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Loving Little Sister and Friend

by stardude04 07/06/12

"Fuck, Mandy your pussy feels so good!!!" I groaned, as I grabbed her tits and squeezed as I continued ramming my dick into her body.

Whatever she was doing with her pussy, it felt so fucking good. Somehow she was making it contract over and over around me, essentially milking my shaft. The girls were both now screaming and moaning louder than hell, intensifying my high and the extreme pleasure of every move I made.

"Mmmm!!! Oh, Mandy, you're going to make me cum, baby!" Rachel announced. "Fuck me! Fuck my pussy Mandy! Oh, God! I'm cumming!!!!!!"

When Rachel screamed at the height of her ecstasy, Amanda discarded the dildo and clenched the leather of the couch in her tight little fists. She closed her eyes and concentrated on the cock that was violating her special place and giving her so much pleasure.

"That's it Ray, fuck me! ... You're screwing my pussy so good! ... Oh God, you feel so fucking good in me! ... Fuck me! That's it! ... Fuck, I'm cummmmming!!!!!"

My ego soaring from having given this goddess such an intense orgasm, I grabbed a hold of her dark brown hair and pulled her head back as I banged the hell out of her pussy. I was ready. I slammed my balls hard against her ass one last time, burying my cock deep within her vagina, and pumped my seed into her beautiful teenage body.

Amanda quickly stood up on the couch and positioned her cunt directly over Rachel's. My sister immediately understood her best friend's intentions and she reached up and spread her own pussy open. I would have thought that after having cum so many times in a single day that another erection would have been impossible, but as the three of us watched silently in awe as my sperm dripped out of Amanda's pussy into Rachel's vagina, my cock twitched. ___________________________________________________________________________________


"Thanks for walking me home, Ray," Amanda said.

We had been sitting on her back porch swing in the dark for the last twenty minutes or so, holding each other and talking. It was Rachel's idea that I go with her. I guess she wanted Amanda to know that she was sincere about her willingness to share me with her. Actually, pretty much that's what we had been talking about. I had told her how much I loved both her and Rachel and how much I wanted to be with both of them, but that I could understand if it she thought my sister's idea was too weird or would make her feel too uncomfortable. She just laughed and said not to worry. She would give anything to be with me, and she saw my sister as an added bonus.

I was just about to kiss her when suddenly the lights in Amanda's house turned on.

"Great. That sucks. My mom and brother are home," Amanda said.

"It's ok, it's pitch dark out here. They can't see us, and I want to kiss you," I replied.

Amanda and I had made out many times on that swing, and I was looking forward to doing it again. At that moment though, I saw Christina and Joey through the big back windows walking into the dining room. It had been a little while since I last saw Christina and I have to say, she was looking fine. She was wearing a cute little sundress that reached not quite to mid-thigh and was held up by a couple of thin straps. Her boobs looked great in that dress. They sort of reminded me of my mom's. You know, large. I don't know what it is about MILFs and big tits, but man they make my dick hard.

It had been very hot that day and Amanda had opened the dining room windows to let in some fresh air before she and I had stepped out onto the patio. We could hear every word of their conversation. And actually, the topic they were discussing made it very difficult not to eavesdrop.

"Are you sure your penis is alright?" Christina asked.

"I'm fine Mom. Jeez, it's embarrassing enough that you made me go to the hospital. I really don't want to discuss my penis with you," Joey replied.

"I just thought maybe a pretty nurse could help make it feel better. I'm really sorry you got that fat old grandma lady."

Joey quivered.

"I'm worried about you, baby. I need to make sure you';re alright. Let Mommy take a look."

What the fuck?! The day just kept getting better and better. Whatever was going to happen, they had my attention. Amanda seemed pretty interested in watching what her mom and brother were up to as well. Very quietly we sneaked around and hid behind the five foot high brick wall which enclosed the patio. We were probably fifteen feet or so from the dining room. We peered over the structure just in time to see Christina reach over and start unbuttoning Joey's jeans.

"God Mom, I told you I'm fine," he said, though not making any effort to stop her. "Besides, Amanda could come home any minute."

"Hurry," I whispered. "Call your mom and ask her if it's ok if you stay out a little longer."

"You're so bad Ray!" Amanda said, trying not to giggle too loudly.

She got up and ran a safe distance away from the house. A couple seconds later the phone in the dining room rang.

"Hello," Christina answered. "Oh hi Amanda... Of course it's ok if you want to stay out later," she said, licking her lips as she resumed unbuttoning her son's pants.

Fuck yes!

"Yeah, he's ok. I think he's actually feeling pretty good right now," she said, reaching into his jeans and caressing him. "Ok, have fun sweetheart. Bye bye."

Amanda returned a couple seconds later to see her brother's pants and underwear down around his ankles and her mother on her knees with her face inches away from his erect dick. Amanda's hand immediately went between her legs and started rubbing her pussy through her shorts as she stared at her family through the window.

"Yeah, yeah," she said, "I know. I'm an incest-loving freak."

"Join the club."

"Oh sweetheart," Christina said, "your poor penis is so big and swollen. It needs some medicine. Did you know that honey is a natural antibiotic?"

She grabbed the honey bear off the kitchen counter and began squirting the sweet sticky goo all around the head and up and down the shaft of her son's perfectly healthy cock.

"Uh oh. It's dripping onto your testicles and getting all over the place," she giggled. "I think I used way too much. Here, let me clean some of it off for you."

Christina set the honey bear down and stuck her tongue out and slowly licked the length of her son's dick. Joey closed his eyes and rested his hands on her head as she began sucking the honey off his balls.

"Hmm, I don't think that's working very well. Let me try another way."

She opened her mouth and took Joey's prick between her lips and deep into her mouth.

"God Mom, that feels so much better," Joey groaned.

"Fuck! I can't take this anymore," I whispered. I moved over to stand behind Amanda and unzipped my pants and guided my hard-on through the opening. Then I reached around her and unbuttoned her cut-offs and pushed them and her panties down over her beautiful butt. I wasted no time dicking around with foreplay; Amanda was horny as hell and her pussy was already sopping wet. I just put my cock between her legs and thrust it into her cunt and began fucking her while we watched her mother sucking her brother's penis.

"There, I think that medicine should help," Christina said a few minutes later. "Oh, now Mommy isn't feeling so good, baby." It hurts right here," she pouted, lifting her dress up and rubbing her pussy through her panties.

"Maybe you should let me have a look," Joey suggested.

"Ok, baby. Will you also make sure my boobies are alright? They're feeling a little sore too."

Christina pushed the spaghetti straps off her shoulders and the bodice of her dress fell to her waist. There they were. The twins. Naked. God they were big and sexy. Fuck! And this idiot gets to suck and fuck them.

Joey reached up and groped his mother's breasts and told her to lie down.

"Maybe they need some antibiotics also," he said.

She nodded her agreement and he took the bottle and squirted honey all over his mother's chest.

"Don't use your hands, baby. They'll get all sticky," she said when he went to spread the honey around. "Why don't you use your penis? It's already messy."

Joey kicked off his pants and underwear as Christina removed her panties. He straddled her and slapped her tits a few times with his cock and then used it to apply the honey.

"That's it Joey, spread it all around. Make sure you get it all over my nipples real good too. "Oh, it's too sticky. Spit on my tits, maybe that will make it easier."

Joey scooted back and did as his mother asked. He had no problem producing enough saliva to slicken things up. He had been drooling like crazy ever since his mother exposed herself. Christina cradled his head against her, sighing as he licked the honey off her breasts and sucked it from her erect nipples.

"Now spread it in between them real good, baby" Christina said, reaching up and squeezing her melons together.

Joey scooted back up and slid his cock into the channel she had created and began fucking his mother's jugs.

I slid my hands under Amanda's shirt and played with her breasts as I fucked her, imagining that it was my dick that was sliding between her mom's lovely and amazing breasts.

"Oh God Joey, you're making my tits feel so much better, but it's making Mommy's pussy hurt so bad.

Joey reached back and put his hand between her legs and began rubbing her pussy. Even as far away as we were, I could see that Christina was completely aroused.

"Is this where it hurts?" Joey asked as he caressed her.

"Mmmm, yeah, right there is where it hurts. Mommy's pussy is aching. Please rub it for me baby.

"Look how turned on your mother is, Amanda. Her pussy lips are so puffy and wet. Your brother is going to fuck your mom," I whispered.

"He's such a mother fucker," Amanda replied.

"I wouldn't mind fucking her. I'd screw her just like this," I said, pumping my dick aggressively in and out of Amanda's pussy.

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