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Measuring My Cum Ch. 10

by palacechief 06/03/07

Please read earlier chapters to understand storyline and enjoy it better! For those who have been following this series, your feedback requesting more of the story is appreciated, and I do hope to incorporate some of your ideas, including more characters in any future chapters.


After a moment, mom seemed to regain her composure, as she let go of hugging me, and without looking at me directly said, "Rinse yourself off and get dressed."

I did as instructed, grabbing the showerhead and spraying myself over with water, and rinsing around my cock and balls to get the remnants of semen from my last cum load off.

Then I stepped out of the bath, grabbed a towel from the rail and dried myself off for a moment with my back to mom. I turned around to say I was off to get dressed and saw mom looking down at my now limp dick and balls. She had an intense look on her face, almost like she was mesmerised by my prick.

"Dry your cock properly," she said, watching me. I was a little surprised at her saying this, but did as she asked, rubbing my cock and balls over with the towel.

I caught a glance at her as I did so, and saw her lick her lips. It excited me again to see her do this, but not to the extent that it had any effect on my dick, just yet!

"Actually, don't dress. Just put your gown on without anything on underneath and go downstairs and eat breakfast. I'll be down in a few minutes after I rinse off as well," she added.

With that she drew the shower curtain across and I heard the sound of water spray over her.

I threw my towel in the linen basket in the bathroom and walked naked into my room. My house-gown was on a chair in the corner. As I walked over to pick it up I passed by the full length mirror in my room and just stood for a moment looking at myself nude. My chest swelled and I felt confident as I did so. I had finally fucked mom. Twice, in fact, and boy it had felt great. Now, I wanted more. I wondered if she would let me carry on doing that as part of our sessions. I just couldn't get enough of her voluptuous, sexy body!

I pulled the gown on and went downstairs. I sat down at the kitchen table with some orange juice and cereal and started eating. As I eat, I wondered what we would do today and what mom would wear for me to keep me 'stimulated' as she put it.

After about 20 minutes, I heard mom come down the stairs. I was a little disappointed to see she had herself completely covered up in a white cotton bath gown. She was holding a blue document folder in one hand.

She didn't look at me as she came in, but just started to get her breakfast ready.

I didn't say anything. There was silence for a while.

Then mom came over and sat opposite me and started eating some toast she had made, and sipped on a cup of coffee.

She looked at me and said, "Now, Jacob, what we did this morning must be a complete secret between us."

"Yes, mom," I replied, in a serious tone.

"Did you enjoy it?" she said, much to my surprise.

"Yes, of course," I replied. "Bit of a strange question," I added, truthfully.

"Well, I was wondering if you felt guilty that it was not right."

"It felt right, mom," I replied honestly. "It just felt like something natural to do, like all the other stuff we've been doing."

"I'm glad you are comfortable with it," she replied firmly. "I just wanted to make sure. I should have restrained myself though, I think," she added, "But over the past week, since the doctor said I should help you get samples of your cum, seeing your nude body, and you appreciating mine,'ve awakened a part of me that has been dormant since your father left." She paused for a moment, looking into her coffee cup.

"But, your penetrating me means that we haven't managed to collect proper samples today and that's why I think we must not do it again. It's just too hard for you to pull out in time."

I felt a bit disappointed, but just nodded in agreement, so as not to make it an issue.

After mom finished eating, she said, "I've brought the record of your semen measurements taken from the measuring beaker. You know I've been keeping a note after every session."

I nodded. I had not seen the record sheets so far, and keenly looked over as mom pulled a couple of sheets out from the document folder.

Come over here so you can see better.

I moved my chair around so that I was sitting next to mom and we faced the same direction. She put the sheets on the table in front of me.

Mom had pencilled in amounts in several boxes in columns, each column representing a day. As I looked through what she had noted down, I could see that most of my cum measurements were somewhere between 25 and 40 millilitres each time. But I noticed there was no total for each day.

"Mom, do you mind if I just add up what I've been producing each day?"

"No, I guess not," she replied. "I think the doctor was going to do that anyway."

I got up for a moment and grabbed a calculator from the kitchen drawer, and then sat down again next to mom.

I started totting up the amounts for each day. There were 6-7 cum loads per day noted.

It took a few minutes and mom watched me whilst I added them up.

Then when I'd added up each column so that the figures for each day was done, I looked closely at the final figures.

It appeared that even though the amounts I had been producing varied a little each time, the daily amounts never showed more that 5-10 millilitres of variance.

"That's interesting," I said finally.

"What is?" Mom replied.

"Look, can you see that the amounts I'm producing each day aren't that much different? That means that even if we miss a collection or two, we could probably just work out an average."

Mom smiled at me. "I see," she said. "So what your saying is that we can fuck once or twice a day without worrying about collecting you're cum to measure are you?"

I blushed, hearing mom be so blunt.

"Er...actually I hadn't thought of it that way," I replied, truthfully, as I had been engrossed in working out the figures and what they might mean. "But, I suppose that's one of the outcomes of the results so far," I said, trying to sound all serious and scientific about it.

"I see," said mom. She looked at me hard in the eyes. "So are you saying that we could even go a full day without collecting and measuring your cum?"

"Er.. well.." I replied, "I don't think we should do it too often, but we could do that occasionally, as long as we did take normal collections and measurements on other days until the doctor has worked out what is going on with my condition. Otherwise we might mess up working out the averages."

"Ok," replied mom. She seemed to have a bit of a mischievous look on her face now. I couldn't quite make out what she was thinking, but my dick was starting to twitch a bit under my gown.

"In that case Jacob," said mom, with an intense look on her face, and I also noticed her cheeks flush, "Why don't we forget about collecting samples today in the semen beaker. You have got me very aroused since morning, and I think that today, I will help you to cum as naturally as possible, and in return I want you to help satisfy me too. How does that sound?"

I gulped, not quite believing what I had just heard, and my dick was now tenting up my gown. I could not hide it, and mom saw this, as I was sitting right next to her.

I just nodded, still not knowing quite what to say.

"I can see your cock is in agreement," said mom with a wide smile and then a giggle.

"Let's go upstairs to my bedroom," she said.

She stood up and as I did so too, my hard cock was still pushing my gown up below my waist.

Mom giggled again. Well that looks a bit silly, let's make you more comfortable and untie your gown. And with that, she pulled on my belt untying it, and my gown opened from the front, partly exposing my nakedness underneath, and my erect dick popped out.

"That's better," said mom, and grabbing my hard on said, "Come on." Mom walked in front of me and pulled me along behind her holding my cock like it was some rod attached to my body!

Fuck! I couldn't believe it! It was like mom was taking me upstairs for sex! And she had said her bedroom this time, not mine. Fuck, Fuck, Fuck!

Mom gently pulled me along the hallway and then up the stairs, and then finally let go of me as we entered her bedroom.

Mom's bedroom was bigger than mine and she had a king-size bed as opposed to a double in mine. She also had an en-suite bathroom like me. All along one wall opposite her bed were fitted cupboards with sliding doors, which all had full length and width mirrored fronts on them, so that the entire room almost looked double in size as you stood in the room looking at the mirrored cupboard wall. For someone who I had always thought of as very prudish until now, mom liked mirrors a lot, and she also had a very large one on the wall over the head end of her bed. Her bedroom had a beige coloured carpet and a large fluffy white rug at the end closest to the bay windows, where there were also two cream coloured single sofa chairs. Mom had a very luxurious bedroom!

As we entered the room, mom closed the door firmly behind us.

"Sit on the end of the bed facing me," she said commandingly.

I sat down as instructed at the end of the bed so I was facing the mirrored wall of cupboards. My gown was still open at the front and my dick had for a moment gone down a bit from its fully hard state it had been in a moment ago.

Mom now stood in front of me in her white bath robe, her back to the mirrored cupboard wall.

"Now," she said, "After so many days of having to collect your cum in a measuring beaker, today we are going to just help you cum as naturally as possible. Maybe that will help sort out your medical problem too. We are going to fuck like a normal couple, all day Jacob. Do you like the idea of that?"

I blushed deep red, hearing mom talk like that.

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