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Mine Series: You Are Mine Now

by Legman173 12/24/12

He stood up and took off his shirt showing her his well defined chest and arms that he was quickly learning drove her crazy.

"Fine, I want it, I want your dick."

"No like you mean it"

She looked up at him, following his defined arms to his handsome chest and down to where he had just removed his pants. The object of her desire stared right at her at full attention. How had she forgotten how big, no how huge he was.

"Oh god... I want your cock I have to have it"

"Do you want it more than your husband's?"

"Oh yeah that thing dwarfs his, give it to me!"

"Now that's a good girl! Where do you want it first?"

"Let me taste that bad boy!"

"I have a better idea" he said as he climbed on the bed next her and laid down pulling one of her legs over his head. "Let's both enjoy each other".

A chill went up Mary's spine as she knew what he had in mind. She lowered her wet pussy on his mouth as she stared down at his hard cock and took it in her hand. Discarding her bra in the heap of clothes in the corner she focused on the act at hand. This had to be the sluttiest thing she had done yet, and it drove her wild as she took his cock in her mouth as far as it would go.

Dean licked her with abandon as she rode his face. This was something he had always wanted to do with her and finally it had happened. He could not wait to get this slut completely under his control. He let his desire for her envelop him as he dove into her cunt.

Mary cradled his balls and jerked him off furiously as she fucked his face with her mouth. She knew what this position was meant for and there was nothing sensual about it. They were about to have a kinky lust filled fuckfest and she was about to enjoy every minute of it.

It wasn't long before Dean drove her over the edge with his tongue and she was soaking his face with her sweet juices. She moaned with his cock still in her mouth before letting it pop out and riding his face through orgasm.

"Fuck my husband could never eat pussy like that." She said catching her breath as she came down from her high. "Dean, sorry, but you're not getting off just yet... I need that cock in me first!"

As she said it she climbed off his face and worked her way around till she could mount his cock. Dean groaned in pleasure as he felt her impale herself on him and slowly start to rock up and down on his cock. She started to move faster and faster bracing herself on his chest with her hands. Dean loved it the complete inner slut in her was coming out; she wasn't even looking at him as she was completely consumed in lust. He grabbed her nice firm bubble butt and pulled her to him with every motion rocking with her.

Dean had no idea how he hadn't cum yet, he had been waiting a month to get into her pussy and was harder then he could ever remember. His balls ached with the load of cum just waiting to fill her. Just as Mary started to brace herself in orgasm Dean had finally had to much and filled her with the biggest load of his life.

"Oh fuck yes Dean! Fill me up! Fill up my slutty cheating pussy with your cum! Oh yes!" she screamed as she came on top of his cock losing herself in another orgasm. ""

After she had ridden the last wave of pleasure she collapsed on top of him. He leaned down and kissed her forehead before rolling her over.

"You know I'm not done with you yet right?"

"Oh Jesus Dean, my husband has never fucked me like that, what else can you possibly due to me?"

"Easy, I'm going to do exactly what you came her for, I'm going to make you my slut." As he finished he reached over to the nightstand and grabbed the bottle of lube that had been waiting there.

Mary perked up at the idea; ever since they had fucked she had been fantasizing about getting his cock in her virgin ass. She had even started playing with her own ass when she thought about it. Dean was brining out every sexual part of her she had ever held back before and she was loving every minute of it.

"Now I like the sound of that, but do you need a break first?"

"What do you think?" he said gesturing to his cock that still stood rock hard after filling her up with the biggest load of her life.

"I think someone's ready for some virgin ass!"

Mary got up and leaned over the end of the bed as she felt Dean kiss his way down her back. She felt the warm wet sensation of his tongue as it licked its way down her crack to her forbidden hole. The feel of his tongue was amazing and was only topped when she felt his fingers in her cum soaked pussy.

Dean started working his fingers in and out of her asshole preparing her for his mammoth cock.

"You like that baby? You like my finger on your virgin ass? I bet you never let your husband finger your virgin ass did you?"

"Oh... you make me such a slut for you Dean! I can't believe I'm letting you do this, I never let my husband go near my ass."

"That's his loss" he said as he started to work the lube in her ass. "Your almost ready"

As he said it he slid his hard cock in her pussy and continued to finger her ass.

"Oh my DEAN! I feel so full! Please do it put it in my ass make me a little anal whore!"

"You'd like that wouldn't you? You want to be my little anal whore, you want to leave your husband at home so you can let me fuck your slutty little ass!"

"Oh yes please make me your ass whore!"

Dean pulled his cock out of her pussy and slowly started to work it into Mary's dark hole. He started off slow and let her get comfortable with the feeling of his cock in her virgin hole. He started to play with her clit as he gave her deeper and deeper strokes.

"How's that feel slut?" Dean said overwhelmed by his lust for her.

"It was really tight at first but now its starting to...oooh....yeaah... it feels real good."

"You want it harder you little slut, you want me to fuck you like a little cheating ass whore?!" he slapped her ass as he fucked her. "Does this bad cheating slut like it nice and hard?"

"Oh yes, give it to me! Fuck my cheating little ass!"

All her talk drove Dean into fervor as he grabbed her hips and started to fuck her as hard as he could up her ass. All he could think about it filling her ass up with his cum. The smell of sex filled the room as sounds of slapping could be heard with every thrust. Dean's balls slapped against Mary's pussy driving her into yet another orgasm.

As Mary screamed in passion Dean could feel her asshole clench around his cock. The feeling was too much for him as his balls released yet another load into the cheating little slut. He could feel stream after stream of cum fill her up as he held himself as deep in her as he could. After wave upon wave of pleasure finally receded he managed to pull out of her with a slight pop.

Dean loved knowing both her ass and pussy were filled with his cum. He knew he was pushing the limits of how far Mary would go but the temptation of filling all of her holes was just to much for him.

"Now you're a slut, but there's one thing left for you to do."

"What?" Mary looked up at him from the bed.

"Get on your knees."

Mary listened without question not even thinking about what he had planned. She was still on a high as she felt his cum move around inside her ass.

"Now clean off my cock" Dean said as he moved it toward her lips.

Mary knew this was dirty, she had just let him fuck her in the ass, but for some reason that didn't stop her, it drove her on. She just couldn't help herself with Dean. She had teased him mercilessly for years and now that she had finally give in she couldn't refuse him. She grabbed his semi hard cock and put it in her mouth tasting the mix of his cum, her pussy and her ass juices. She cradled his balls and worked them as she worked the shaft with another.

"Do you think you could cum again Deany? She asked in an innocent voice.

He put his hand under her chin so he was looking right at her. "I don't think I could stop cumming with you Mary, besides, I still have one more hole t fill." He smiled as he said it the grabbed the back of her head and pushed her back down on him.

It was mere moments before Dean was rock hard again. What Mary didn't know is that all the build up his wife had caused him for the last month was being taken out on her. Dean had no choice but to be driven by his lust, it was as if he was a tiger locked in a room with a raw steak, he had no choice but to devour her.

As Mary licked his shaft she worked her way down and nibbled his balls before taking them into her mouth sucking first one then the other. She then licked her way back up his shaft and licked and sucked on the underside of his cock as she jerked him off before taking all of him down her throat. She worked his shaft some more before doing it again.

She could feel his cock getting harder and harder in her mouth. She started to run the tip along her lips smacking it like she had seen done in porn movie she once caught her husband watching. She was pulling out every slutty trick she could think of to get his cum. Mary then devoured him with a frenzy and started to go up and down on his shaft while she jerked him off her wedding ring on her left hand as she did so. The image of this slutty wife jerking his cock with her wedding ring on just showed how much a slut Mary was becoming.

It didn't take much longer before Dean was grabbing her head and filling her mouth up with yet another load. This married slut had taken a load in every one of her holes and had refused Dean nothing. She looked up at him wiping some cum of her lip with her finger then sucking it into her mouth.

"I just love your cum. I don't know what it is about you Dean you just make me do things I would never do with my husband. I don't know what you do to me but I like it."

"Good." a voice replied from the doorway.

There at the door to the bedroom stood Heather in all her splendor. She was wearing a sleek black dress that could barely hold in her big tits. It accented her nice round ass but still gave her a sleek sexy look. Her long hair was nice and straight and fell down to her shoulders. She wore a pair of black stockings that lead down to a pair of sleek black heels. Every bit of her outfit seemed to be planned out with great attention to detail accentuating one simple fact. She was in charge.

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