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Lunacy Edge Ch. 02

by Elizabeth_Ashley 05/04/08

Hmmm, I have to be honest with you readers. I had submitted this first chapter as a shot. I was 80 % sure I was not going to be able to continue at all. As soon as I had pressed enter, and looked over it I thought....Shit. I couldn't decide what to do next, where to go and how. What to write and what not. I'm just a beginner and a panicky one at that.

Its been a few weeks since I submitted this, I thought for sure I wouldn't get any responses. I got I think four written responses. They all seemed to want to know what happened to poor, insecure Hailey next and so did I! Still, I had no clue what to write. I couldn't even pull it up because it scared the bejesus out of me.

I was a little annoyed at myself, because as a reader myself I absolutely abhor coming to the end of a chapter and realizing the story has not been updated by the author in years and you know, deep in your reader's heart that you will never know what happens next and it, to me, makes me want to scream and slap my computer.

But even as I know this and understand it, I could not do it. But luckily, or dangerously I was going through my folder of stories I'm working on to clean it out....I clicked on this story and I swear I was going to delete but I had to read over it once more to see if I could try and by golly I think I can. I'll try, so very hard to.

I want to let the person who was confused about what my first chapter was about and if it really was a first chapter know, if they read this, I'm very sorry I did not make it a bit clearer. This was a raw piece of material, I was writing it for myself and I'm sure other authors forget when they write for themselves that other people cannot see into their heads too. I find that a gift and a curse.

And I thank all of you who responded positively and wanted more, this is for all of you!


Hailey Bordeaux sat by the window in the large suite of rooms she now found herself in. She stared at the drapery that kept the sun from her new room. Hailey didn't bother opening them because of how terrified she was of what she might see. She couldn't believe that what was happening was real.

She was a simpleton, she was a girl with no real future, she was a plain ignorant girl, this didn't happen to people like her. She came from Louisiana, some small town that was hard to find an ancient map, not to mention a new one. She was middle school drop out for heaven's sake!

Hailey thought back on the last day she could remember. It had been sunny so she had enclosed herself in her room reading a book. She hated sunshine. She loved to read though, it was her escape from the world and the people in it. But it was the reason she was so lonely and despairing, she knew.

Ever since she had been given a few romance novels and had so engrossed herself in them she had needed more, to learn and to live as the beautiful heroines. She had not thought she could learn so much from reading silly romance books but she was wrong. She had always been a curious soul, and when she didn't understand the words she looked them up, that was the first change.

Her vocabulary had become more elaborate, then she would use the words in every day speech and that began her loneliness. No one understood her, words that she found so easy and elegant and oh hell just beautiful were foreign to her family. She didn't have any friends.

Her father and her sister were the only people she had. Her father who was a laborer had no need for big words, he liked simple easy ones. Her sister was in high school but probably didn't even own a dictionary. But she couldn't stop reading, reading gave her what she needed. A blind hope for something bigger and better, a love, an adventure, a...future perhaps.

Sometimes Hailey looked back on her past and wondered how it had became oh so extreme. Her father had gotten fired, and had thought nothing of it until they were evicted and had to move in with his parents. Even then he did not talk to her, she was a child at thirteen and only a living responsibility to him.

She had to share a small room in the rundown, old house that her grandparents lived in with him. Her grandmother had Alzheimer's and had not liked her and thought everything she did was not to be done, so much as walking into the kitchen.

She was alone and hopeless. Her father kept silent and frustrated and angry, he got mad when she tried to help him find them a home and a job for him in the classifieds. When her father's friend, and a neighbor across the street had sent her a bag of books she had thought she would be bored but had nothing better to do. It had been overwhelming how much she loved it and had been disappointed when she had run out of books in a week.

Then a neighbor down the street had sent her more and she had been thrilled, reading until she could no longer stop but she was happy again. Happier than she had been in a very long time.

Ever since she had enclosed herself into her books until it was all she held dear to her, books and stories. Her family didn't understand her, her father didn't really care further than finding her lesser than her other sister. Her sister, Margaret found her interests bewildering but tried to understand, unsuccessfully.

After that the family who knew even lesser of her or even tried to understand attacked her behaviors, and her ways. Breaking her mind and soul down till she considered death a better alternative, but found herself too cowardly.

And now she found herself thrust from her low world to an unknown world with a dangerously handsome male that wanted her for a mate, she found herself in a terrifyingly real story as she had always wanted.

"Be careful what you wish for, Hailey my dear." She muttered with a sigh.

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