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Me & Mom

by gamma33 05/02/01

"Come on, Mom, cum for me, cum for you're fucking son," I managed to mutter. "cum and show me how much you like me fuckin' you."

"Yes, baby, yes," she whispered back. "I love you fucking me, fucking me so hard, so good." She began panting hard, much as I was, gasping for breath. "Oh fuck, fuck, god, I'm gonna cum again,

I'm gonna cummm!". Her body began to tense up again and she grabbed me around my waist, pushing up to me as best she could. "I'M CUMMING, OH GOD, DAVEY, OH GOD, I'M CUMMING, OH GOD, DON'T STOP, DON'T STOP!!" Her eyes closed as once more she concentrated on her climax...a continuous moan burst from her parted lips. As she strained against me, I pushed my prick into her as far as I could, holding it there.

As the waves of her rapture slowed, she again relaxed and I started my motions again. This time I knew I wouldn't be long reaching my own orgasm. In minutes I felt the familar signs as my ball-sack tightened up and my jism began to boil up my shaft. I pushed as deeply as I could as my cum exploded into Mom's cunt.

"HERE IT COMES, MOM, HERE IT CUMS!! YES..YES... YESSS!!" With each spurt I tried to get deeper, to plant my juices right at her womb.

As the last of my jism dribbled into her, I collapsed, falling forward onto Mom, exhausted. We had been fucking for almost an hour and the wonderful exertions had drained me. Mom pushed me off her body and in no time, I was sound asleep.

When I awoke, refreshed, late the next morning, I was alone in bed. The pile of clothing that we had left on the floor the night before was gone. I jumped out of bed...I had to pee something awful. After I had emptied my bladder and, without bother to put anything on, went downstairs to the kitchen.

* * * * *

Mom was breathing heavily again, just the way she did before when she became sexually excited. Her love honey was seeping out of her cunt, around my fingers, running down her thighs, as I continued to finger-fuck her.

"God, Davey, it feels so good! You make me feel so damned good. I'm gonna cum in a minute, just don't stop, please don't stop."

"I won't stop Mom. I want you to cum and cum and cum," I whispered in her ear. "Then," I continued,

I'm going to lick your pussy and make you cum some more. Would you like that?"

"Oh god, yes, Davey, yes, yes, yes."

We both had so much time to make up for, she for the more than six months since Dad died, and me for all those lonely nights, jerking off in bed as

I dreamed of fucking her.

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