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Magic Girls - Molly's Affair

by tmgsaga 05/03/12

Molly's life was blessed.

Molly had long wanted to be an actress and her first big movie was days away from its premiere to the public. The critics who had already seen it loved it. All the Hollywood stars who were long established enjoyed seeing its debut the night before. The blonde woman of forty-three had always settled for commercials or guest spots on sitcoms, and not the kind of guest spots that would attract attention. She had even played a dead body on one of the big prime time cop dramas. Hopefully, the days of digging for crap roles were over now that she had finally been 'discovered'.

Molly's marriage was blessed as well. Her husband had just been promoted to Chief Detective at the police department, and he himself was only forty-seven. They had easily been able to afford their new home in the hills of Malibu, a home they had just moved into three months prior. It was in the elaborate kitchen of this home where Molly found herself that late morning, sitting at the island of her kitchen in her cotton robe with her chin in her hand and her long blonde hair dancing before her eyes. Her husband, David, was in his suit and tie at the sink. He was doing all he could to not have to go into work that day, being that his wife's big screen debut was coming up. He couldn't be more happy for his wife of ten years and he hoped she would stop worrying about what tomorrow would bring. He wanted to see her being excited for all she had achieved, not stressed.

"The critics love it." David reminded her. "You know people will too."

"I know. I just ... I don't want this to be a one-time thing. I don't want to be Megan Fox or someone like that. I want to be respected for my acting."

David turned the water off and looked to his wife with a sigh.

"You're twice as talented as any bimbo in Hollywood and four times more beautiful than that Megan Fox." He told her. It was true. Molly was gorgeous, and she was just not used to people looking at her like that. For years, her husband had told her how beautiful she was, but she never felt beautiful. She never had been beautiful or glamorous or the kind of woman that young boys would search for on the internet. She had never been on a 'top list' of sexy women, and she had definitely never got offers for lingerie ads or photo shoots. Yet because now that she was in the spotlight, the cameras couldn't get enough of her.

Exhausted, Molly just sat in her white robe at the island of the kitchen and tried to relax her senses. The truth was that Molly had doubts about her abilities as an actress and felt that some other dumb luck had helped her get to where she was. David knew she was stressed so he walked up to his lovely wife and eased his hands around her shoulders. As he began to massage her neck and smile down at his celebrity wife, he begged for the tension in her to dissolve. He rubbed her neck with his masculine hands and tried to remove the worries inside her body through his caresses. Molly closed her eyes and smiled at his touch. She knew how much her husband loved her with or without her fame and looks. He had asked to marry her long before she be blossomed into the sensational beauty she was today. Then, as the glamorous star in her white robe opened her eyes again, the stress she was going through and the anxiety her husband was attempted to take away from her came back in a tidal wave of shock. As her blue eyes opened up, she saw the last thing she expected to see that morning.

Across the kitchen sitting on the counter top behind her husband was a young, sexy, enchanting teenager with long, light purple hair that danced far down her body. This slender girl just sat on the counter top in an orange robe; a robe that dazzled with sparkles and a faint neon orange glow. Molly said nothing as this young girl of roughly eighteen yawned a powerful but silent yawn, stretching her arms from her tiny body. As she stretched, her orange robe opened, revealing bare breasts that were nothing short of mountains of perfection. As her elbows straightened, this young girl let Molly look at her naked 32HH breasts that were stacked atop of her petite frame. Then, this young babe let her arms collapse upon her lap. She crossed one of her legs over the other, opening up her robe even more and showing Molly her bare thighs. As the teen fixed her robe over her tiny body and giant breasts, it was perfectly clear to Molly that as this lovely young girl who now sat on her countertop was indeed completely naked under her dazzling robe. All this sexy guest wore was that robe, some fantastic knee-high boots, and a luxurious assortment of jewelry on her ears, neck, and wrists. This girl just smiled back at Molly as she pressed her finger against her lips, letting Molly know that she needed to be quiet or her husband would think something wasn't right in his kitchen.

"Just relax, honey." David said, unaware of the teenager with purple hair behind him. "Everything will be fine."

With his back to the teen, David failed to notice an orange float up onto the air from the island of his kitchen. He didn't realize that this fruit was weightless behind him and now moving toward the robed teen. He did not see it begin to un-peel itself as the young girl just stared at it, smiling at its sweetness. David was too busy giving his wife a soft massage to notice this orange split into sections all on its own, each piece floating in mid-air before the busty young girl as she held out her palm for each piece to land. The floating peel was quickly ripped to shreds; shreds of orange rind that became so tiny that they were invisible to the human eye.

As the robed girl popped a piece of the orange into her mouth, David leaned down and kissed his wife. Molly snapped out of the sight of the teen in her kitchen just in time to kiss her husband, trying to pretend that nothing was out of the ordinary. David rose from the kiss and brushed his hand through his wife's long, blonde hair, and then turned back around towards the sink. The purple haired teen saw David turn her way and gasped as she was about to be discovered in his home. In her gasp, the lovely young teenager in the ornate robe simply vanished into thin air, leaving no trace she was even there in the first place. The teenager, the robe, the boots, the orange; everything just simply vanished in an instant. Oblivious to everything, David calmly turned back to the sink having attempted to calm his stressing wife.

In a zip of orange light, the young teen reappeared on the stool next to Molly, mimicking Molly's pose and munching on another slice of her orange. In her own white robe, Molly's eyes looked up the teen's thigh and got a closer look at her fantastic orange robe. The robe itself wasn't made of anything that Molly had ever seen. Whatever fabric it was made out of swirled within itself like clouds or galaxies full of stars. Her sleeves hung far down her arms and ended with dazzling amber diamonds. Molly's eyes flowed up the cosmic robe and along the lovely cleavage of the teenager's breasts. Her breasts were exceptionally round and firm, a perfection that matched her large, white smile and dazzling eyes. It was this teenager's own eyes that really captured Molly's attention more than anything, for they were rainbows. Circles of green and blue and red and yellow formed form her irises, constantly flowing and changing colors as the teen just smiled back at the blonde movie star after popping another slice of orange into her mouth. With her galactic robe still hanging from her body, she gave Molly a tiny playful wave to go along with her white smile.

"What are you doing here right now?" Molly mouthed without saying a word. The teen said nothing. She just smiled back at Molly and began to poke the air before her; poking the air as if she was dialing a giant phone. After several pokes, the teen just smiled, shrugged, and waited. Neither Molly nor this beautiful young babe had to wait long as David's phone suddenly rang from the other room.

"Oh shoot!" David cried. "That better not be Glen." Molly turned from the teen to her husband as he shut off the water in the sink. Her eyes shot back to the teenager next to her, but all she saw were a few orange bits of glowing glitter where the teen once sat. This glitter fell like fiery embers onto her wood stool before disappearing completely. Molly's husband dried his hands and darted out of the kitchen, still completely unaware of the strange visitor who had come to see his wife.

Molly found herself alone in the kitchen for only a few seconds with the teenager reappeared out of thin air again. This time, the five-foot-three-inch teen with the monumental 32HH breasts stood where David had once been, allowing the sun to pierce the window and dazzle her pale skin and glittery robe. The slender, short babe with the lovely, round breasts just smiled as she completed her materialization from oblivion. The teen let out a soft moan as if an eager finger ran up between the lips of her tight pussy each time she disappeared and reappeared again by use of some kind of strange magic. The young girl left her robe completely open before Molly so Molly's eyes could roam from her sexy collar bones, down around her giant, globular breasts, down her hard, firm stomach, down her tight, shaven pussy, down her sexy, slender thighs, and finally to the giant orange knee-high boots that matched her cosmic robe. Molly also saw this teenager was wearing several necklaces around her tiny neck, necklaces that either tied tightly around her neck or hung so low that they danced around her belly button. The sleeves of her robe were far too long as Molly could hardly see her glowing fingernails that were attached to her dainty fingers. Naked and unashamed, the teenager with long, light purple hair just stood in the fancy kitchen as if it was her own.

"What are you doing here?" Molly repeated, this time whispering but wanting to shout.

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