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Lustful Summoning Ch. 08

by mjm202036 08/27/04

Jason's world was consisting of either black outs from the pleasurable pain of orgasms, or the waking moments before the orgasm hit his central nervous system.

Several times, when he came to, Jason felt his body covered with women's cum from head to toe. His mouth was covered with either a pussy or another woman's mouth. Tongues were licking his skin wherever a pussy wasn't licking it.

He felt women's bodies pressing all around him. He could even hear and feel the breathing of the women that he was laying on top of.

Finally, on one occasion he was conscious, he opened his eyes. It took all of his strength to open them with all the female cum that had coated his face and dried up, sealing his eyes. He looked into the face of the original succubus, and saw the most beautiful smile spread across exquisite features.

"Master, good," she said. "You survived. It is unbelievable that you should have survived that assault, but I was unable to control so many at one time. I will do better next time."

Jason tried to move, but found his body was too sore. He moaned with the action, and the succubus frowned.

"Don't move. You have been deeply drained by your encounter. You will need your human medical assistance. They are on the way now."

Jason heard the sirens in the background and lay still. His vision was beginning to become blurry. Then there was nothing to see anymore.

"Mr. Morris."

A soft, feminine voice was entering the black void from a great distance. Jason couldn't see where it was coming from.

"Mr. Morris," said the voice. "You need to wake up, sir."

Jason started to focus on the voice and get to where it was. He knew it was his way to freedom from the void.

"Come on, Mr. Morris. Come back to us. Open your eyes."

There was a smart idea, Jason thought to himself. He tried to open his eyes, expecting them to be stuck closed again, like they were before.

"That's it, Mr. Morris," continued the voice. "Welcome back to the land of the living."

Jason's eyes slowly opened. The room was dark, and he quickly recognized it as a hospital room.

"Mr. Morris, do you know where you are?" asked the voice.

"," he croaked. His throat was very dry, and his body ached all over.

"That's right, sir. You are in the hospital. Do you know what happened? What caused you to be here?"

"Don't remember," he replied. "Thirsty."

He heard some scuffling and saw a figure moving around in the dark room. The shadowy form moved closer to his bed and brought a cup with a bendable straw close to his mouth.

"Just sip," the woman's voice said. "You need to drink slowly, and let your stomach get used to having something in it again."

Jason took a pull on the straw and felt the water touch his tongue. It was room temperature, but it was perfect for him right now. He wanted to drain the whole cup in one drag from the straw, but he did as the voice told him.

After a couple of sips, Jason forced himself to stop drinking and used his tongue to push the straw out of his mouth.

"Who are you?" he asked the shadow, as it pulled the cup away from him.

"My name is Nurse Chelsea, Jeanne Chelsea," said the voice. "I've been helping to take care of you this past week."

"Week?" Jason asked.

"Yes," Nurse Chelsea said. "You've been sleeping for a week now. The police will want to talk with you when you are feeling up to it. They are curious about the incident at the club you were found at. Do you remember anything about it?"

"Yes," Jason said. Memories of the women writhing around him, caressing his body and the sexual encounter rushed through his mind; and he tried to keep his erection from rising. It was no use, however, and the stiffness continued to grow in his groin.

"Oh my," Nurse Chelsea said. Her voice sounded concerned.

Jason looked down his prone body and saw what she was seeing. The sheet and heavy blanket covering his body was showing a bulge in his crotch.

"I'm surprised that is happening after the rumors of what you went through at the club," Nurse Chelsea said. "I would have thought it was impossible for you to get an erection after all the sex you had."

"I'm surprised I'm still alive," Jason said. His eyes were starting to adjust better to the dark areas of the room and he could see the nurse sitting close to the foot of his bed.

"So was the EMT's that brought you in," she said. "They are friends of mine and they said they had to move at least 20 women's bodies off you. Forgive me, but they even said that one of the women still had your penis inside, pussy; and another woman had your balls in her mouth."

Jason's dick twitched at the thought of the sexual contact, causing the nurse to exclaim "Oh!"

"I'm sorry about this," he said, reaching for the button to raise the head of his bed. After rising it up some, he looked at his bulging blanket and then back at the nurse. "I can't seem to control it anymore."

"I see what my friends were talking about," said Nurse Chelsea. "They said you were larger than average, but I didn't expect you to be this big."

Jason saw that she was still staring at his crotch. Her arm closest to the bed was now resting on the edge, her hand close to his leg.

"Are you okay, Nurse Chelsea?" Jason asked.

"I'm fine," she said, in a voice huskier than what she was using earlier. "Call me Jeanne."

Jason then started to hear someone whispering in the room. The quiet voice was coming from one of the really dark corners. He couldn't tell what it was saying, but the sound of it seemed to be having an affect on Jeanne.

Her hand now touched his leg and was caressing it gently. The fingers were moving closer to his groin with each stroke.

"It looks like you aren't so fine, though," Jeanne said. "I'd guess you could use some tender..."

She stood up and stepped forward...

"...loving..." He hands now moved the blanket and sheet down to his knees...


She leaned toward him, pressing her lips to his.

Jason tried to resist, but the whispering voice in the background started to make sense. He recognized the succubus' voice, and it was talking to Jeanne's body and his.

Jason opened his mouth and accepted her tongue, massaging it with his as he slid past it into her mouth. Jeanne's body made it's way into his mouth, playing with his along the way. Her hands were moving up Jason's thighs until her fingers reached the hair on his balls.

Her hands left his legs and started caressing his balls and stroking his dick, eliciting a moan of pleasure from Jason. He felt extra pressure on the mattress and knew she was climbing onto the bed with him.

Jason opened his eyes a little and saw the succubus directly behind Jeanne, her hands were moving along the back of the young woman's top. The succubus' voice intensified it's magic and Jason closed his eyes with the pleasure it was causing in his body.

Jeanne now moved her leg over Jason's legs and broke her kiss with him. Her hands continued to hold his erection straight up. She positioned the opening of her skirt over his rigid cock and began to lower herself.

Jason opened his eyes when their lips broke apart and watched as his dick disappeared inside her skirt. At first he felt resistance underneath the skirt, then one of Jeanne's hands left his dick, moving her wet panties to the side. She then lowered moved the head of Jason's little head between her heavenly lips.

Jason closed his eyes as he felt the pressure of her pussy begin to wrap around the head, but he opened them again when Jeanne slammed down on him, engulfing his dick in one swift move.

Jeanne nearly screamed her head off with the pleasure and pain of the invasion, but the succubus' hand moved over her mouth, catching the yell that would have brought others into the room.

"Now that you have him, let's make you better at what you're doing," the succubus whispered. The demoness then climbed onto the bed herself, straddling Jason's thighs while sitting behind Jeanne.

Her hand covering the human female's mouth moved the girls head around and gave the succubus a chance to French kiss her. Jason felt the succubus' tail slide along the crease between his legs but it leaves his legs just between the succubus' and Jeanne's body.

The reaction and sudden rise of her body, Jason believed the tail must have invaded the nurse's ass. He could feel extra pressure on his dick from inside the woman's pussy that had it encased, and he was enjoying the feeling of the tail sliding up and down his dick with just the woman's inner wall between them.

Jason heard the woman moaning, even though her body wasn't moving either up or down on his dick, and he could feel her pussy pulling on him, massaging it without the rest of her body moving.

He opened his eyes to see the succubus break her kiss with Jeanne and the both of them leaning down toward him. The movements caused his dick to start to slide a little way out of the satin walls caressing him. He watched as the women came closer to him, both of their faces showed signs of ecstasy.

Their looks made him want to do anything to please both of these women, as long as he could continue being their sex slave. He moaned, trying to convey his feelings, and the nurse's mouth covered his again.

Jeanne's arms slid under his shoulders, pulling him into her kiss, while the succubus' hands caressed his sides on their way down to his hips.

Her kiss was full of desperation and need. She sucked his tongue into her mouth while her tongue invaded his. Jason was overwhelmed with pleasure when he felt the succubus' tail wrap a coil around his balls. The tail's smooth heated flesh slid effortlessly back and forth around his balls at it continued to push in and out of Jeanne.

He could no longer contain his desire, and Jason began to push upward and deeper into Jeanne, with opposite time as the succubus tail slid up and down the inner wall. The succubus' hands gripped his hips, helping him push deeper into the nurse's succulent pussy. The extra massage from the tail pushed Jason closer to the edge of orgasm, but he held back as long as he could, not wanting the sex to end.

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