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by intriguess 03/22/01

You find a nice cool lagoon and decide to take a dip into the inviting water. Relaxing from the warm day and gently drifting off and you find yourself thinking of mermaids. Your cock twitching at the erotic thought. You can almost hear her humming. You open your eyes to see that lovely creature brushing her long dark hair upon a rock in the center of the lake. You swim quietly up finding yourself wondering how one makes love to such a creature. You take my brush and start brushing my hair as my body tenses at the scent of a man. Your fingers caress my neck and your lips brush it. Whispering, "I've never meet a mermaid before much less a sexy siren." Your lips playing along my neck you can feel my blood pulsing. I turn slightly towards you and you see my nice full breasts and your hands move to explore this new area.

I look at you and let your hands travel over my body and whisper, "I've never met a man." Your eyebrows raise and I glance down your body and remember it's different for humans.

You follow my gaze to your hard cock, "Are mermen built like me?"

"Well, yes in that way," I reply still taken away by your fingers as they finally reach my hard nipples. I slip off the rock into the water and you join me.

"Are you?" your hands slip down to my waist. You are surprised to feel my warm flexible scales melt away revealing a gorgeous pussy slightly more forward since no legs separate them. You wonder if you can penetrate as deeply and how mermaids experience pleasure. Your fingers slide down to explore and you kiss my lips. I melt and go limp slightly, "You okay?" you ask concerned.

"Merpeople don't touch lips," I reply you feel my warm body wrapping around yours massaging your legs my pussy aligned perfectly with your cock.

"Ooo," you reply feeling my body next to yours and your tip right upon my entrance and I press you in you feel the tight wet warmth surround your cock. As I rock my hips kissing you deeply our bodies seem to melt together as water surrounds us. We rock together and I move faster eager to please you and your face contorts as we climax in one mind numbing wave of pleasure that threatens to drown us both. I unwind myself and pull away my scales reappearing and softly kiss you and swim swiftly away.

You return to lagoon looking for that exotic creature disappointed when she's not there. Yet, you keep returning until a cool day you're sore from riding and decide you might as well take a dip. Your mind wanders back to the feel of her wrapping around you.

Your eyes flick open you swore you felt her brushing against you. You turn to look at the rock and see her combing her hair. The humming awakening your body fully you swim towards me and climb up the rock taking the comb and running it through my long hair. Breathing in the salty scent letting the comb fall and your hands slide up my front the soft full breasts pert nipples. Kissing my neck and I melt into your arms. Your hands slide down feeling my body opening to you letting your hands memorize my pussy so soft dry and fresh the clit already swelling and becoming wet.

I turn towards you and you lean me back upon the rock and lower yourself over me the passion intense your hard cock slipping in to my wet tight pussy. I squirm a bit and your cock moves inside of me. I look up at you and you sink in and our bodies merge the orgasm longer and more intense. You try to stay in me and keep me here but I slip off the rock and disappear into murky water, leaving my comb behind.

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