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Mitzi Ch. 01

by EZ4BLKcock 01/22/14

When his precum started flowing onto my tongue, an itch started in my pussy. I cupped my sex and pushed in two fingers trying to scratch that deep itch. My fingers were not long enough. And I knew of only one thing that could scratch my growing itch.

I started squirming out of frustration, but the thug didn't notice, "You like sucking the black meat, slut?"

"Ummm hmmm," I mumbled with a mouthful of cock.

He pulled my mouth off his dark staff, "Since you're a good slut, I think you deserve a reward."

"What is it?"

"What do you want?" He asked, and I continued stroking his black rod.

"You to fuck me," I kissed his mushroomed dome, "With this big black cock."

He got up and moved to the passenger seat which was turned to face the back of the van and sat down, "Climb aboard, slut."

I climbed into his lap facing the school. He reached under the back of my T-shirt and unclasped my bra. I placed my knees on the outside edge of the seat as I sank halfway down on his dark pleasure shaft. He groaned, "Mmmm, that's it girl. Drive Ty."

The van started moving as I sank almost all the way down. I started posting as he pulled up the front of my shirt to suck on my right breast before turning the seat so my back faced the windshield.

My head flung back when he grabbed my hips and forced me completely down, impaling me on his ebony pussy wrecker. "OH MY GOD!" I screamed, "Yesssss, make me take it all."

He laid the seat back some when my head hit the roof. I fell forward and shoved my tongue down his throat. Our tongues dueled for what seemed like hours of euphoria. His dark magical shaft was driving me into constant orgasms. The mushroomed cap of his forbidden lance grazed my G-spot while I posted faster and harder. I broke the kiss wailing.

"God, cuuuuuuuming!! Fuck me, fuck me!"

His shaft started swelling as he grunted, "Going to cum in you, bitch."

"Yes, Yes!" I howled, "Cum in me, pleasssssse!"

"You might get knocked up," He was grunted more, "Put a black baby in your belly."

"I don't care! Ohhhh," I flung my head back, "Just do it. Knock me up."

"Ugh oh," He grunted, "Here it comes bitch - going to breed you black."

He shoved my hips down so the head of his black cock pried open my cervix. I felt the first rope of his African DNA fill my white womb, and I went wild.

"Fuck!" I pressed down onto his gushing cock, "Breed me black! I'm Cuuuuuuming – AHHH!!"

I slumped to his shoulder, shuddering while he pumped his black baby makers into my unprotected pussy. My white womb craved the warmth of his hot seed, and my pale cunt milked him for more long after his black member stopped pulsing.

I lay on his shoulder for a while until I felt the van stop. I kissed him, "Thank you."

"What was that for?"

"You have showed me who I truly am."

"And who are you truly?"

"I'm your whore," I said with a wicked grin.

"You really want that number one ho spot don't you?"

"I do, I really do."

"Then get your white ass on the bed," he snarled.

Climbing off his lap my pussy made a slurping sound with a loud pop when his black spear vacated my wanton vagina. I pulled my top and bra off and moved to the water bed, his spunk pouring down my legs. Laying down I placed my feet on the edge with my knees up and legs spread. My eyes locked onto the thug's.

"Breed me."

He pulled on his jeans and nodded to the driver, "You heard the slut, Ty. Breed her white cunt."

Ty jumped out of the driver's seat and dropped his pants. As he moved to the bed I could see his ebony cock, hanging almost as low as the thugs. Ty jumped between my thighs and I grabbed his black cock and literally shoved it into my hungry snatch.

Ty groaned, "Fuck... this one sweet ass ho."

The van started moving as the thug took the wheel, "I told you, Ty. She likes the bare black cock."

I wrapped my legs around Ty's waist, spurring him on as the van rocked. With the vans movement and Ty's eager thrusting my pussy went aflame. The waves of the water bed thrust my hips up to meet his automatically.

Ty kept fucking me while talking to my thug, "Yo, don't this sweet piece of meat have a boyfriend?"

"Yeah, but she makes him wear a condom."

"That's no way to treat a fine pussy, beating it up with latex."

We rounded a corner and Ty grunted, "Oh shit man, I'm going to cum already."

"Dump it in the bitch."

The thug rounded another corner. I felt the first rope of sperm hit my cervix, "Sure hope the bitch is on the pill," Ty grunted and laughed with a deep push, "Not."

I pulled Ty deep into my pussy with my legs while his cock continued to cover my cervix with potent sperm. I grabbed his ears and moaned, "You got your wish. I'm not," Without thinking I kissed him, a man I'd just met and who just came inside me.

Our tongues met with a passion while his ejaculate filled my belly. My pussy walls convulsed to milk him for more. He broke the kiss and growled, "You hot bitch."

"I need to get my car," I said. But Ty started humping again, frothing up all the cum just dumped into me. The van started moving again as Ty's hips were slapping my thighs. My pussy squelched. Our tongues intertwined.

Ty rolled us over so I was on top. I placed my white hands on his muscular black chest to keep my balance. I stared down into his deep dark eyes with my baby blue eyes, "God, I love big black cock."

His hands grabbed my breasts, "And I love cumming in snobby white princesses."

I started posting and gyrating on his big black cock with my posh white pussy. The van came to a stop and I looked out the windshield. We were right in front of my high school.

I gyrated faster on Ty's black love stick. Touching my lips to his, "What are you waiting for?" I whispered, "Fill the unprotected white pussy of this princess with your hot black sperm."

Ty rolled us back over pinning me to the bed in an instant. His hips slapped my thighs hard, and my hips bucked up to meet his thrusts.

"Going to cum again whore,"

"Fuck me, ooooh," I started trembling in orgasm, "I – I'm Cummmmming! Cum in me and breed me black!"

"Here it comes, princess - Oooooooh shit!" he groaned. I hugged Ty tight to my waist when he started spewing his black seed into me for the second time. We stayed joined at the hips for about five minutes kissing while my vagina milked whatever cum he hadn't jerked into me from his shaft. Finally Ty rolled off me with a messy pop. The afterglow faded, and shock replaced it.

"Ummm, it's been fun – er, it's been real, I mean it's been really fun. But I've got to go now, like right now!" I told them, throwing on my clothes.

"What's the rush, slut?" The thug asked as Ty fitted his flaccid member back into his pants.

"I got places to go. My boyfriend, going to a party – ummm where is..." I didn't have time to clean up, so I pulled my pants up without a second thought.

"Where are the parties tonight, ho?"

"Ummm, the two I know of are at 214 Crenshaw and 3208 Bradcliff. See you later," I called out before jumping out.

I jumped into my car and quickly sped off. What did I just do? I lay my hand in my lap and found that my crotch was soaked. Looking at the clock radio I saw that I was gone for 2 hours, so school was almost out.

I drove straight home, hoping my mom was not there. Lucky for me my mom wasn't. I stripped and jumped into bed. For some reason I was wide awake when two hours ago I was exhausted.

Whatever was going on in my young teen body had me thinking: Why all of a sudden was I acting like such a slut? Two days ago I would never have allowed a penis into my body unless it was covered with a condom. Today I had two bare cocks in my pussy.

I had never been asked out by a black boy. Today I fucked two.

Whatever occurred yesterday had my body craving to be filled with sperm. Was it the thrill of unprotected sex? Tempting pregnancy, disease?

Whatever urge was causing these cravings was a mystery to me. It was not a matter of love but teen urges. In the last eighteen hours, two strange black men had been allowed to dump millions of potent sperm into my unprotected Caucasian womb. I could not deny the fact that a bare cock felt better then a latex covered cock.

My only worry was not if I would conceive, but when.

My thoughts were interrupted when my phone buzzed, "Hello?"

"Hey Mitzi! Where'd you run off to?" It was Mandi. Mandi is my lab partner. She has the beauty to be a cheerleader but chose not to be.

"Oh hey. It was such a nice day I blew off the afternoon," My hand sank to my messy pussy.

"What did you do?"

"You know, fucked around and stuff," plunging a finger in my snatch. The squish of three loads drooled down to my knuckle.

"Sound like fun. What are you doing tonight?"

"Kevin wants to go to Greg or Stacie's party."

"Cool! Miranda mentioned the same ones. Are you planning on going?"

"I will for Kevin I guess, though the rest of the year should have plenty of parties," I pulled my cum-coated fingers to my lips.

"Oh yeah, no kidding. I heard Michelle might be having a big graduation bash up at the lake."

Licking my fingers, "Oh? That sounds hot - drinking, skinny dipping, what a blast."

"Party until you puke!"

"Ugh gross," The taste of the black men's cum however cut my patience short, "Hey listen, I have to shower and start dinner. I'll talk to you later."

"Alright, talk to you then Mitzi."

"Bye," I clicked off and plunged my fingers into my wanting pussy until I came hard.

I went to the bathroom and started the shower. Climbing in I tilted my head back, soaking my hair. The water cascaded over my sensitive nipples and sent a shiver of excitement through my body.

I had to rush through my shower when I noticed how sensitive my body had become. The water seemed to hit every hot spot of my body from my head to my toes. I was getting too turned on, and my pussy was already aching from the day.

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