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Loving Little Sister and Friend

by stardude04 07/06/12

"Holy fuck," Joey and I whispered in unison.


"Nothing. Are you sure this is such a good idea? What about your boyfriend?" he replied, wiping sweat from his forehead.

"Oh don't worry. He's watching funny home videos on television. It's ok, trust me," she said, directing the last sentence to the camera.

"What do you want me to do?"

"Come here and wipe the cum off my pussy while I clean off my tits. When you get some on your fingers you can put them in my mouth and I'll lick them off. Or you can lick them yourself, I don't care."

The poor guy looked like he was going to pass out. As he came closer and reached his hand out towards Rachel's cunt, she pushed it away and said, "Wait, don't you want to kneel down so you can see what you're doing better?"

Of course he did, so he kneeled down in front of her and then attempted once again to put his hand between my sister's legs.

"Wait," she said, clearly frustrating him. "Having such a cute guy's face down there is making me kind of excited. Do you mind if I rub my pussy for a minute?"

He rapidly shook his head back and forth and Rachel pulled her panties to the side. Just a little while ago I had been in the same position Joey was now in and I knew exactly what he was seeing: a beautiful shaved pussy just inches away and an absolutely gorgeous face smiling down at him framed by long blond hair and unbelievable tits. I was surprised the guy's dick hadn't burst out of his pants by now.

Rachel began sliding her fingers through her slippery groove and massaging her clit. After only a minute Joey couldn't take it anymore. He unzipped his pants and pulled his dick out and stroked it as he watched my sister masturbating. Rachel's soft mews soon turned into loud moans. They were obviously exaggerated but Joey didn't seem to notice.

"Oh my God, lick me Joey! Lick my clit and make me cum!" she yelled.

Joey stuck his tongue out and moved his face closer, drooling over the opportunity to eat my sister's lovely little cunt. Just as his tongue was about to make contact, and just as I was about to go kick his ass, my sister screamed "Oh God I'm cumming!" and a thick and steady stream of piss shot out from between her legs spraying Joey right in his fucking face!


"What the hell is that?" Joey asked.

"Oh, probably the T.V.," Rachel said quickly, trying the best she could not to bust up laughing herself.

He was completely soaked from the top of his head to the bottom of his T-shirt. I was surprised that he just sat there and let her pee on him. He must have been paralyzed from shock.

"I'm so sorry Joey. I started cumming and I guess I just lost control," she lied.

"Uh, it's alright. I better go though," he said, trying to find a dry part of his shirt. He stood up and wiped his face the best he could, then started putting his penis back in his pants.

"Here, let me help you with that," Rachel offered.

She took his penis and guided it back into the opening. Then she grabbed the zipper and yanked it upwards.

"OWWWWW!!!!" he screamed.

Apparently Rachel hadn't put things away very well.

"Oh my God, I'm so sorry. Are you ok?"

"No, I'm fucking not ok! Just stay the fuck away from me!" he yelled as he bolted from the house.


"This pizza tastes so good," Rachel said as we sat together eating at the dining room table. "I am so happy right now."

She looked happy. In fact she looked happier than I think I've ever seen her.

"Yeah, revenge is sweet."

"I was pretty good wasn't I?" she laughed.

"You were awesome!"

"That's not why I'm happy though Ray. I mean that's part of it, but mostly I'm happy because of you. Because of us. I love you so much."

I suddenly realized how much I loved my little sister. Of course I've always loved her, but now I could feel that love and my lust growing together, evolving into something bigger, something better.

"I love you so much too Rachel," I replied, smiling back at her.

She sat quietly eating for a minute then looked at me and said, "I meant it when I said I wanted you to make a baby inside me."

"I know," I replied, reaching over to hold her hand. "You're going to be an awesome mother."

"Thanks. So do you still want to watch a movie?" she asked, finishing off the last piece.

"Sure. I'll help you clean up first," I said.

I got up and took our plates into the kitchen and put them in the dishwasher. When I returned I found Rachel facing away from me wiping off the table. Even after having fucked her twice that day the mere sight of her was enough to give me an instant erection. She was still wearing the chemise, stockings, and high heels, but had decided to toss her filthy thong and go pantiless for the rest of the evening. Every time she leaned over to wipe the far edge of the table, her cute little pussy peaked out from under the hem of her nighty causing my dick to throb.

I quickly stripped off my boxers and walked up behind her and put my hands on her hips and slid them under her chemise and up her sides and onto her boobs as I pressed my groin against her. Rachel responded by bending all the way over and spreading her legs. She arched her back and angled her ass upwards so that her pussy was ready and accessible for mating. I leaned over and kissed her back as I gently pushed my cock all the way deep into her cunt until my balls touched her ass.

Rachel reached down between her legs and massaged her clit as I fucked her wonderful pussy.

"When I saw you getting the money out of your purse earlier I wanted to come out there and put my cock in you so bad," I whispered.

"Mmm... You're so naughty Ray, lusting after your own sister."

"You make me so fucking hard Rachel. I can't keep my hands off you," I said, squeezing her tits and thrusting hard into her.

"Fuck," she groaned, "I'm so glad. Mmmm, you're dick feels so good in my pussy. You can put it inside me and fuck me whenever you want."

I grabbed Rachel's long blond hair and pulled causing her head to tilt backwards as I thrust over and over inside her.

"Nnngg yeah, screw me big brother. Come on, fuck your little sister!"

My sister's dirty talk really had my adrenaline pumping. My rhythm had steadily been increasing and soon I was slamming my dick hard and fast into my kid sister's pussy. I was beginning to feel the onset of an incredible rush for the third time that day. The erotic sounds of sex echoed all around us. The slurpy gurshies of my prick going in and out of her vagina, the fleshy slaps of my balls smacking against her ass, and Rachel's soft little moans and loud cries of pleasure had skyrocketed me back to happy land.

After a little while of mating doggy style, I was ready to try something different. Plenty of times as I'd sat at this table with my family eating dinner, I had gotten hard from looking across at my little sister sitting there looking all innocent and sexy. I had pictured myself lifting her up out of her chair and laying her down on the table and pulling off her pants and fucking her right there in front of everyone.

"Rachel, I want to fuck you on the table. Turn around and lay down, 'k?

She turned around and sat down on the edge of it as I lifted the chemise off her. She then lay down and lifted her legs high up in the air. I reached around and held one with one arm as I took my dick and rubbed it back and forth through her slippery groove and over her clit a few times before guiding it back into her tight wet hole.

Once again my sister and I found ourselves mesmerized at the sight of her cunt being spread so far open, her puffy pussy lips wrapped so fucking erotically around my glistening dick as it slid in and out of her body.

"You made and sent me that dildo didn't you?"


"Don't worry, I think it's hot," she giggled when she looked up and saw my red face. "I broke my hymen with a dildo made from my sexy older brother's cock."

"Yeah, that is really hot. I got so horny thinking about you using it. I imagined it going in and out of you just like this," I said as I slowly fucked Rachel's pussy.

"Mmm... When I used it I was thinking of you," she said shyly as she licked her fingertips and began rubbing her clit again.


"I picked the bikini I wore to the beach on my birthday just for you. I was hoping I would make you hard."

"And did you?" I asked as I leaned over and began licking and sucking one of her stiff little nipples.

"Mmhmm, yeah I did. You had the nicest bulge in your shorts the whole day. Amanda wouldn't shut up about how she wanted to pull off your shorts and get on it."

"Mandy?!" I blurted out as I looked up and caught the reflection of my sister's best friend and my girlfriend in the glass of the china cabinet.

"Yeah silly, you know, Mandy?"

"He knows who I am bitch," she said, walking into view at the side of the table. "I came here to find out what the fuck you did to my brother... Interesting new boyfriend Rachel," she said as she held up her mobile phone and snapped a picture of the explicit incestuous sex scene in front of her.

Shit. This can't be good.

Chapter 3

If you're like me and have a hot little sister that you've been dying to put your dick inside, chances are excellent that you've probably spent countless hours checking out and masturbating over her hot best friend also. Gorgeous women travel in groups; they gravitate to each other. If you see a good looking female there's bound to be another one close by. My warped immature male mind reasons that this is because deep down all women want to eat pussy. A lady hunting for beaver is going to go for the hottest, sexiest snatch she thinks she has a chance in hell of getting her tongue inside. The pussy must be at least as nice as or nicer than her own. In other words, look around if you see a cunt of high class, close by there's sure to be a lot more fine ass. So, if you're a dude that has a sexy sister that is causing you to leak pre-cum on a regular basis, odds are good that you've thought about banging her friend too because she must be fucking hot as well.

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