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Mine...Yours Pt. 10

by payenbrant 03/07/15

Author's Note:

Whew! So glad to be back writing! Well, it seems that most of you all liked the last story, now let me answer some questions 1. may not have my love child! As flattering as it is to have people say they want to have my children, I require that you at least take me to dinner first. Possibly some dancing will be involved. 2. My inspiration for the story comes from the same place all inspiration comes from...too much caffeine, my own personal life, the lives of friends and family and an overactive imagination. 3. Yes, I will write this story all the way to the end. I have my outline all the way written out to the words "The End." It will happen.

My poor editor, Real Life really pulled their attention hard! So this story has some, only some of their editing help and the rest was done by a good friend who knows more about words than I do.

So thank you for reading, I hope you continue to enjoy my story.

This part of my story is dedicated to bearslady, for more than one reason and bearslady only knows two of the reasons why. There are three more reasons but I will never tell!

Chapter 27: Feelings

I walked quickly through my fence's gate and crossed the front yard in a straight line for the front door. I could hear Lucretia clumping quickly behind me to keep up. It always made me smile in the past to hear her try to keep up without running when I walk fast. It annoyed her to no end that she had a hard time keeping up with me when she was in her human form! Especially when she was so much taller than me in her battle form. The events that just happened a minute ago in the Gatewatch's house curved back to the forefront of my mind and I grit my teeth while my grin disappeared...

Judge Michael Roberts is Hildy's father!

I slammed open my door and for the first time I ignored all the changes that had been taking place in my home. The carpet in the living room where there once had been plywood floors. Drywall now painted and clean, bookshelves on two sides of the living room with a flat screen TV on the opposite side. I walked through the living room back through Lucretia's room, which was now furnished as a guest room. She still called it "Her Room" but spent most of her time with me in my room. She only used it now when she didn't want to go to work with me at night, or when she just wanted some time to herself, which didn't seem to often.

I walked past her bed and her desk that she insisted on having. Lucretia never read on her bed, she insisted that was for sleeping and a desk was for reading. I absently noticed that she now had four shelf stereo systems set at the four corners of the room. Four! After she got two of them, I asked her to explain why she needed more but I still didn't really understand. I opened the sliding glass door and walked out onto the back porch that was newly made out of recycled plastic. It never needed paint, and I could pressure wash it easily to clean it. Also after our first meeting between Lucretia and I, she seemed to feel a mild sense of discomfort on wooden porches, especially when I would lean on the railing.

I walked off the back porch and slowly paced in the back yard. The fruit trees had been pruned, the leaves raked, the grass cut, and the storage shed painted. The house itself had been covered in vinyl siding that was a mild blue and then trimmed in white, and the roof had been repaired. Everything was really coming together; it didn't look at all like the dilapidated wreck of a couple months ago...

And I wanted to burn it down! I wanted to run around it with a gas can and touch it off and watch it cave in on itself and become a smoking pile of rubble! Then I wanted to blow a hole the size of a tangerine in Judge Michael's forehead and shit in the hole! Then I wanted to hunt down every single person that so much as gave me a cross-eyed look and give them a bitch slap with a brick! I want them to suffer and hurt! They need to hurt...They need to HURT...THEY NEED TO HURT AND FEEL WHAT I HAVE HAD TO...

"Master...?" I heard Lucretia say my name urgently behind me. I snarled as I whipped my head around to stare at her. She had changed to full battle ready. Six feet tall, at least two hundred pounds of lean frame that was immensely stronger than it looked. Black claws and long talon like spurs, her wings flexed and almost shivered as her mouth opened in a silent pant. Her head was tilted, almost bird-like, as she regarded me with a mixture of curiosity, apprehension, and excitement.

"...Who do we...kill...Master?" Lucretia asked between slow breaths. Her tongue licked her lower lip and her right hand squeezed her breast before sliding over her stomach. My eyebrows raised and all thoughts of violence fled in surprise at her question. Who do we...what...kill? I don't want to kill anyone, well, honestly I was letting those thoughts rage out of control for a little bit there, but I would never actually want to kill anyone. I had planned on going down to the basement and working out to get rid of those aggressive feelings. That followed by a good shower and a nap then go to work and come home with maybe a pizza or something. Lucretia liked the all vegetarian with white sauce and bacon instead of tomatoes. Truth be told I liked it too. However seeing Lucretia all ready to declare war kinda killed those emotions in me. And now she is looking at me

"Gregory you are so...RAAH!" She almost wailed in frustrated rage. She eyed me, looking me up and down from the toes of my shoes to the hair on my head. Then turned and stalked back into the house, changing as she walked without even bothering with clothes and I saw her cute rosy ass cheeks as she opened and then slammed shut the sliding room door to her room while giving me a baleful look over her shoulder. Then she closed the curtains and I heard another faint yell of frustration. I could just see her flopping on her bed and clutching a pillow to her face as she yelled into it in my mind's eye!

Now what got her tail tied in a knot? I walked up to the sliding door and gently knocked on it.

"Go away!" Came the immediate reply. I thought about forcing my way in but a couple of things stopped me. Yes, this was my house and I make the rules and I don't appreciate being kept out of somewhere in my own home. This was Lucretia's room though; I had given it to her for her to use and to have space to herself. I had to respect that and give her space if she needed it. She had done very well in obeying me and in learning all the little lessons I had been teaching. As bad as I wanted to find out what was wrong and fix it, I needed to let her come to me. this a test? Does she want me to go in and try to talk to her? Or...

A man could go crazy understanding women...and Lucretia is a succubae! I decided to go downstairs into the basement and work out.

My basement was left alone during the remodel. The workers were told not to go down, and the door was kept locked at all times. For some reason I enjoyed using my homemade workout equipment, and scavenged mirrors. I fell into my regular routine of running in place, stretching, isometrics and then using my weights. Then I began practicing my forms...some people call them "Katas" but I have never really been big on ceremony in that regard. I was really working up a sweat so I took my shirt off and then caught my reflection in the mirror. I looked different, very different! I must have lost at least 10 pounds!

A shiver ran up my spine as I realized my extra camouflage weight was slipping. I guess working out with Lucretia was a good weight loss program, but I can't afford this. I need my extra padding so I look soft and doughy, if I am attacked I need that element of surprise. I was just heading up the stairs to raid the freezer for ice cream when Lucretia met me on the steps and pushed me back with a hot stare!

"You can't do this to me Gregory!" She snarled through gritted teeth. Her eyes were black in her human face and her claws on the tips of her fingers kept trying to grow.

"I have been good, haven't I?" She asked as she began to pace in my basement. I just watched her, letting her spout. She came up to one of my hanging bags as she stalked by and negligently hit it...hard! The canvas strap tore loose with a pop from the stitching and the bag fell from the chain to hit the floor. Lucretia kicked it, sending it rolling and tumbling to the far wall.

"I haven't killed or drained anyone...though I had cause. I followed your rules...but you can't tempt me like this!" She told me in a frustrated tone. Her eyes turned back to look at me and the black began to fade, and then it rushed back in until they were dark inky pools. She shuddered and clutched her stomach. I came closer and filled with concern I put my hand on her shoulder. She backed away quickly and then stood with fists clenched.

"Don't touch me! Not are my ...friend, my Master. But not...not right now!" She panted.

"What is wrong? Lucretia if you don't tell me what's up I am still in the dark over here." I asked in exasperation.

My succubus fidgeted and then used both hands to rub her arms crossing them over her body as if she was cold.

"I feel your emotions, and I have new emotions to add to the few that I do have..." She paused, considering her words.

"I am surrounded by food, I can just reach out and drain anyone I see. I have been distracted from it by having all of these new feelings to explore and understand."

She took several steps closer to me and looked me right in my eyes. "I end things, I is who and what I am. I have suppressed that with all of the distractions but feeling what you felt, the white hot heat of it...I...I...oh GREG!" She turned and began pacing again her fists clenched and rose squeezing the sides of her head.

"I want to kill something!" She moaned. "I need to sink my teeth into an enemy and feel that energy slither down into me! I need to do it! And when I felt your rage I thought I was going to be able to satisfy that need...and then, it went away! IT just LEFT!" That last sentence ended in a wail as she punched my heavy bag and broke the seam along its side and saw dust began spilling out through the tear.

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