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Massage Model

by wilsuccox 03/27/07

It was about two weeks after Barry spent that snowy night with me; the night we discovered some hidden feelings and each other. I had invited him over for a glass of wine. He arrived right on time. The wine was ready and so was I.

I met him at the door dressed in a robe. I had removed the sash so it hung slightly open. I was naked beneath it. After shutting and locking the door I turned to Barry, my robe now wide open. He put his arms around me and we kissed deeply. As our tongues found each other, Barry's hands moved to my shoulders. Ever so gently, with so light a touch I barely felt it, he pull my robe off my shoulders and let it drop to the floor. I was naked in his arms. He wasted little time using his hands, his touch still soft, to explore my totally exposed body. Our kiss continued as I pressed my hips, and hardening cock, into him. Finally our kissed ended, as did our embrace. I stepped back and let him look me over, my cock now hard. He smiled. I took his hand and led him back to the bedroom.

I laid on the bed in a semi-reclining position, my upper body resting on my elbows, as Barry undressed. As Barry continued to look at my naked body I ran my hands over my chest and hips, letting them wonder to my thighs and cock. My right hand drifted down between my thighs finding its way to my waiting asshole. Naked now, Barry moved toward the bed. I quickly sat up facing his growing dick. Without a word I took him in my mouth, my tongue exploring the growing length of his cock. His hips began to move rhythmically with my bobbing head as I sucked his now hard dick. Barry's hands rested softly on my head as if guiding my efforts. After a couple of minutes I let him fall from my mouth and licked the length of his penis. His shaft twitched to the touch of my tongue. I moved my tongue down to his balls and continued to lick, taking one into my mouth and gently sucking. Then I moved down beneath his balls almost to his asshole. He moaned deeply as I continued my exploration. Finally I came back to his rock hard cock and again took him into my mouth, taking almost all his length into my throat.

But this wasn't what I wanted, at least not yet. I pulled away from his cock and looked up. "Fuck me now," I said. I fell back on the bed letting my legs spread, bent at the knees, heals dug into the top sheet. Barry quickly moved into the bathroom. I remained laying on the bed, my hands running over my body. I reached up to find a pillow and placed it beneath my ass. I was hot and wanted him badly. When Barry came back out he already had the condom on. Spreading lubricant on my exposed asshole, he moved between my spread legs. Slowly as first he pushed his hard cock into me. I took deep breaths as he pushed farther into me, increasing his speed and depth with each thrust. Soon he was pounding my ass and I was moaning loudly between breaths. My hands pulled my legs father apart as he pumped into me. Suddenly he pulled out and told me to turn over. I did, resting on my elbows and knees, my ass high in the air. Barry stood at the foot of the bed and pulled my ass toward him. Without hesitation he plunged back into me. With each thrust I pushed my ass toward his driving cock. I could feel him getting ready to cum and somehow managed to blurt out, "no, cum in my mouth."

Barry pulled out and quickly ripped the condom off his cock. He moved to my head. I was still on my elbows and easily took his cock into my mouth. I had barely begun to suck it when he came, his hot semen shooting into my throat. I tried to swallow what I could of his cum, but some ran down my chin. When he was done he pulled back from my face and I collapsed onto my back. Breathing rapidly Barry remained on his knees beside me. He leaned over and kissed me deeply. Somehow I managed to raise up on my elbow again and took his softening cock in my mouth. Using my tongue I cleaned the remaining cum from his cock. He fell next to me on the bed.

After a few minutes of heavy breathing I felt his hand on my chest. He ran it over my nipples, pausing to pinch each, and then moved it down to my stomach. Soon he had it wrapped around my still hard cock. Now it was his turn to move. He shifted on the bed until he could take my cock in his mouth. Barry literally engulfed my dick. His mouth was wet and warm, his tongue playful. I knew I wouldn't last long, and I was right. He hadn't sucked me for more than two minutes when I explored in his mouth. His effort to collect my hot cum was only a bit more successful than mine. Cum leaked out of his mouth and onto his chin. Seeing this I pulled him back up on the bed until we were locked in an embrace. I kissed him deeply, my tongue entwined with his, covered with my own cum. We lay like that for sometime, both entirely spent.

It was after, both of us still naked, sipping wine as we sat by the fireplace in my living room, that we actually began a conversation. His arm was around my shoulders, his hand dropping down to play with my right nipple. The fire was warm, his touch sensual and the wine delightful as Barry began to tell me of his new idea.

He had started training to be a masseur. Apparently he'd been thinking about it for some time. He felt he could make a living doing basic therapeutic massages, and perhaps a bit more doing sensual massages, especially for men. He had found a trainer and had begun classes. The trainer, Robert, gave lessons in both therapeutic and sensual massage. His techniques applied to both men and women, although he excelled in male on male massages. Barry was pretty excited about the classes. There were three other guys and two women in the class. The first few sessions were basic anatomy and such. They had also learned some basic techniques and had practiced on each other. Barry seemed so fired up about it. I began to wonder how he'd do as a masseur. That's when he got a bit quiet.

"I need to ask you a question," he said a bit sheepishly. Robert, he went on, gave private one on one lessons for his students if they requested it. It was an additional fee, but Barry thought it was worth it. It would give him additional insight to the sensual massage beyond what was covered in class. The only hitch was the student had to provide the "model" for the massage. Barry, of course, wanted me to volunteer.

I had never had a sensual massage from another guy. The thought was intriguing. I was particularly interested in how Barry would do as a masseur. Without much hesitation I agreed. It wasn't till after Barry left that I began to wonder what I might have gotten myself into.

Barry called the next morning. We were on for the day after and would I mind hosting. Robert's massage room was being painted. Besides, Barry said, sometimes it's more relaxing on a bed. I agreed.

They arrived at exactly eleven. I was dressed in my robe, but with the sash firmly tied this time. Robert was about an inch or so taller than Barry and a few years younger. I had to admit he was attractive. We sat in the living room and I offered them each a glass of white wine. We chatted for a few minutes. I wanted to know how things were going to go and they wanted to put me at ease. Robert seemed like a nice guy and believed him when he told me it would be a relaxing and wonderful experience. Perhaps like nothing I'd experienced before.

Finishing our wine we headed back to the bedroom. The bed was covered with a black sheet. I stood beside it and took off my robe, standing before Robert and Barry completely nude. After a minute I laid face down on the bed, my head toward the foot.. I heard Robert whisper something about my tight ass.

I'm sure I mumbled something in return. Then they started to disrobe. I guess I had expected tee-shirts and sweat pants, or at least, perhaps thong underwear. So I was a bit shocked when they both stripped nude. In my position on the bed I was at about level with their cocks. Robert seemed to have a bit more girth and length than Barry. But, whatever, this was to be a relaxing massage.

They both started at my shoulders. I could hear Robert giving directions in a soft, almost whisper. Their touch was firm, but not uncomfortable. It actually felt really good. As the massage progressed Robert kept working my shoulders while Barry moved slowly down my back to just above my ass. His work on the small of my back was excellent, only to be surpassed when his hands moved down to my butt. Has he massaged my cheeks Robert worked down to join him. Now both were massaging my ass and letting the hands slip to my inner thighs. Each would stroke my balls as there strokes over my inner thighs and below. I felt myself becoming excited. For the first time the thought entered my head that this might be more than a body rub with a "happy ending".

They both worked my legs for a few minutes, and then Robert moved back up to my shoulders. He stood directly in front on me, his semi-hard cock brushed against my forehead. Barry continued to work my ass and legs. He moved onto the bed and knelt between by spread legs. His hands started to work up to my lower back. As he moved up, he bent forward. Soon his cock was bushing my ass.

I lay on my stomach for about 20 minutes as they worked my back and legs. Then, with Robert at my head and Barry still between my legs, I was asked to roll over. I did so, slowly, manipulating my legs over and around Barry. Finally I was lying on my back, my legs still spread with Barry between them, my cock hard. Given his location, Barry continued to work my legs at Robert's guidance. His hands continued to brush my balls and hard dick. Robert, for his part, worked his magic on my chest. He massaged and tweaked my nipples, all the time his cock dangled, semi-hard by my face. Barry's maneuvers were making me harder. The relaxation part seemed to be over. I reached up and guided Robert's cock to my mouth, scooting down on the bed so my head hung over the foot as I did. It didn't take long for him to get hard as I took him deep into my mouth.

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