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Lucky Pt. 02 Ep. 07

by Happytimeshappy 01/13/18

Bite the Bullet

Addison sat at her small dining room table pushing her burnt eggs around the plate with the end of her fork with her chin resting on her fist. She thought of how much she and Lucky would laugh at each other's failed attempts at cooking something edible. Her poor cooking was just poor cooking once Lucky was taken back by Cheryl.

She felt her throat tighten up as she thought of her last conversation with the man. He had declared an undying love for her and begged her to help him think of a way out of going back with Cheryl. Addison had wanted to help him much more than he would ever know, but the truth was he wasn't safe with her.

Heron had told her a little about the organization the night they had all had sex in front of the fireplace. Lucky was quick to pass out, but Addison's adrenaline was still pumping too much for sleep to come easy to her and so she found herself setting in front of the fire, feeling the warmth heat her naked body as Heron sat next to her.

Heron had told her that the organization wouldn't give up until they found him. She explained that they saw him as their property and would stop at nothing, even murder, to get him back. She explained that if the assassin was able to find them then whoever left to take charge would find her cabin just as easily. She explained that Cheryl would be an easy target as well so Addison had put in a word to keep the wounded woman at the hospital a bit longer as she worked out some details for Lucky's safety.

She wanted to make sure that Lucky was safe, but she would never have imagined that she would have fallen in love with the man. To be in love with a man was something strange and taboo within the society that they lived in and yet there she was.

She had worked it out with Cheryl's boss to give the promotion to someone other than Cheryl, which would cause the woman to look elsewhere for employment. She called up a friend from across the country that could pull a few strings and offer Cheryl a job as a partner at another firm far away from the actions that had made a target on Lucky.

She longed to see him again. She thought of him every night and often found herself reaching over her bed to place her arm over him, but he was never there. She lost count at how many nights she lied awake crying as the image of an emotionally destroyed Lucky was burnt into her memories. She knew he had to hate her now and couldn't blame him. She must appear to be a monster in his eyes.

Anger would wash over her as she thought about Cheryl being with him every night, not appreciating him the way he should be. She thought about how he was being dragged away like a piece of property.

Had she done the right thing? Was Heron right about the organization? How would she ever know?

Sounds of tires crushing gravel brought her from her thoughts as she stood up and walked toward the window to look out. A white car pulled up to her house and stopped.

Two women exited the car. One woman was taller than the other and skinny with long red hair tied back and dark-rimmed glasses. She held an angry facial expression as she looked around the property. The other woman was a bit shorter with short black hair and a much curvier figure and a face that looked as though she was studying everything around her.

Addison opened the door and the two women gave a start.

"May I help you?" Addison asked with an eyebrow raised.

"You're Addison I presume?" The red-headed woman more said than asked as she walked up the steps.

"I am," she answered as she crossed her arms and leaned against the doorframe to prevent them from thinking they had the right to enter her house. "And who might you be?"

"My name is Helen and this is my assistant, Ariel," the red-headed woman said as flatly. "We need to talk."

"I don't believe I know you and I don't believe I have anything to say," she said just as flatly. She had no idea who these women were, but they wouldn't get anywhere with her if the one speaking didn't change her tone.

"I'm sorry for my attitude Addison, but I have a lot on my mind and I believe you can help with a lot of it," Helen said, attempting to change her tone to a more pleasant one. It wasn't working.

"I can't speak about a case," Addison explained with a sigh. Giving up on changing the taller woman's attitude. "It's illegal for me to discuss it you understand?"

"It's not just any case we're wanting to discuss," Helen said as she locked her eyes with Addison's. "We believe you might know the whereabouts of a man."


Was she a member of the organization? Was it time? Had they shown up to take Lucky back?

"I've had cases that involved many men, Helen," Addison explained, trying to keep her tone flat, but fearing that she was giving away her fears.

"Ahh, yes," Helen smiled as she eyed Addison suspiciously. "But I believe you know the man we're inquiring about. I know you've been told that we're dangerous and have only the illest regards when it comes to Lucky, but I assure you those are lies. Tara was a bad seed. We are trying to correct her mistakes."

Addison knew she was lying, but feigned belief as she nodded and stepped back to allow the women into her home. She had to buy some time while she went through her mind to think of what she had planned to tell anyone coming for Lucky.

The women walked inside and Addison closed the door behind them. She gestured for the couch and they complied.

"What exactly do you want to know?" Addison asked as she pulled a small chair over in front of the couch and took a seat.

"First of all, where is he?" Helen asked dryly.

"I honestly don't know," Addison answered and in truth, she didn't know exactly where he was. She knew the city that Cheryl had moved to and even knew the firm that she was working for but didn't know the place she was living and it was a large city she had moved to.

"I know you're trying to protect him, but he's in danger by us not finding him," Helen said.

Addison's heart began to pound in her chest so loudly that she worried the women could hear it. Could Lucky really be in danger? Was she hurting him by keeping them from him? How did she even know that Heron had been telling her the truth?

"Ariel, would you please explain to Addison the kind of trouble that Lucky is in?" Helen said, not looking away from Addison.

"Project Lucky needs a dose of a chemical that counteracts a side effect that we were unable to permanently subdue where the male loses control of his individuality and acts on pure lust. This could lead to a lot of pain and heartache for not only him, but those close to him as well." The dark-haired beauty stated next to Helen. The woman sounded like some kind of computer reading off lines.

"Meaning he's going to run around forcing himself on women?" Addison asked. She knew she wasn't doing a good job containing the fright from her voice. "That is unless you inject him with some kind of serum?"

"Kind of," Helen said with a shrug. "Tara had it in her. She insisted on being in charge and therefore she was the only one with it built inside. Every time she would have sex with Lucky, he would get another dose. Now that Tara is dead, Lucky has only one choice for survival. We are that choice."

"How are you going to save him if the only person with the ability to save him is dead?" Addison asked, leaning forward in her chair. She had no intention of giving Lucky's location to them, but she still felt compelled to learn as much as she could just in case they weren't lying to her about everything.

"We may not have the chemicals in ourselves the same as Tara, but Helen here knows how to make more and she's close to coming up with a permanent solution to the issue," Ariel stated with a small smile growing on the corner of her mouth.

"Look," Helen said as anger flashed in her eyes. She leaned over, placing her hands on her knees as she spoke. "We're going to find him whether you help us or not. That's what we do. What you can help with is us getting him before he goes beyond the point of return. If that happens then we will have no other choice but to take him out."

Addison's eyes shot wide open as anger boiled within her this time. She jumped forward and punched the cocky woman in the face. She reared her fist back for another swing, but Ariel was on top of her in a flash. She rolled around on the floor trying to get the upper hand on the woman, but she was surprisingly stronger than she looked. Addison couldn't overpower her no matter how hard she tried. She eventually gave up and lied on her back as the dark-haired woman sat on top of her, pinning her arms to the floor.

"Come, Ariel," Helen said as she stood up, holding her jaw where Addison had hit her. A small trickle of blood was running down her chin. "We have all we need here. She's not going to help us with anything more."

"Damned right," Addison shouted as Ariel stood up and followed Helen out the door as if nothing out of the ordinary had just occurred.

Addison lied on the floor as the sounds of the car doors shutting preceded the sounds of the car driving away from her home.

Was it true? Was Lucky in that much trouble? What had they done to him? What would happen to him?

She pushed herself off the floor and walked into her bedroom. She pulled out a small briefcase from under her bed and began packing it full of necessary items for a time away. She may not know exactly where Lucky was living, but she knew more than they did. She would have to be careful as to not allow them to follow her on her adventure. She would have to stop and withdraw enough cash to get her there and back so they wouldn't be able to trace her credit cards. She would have to use a fake name for her travels and nights in motels, but she had done that before.

Worry ruled over all emotions, but there was another one deep inside of her. An emotion that bubbled up within. Hope. Joy.

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