cup the curve of her behind, squeezing at the firm fullness.

"Ah, shit..." He broke the kiss to look into her eyes. "You're not going anywhere, baby."

"But I have to --"

"I don't care." He was already heading back to the bed.

She shook her head. "And what the hell am I supposed to tell your manager?"

He laid her amongst the plush pillows and pecked her lips. "You're my manager."

"I'm Thandi's assistant." She looked cute trying to remain serious despite her lips curling.

"You're my manager." He rolled onto his back, whipping her up over him. "Tell Thandi I wanted to be inside you again, needed to make you scream some more."

Hair everywhere as she was swung up into straddling his hips, a dancing cloud of elegance above him. When it settled back down, she combed her fingers through it, pulling it to one side again so she could work on scowling at him some more. He'd been in a playful mood until that moment -- but lying there with his erection tucked beneath her and watching her breasts lift as she calmed the storm that was her hair... It cut into him.

Something tender and alive bled within.

He couldn't smile anymore. And he couldn't take his eyes off her.

She was shaking her head at his suggestion. "I am not saying that to her. No way."

He put his hands on her hips and rocked up into her heat.

Her eyelids fluttered. "I have to go..."

"Why?" He sat up, forcing her legs wider. "Why are you trying so hard to run away?"

Her nose nuzzled the side of his. "I find that question ironic considering you're the same man who wanted nothing to do with me a few days ago."

"You shouldn't have come after me, temptress." His hands were on her thighs, his thumbs stroking at the insides.

"I, uh... needed to get you out my system."

The music had stopped downstairs and all he could hear now was the longing in her sighs.

"Then you should never have admitted that I'm under your skin." His teeth caught light hold of her lower lip and her tongue immediately darted out at him. "I'm starting to like being... in your system."

Anaïs' fingers curled around the back of his neck even as she claimed to want to get away.

He pressed his thumbs into her flesh with each outward stroke, making her pussy stretch open a little wider each time before releasing to feel her wetness cover the length of his cock. He was hard and hungry for her.

The rocking of her hips took on long, deliberate strokes, running her wetness up and down the length of him. A primal possessiveness was stirred up by the way her sighs now had a voice, ending in whimpers and moans she tried to bite back. He wanted to take that control from her, shatter her resistance.

Rumbling rolled in from the distance. Passion had shattered the peace within their haven, and now the thick clouds threatened the rest of world out there. Leo looked into Ana's eyes and saw a storm already warring there.

Her dark eyes widened at the first touch of his hard dick to her entrance. Her rocking stilled and it felt as if he could feel her heartbeat pulsating from her entire being, reverberating through the tip of his cock. As he nudged at her, he snapped back thoughts about getting to enter her pussy and heart.

She was straddling him, her chest pressed to his. He couldn't push up into her and she wasn't coming to him, wasn't letting him inside yet.

"Take it."

She stared into his eyes. He watched the sparks and furies blazing in her eyes: desires, doubts, defiance.

He held his ground. "Take me in."

Her nails dug into his shoulders as she began to move. He cupped her to him as she enveloped him in her heat, his teeth gritting as the storm calling from outside and the tempests flaring in her eyes clashed in his chest.

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