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by Tammy_Nguyen_77 02/26/13

"Dangit." Melissa thought to herself.

"I walked out without my fucking phone."

It was one of those Monday mornings for Melissa. She was going to have to drive all the way back home to get her phone. It was a little after ten-thirty so at least the rush hour traffic will have died down. Melissa is a forty-four year old, recently divorced mother, whose daughter is home from college for the summer. Melissa imagined that Katie would probably sleep until noon, so she'd just slip in, grab her phone and not disturb her.

When Melissa got home she quietly went up to her bedroom, grabbed the phone from the charger on the nightstand, and was about to head back out when she heard some soft moaning from Katie's room. Melissa tip toed a little closer to the door and heard the unmistakable sounds of sexual pleasure.

" little baby's all grown up," Melissa thought to herself.

Melissa thought about just heading back out and giving her daughter some privacy, but she just couldn't resist taking a peek. Melissa expected to find her little girl's fingers in her panties, playing with her love button.

"Holy shit," Melissa thought to herself as she spotted Jeremy through the crack in the door.

Melissa had known Jeremy since he was ten years old. His family lived three doors down the street, and he and Katie had gone to school together since they were children. Katie had gone on a few dates with Jeremy in High School but Melissa had no idea they were this serious. The thought of bursting in on them went through Melissa's mind for a second, it would go through any mother's, but she thought better of it.

"She is an adult now," Melissa thought to herself.

Melissa had started having sex at fourteen herself, so she would be a hypocrite for trying to stop a twenty year old. Katie had been taught well, and had a good head on her shoulders. Melissa trusted her daughter's judgment, if she was having sex with this boy he must be ok.

Melissa was about to go back downstairs, but a thought was still lingering in her mind. When she cracked her daughter's door and saw the little boy from down the street, he wasn't so little anymore. Jeremy was twenty as well.

"Damn, has that boy grown," Melissa thought to herself.

He was six-foot five, two hundred fifteen pounds, without an ounce of fat or speck of body hair on him. That wasn't the only way he had grown.

"Jesus Christ," Melissa thought to herself as she was staring through the crack in the door.

The boy's cock had to be nine inches at least. Melissa just couldn't stop staring. Jeremy was naked on Katie's bed. Katie had her back to the door, straddling Jeremy's face as he ate her pussy.

"I can remember when this boy was ten, sitting in my kitchen, with ice cream smeared all over his face," Melissa thought to herself as she stared at his swollen sex organ.

Melissa's attention turned to her daughter. Her body was writhing with pleasure, as Jeremy's tongue fondled her. "Should I be watching this?" Melissa thought, but she couldn't tear herself away.

Melissa took a step from the door to make sure she wasn't seen, and undid a button on her blouse. A few beads of sweat had formed on her breasts.

"'s hot in here," she thought.

Melissa could still see into her daughter's room when suddenly Katie climbed off Jeremy's face and turned to face the door. Melissa's heart almost skipped a beat until she realized that Katie's attention was elsewhere.

"My God...she's really grown up," Melissa thought as she saw her daughter's naked body.

Katie was about five-foot-seven, one hundred twenty five pounds. She was a full 36 C-cup, with smooth flawless skin, and long sexy legs. Jeremy was lying on his back in Katie's bed, and Katie was sitting on top of him with her back to his face when,

"Oh my," Melissa thought when she saw Jeremy insert his massive penis into her daughter.

"Uhhhh my God," Katie moaned as Jeremy entered her.

Melissa could tell Katie was in heaven. Her body was gyrating rhythmically as the boy was penetrating her.

Melissa was sweating profusely now. She was breathing heavily when she felt a tingling between her thighs.

"Oh my god am I wet?"

Melissa was getting aroused. Katie was in ecstasy. Her body was glistening with sweat. She thought she was alone in the house so she was moaning loudly with pleasure. Jeremy's cock was slick with her daughter's pussy juice as he fucked her. Melissa thought she was about to faint, this was all too much for her. Jeremy's cock was sliding in and out of Katie so fast, Melissa thought the kids might hurt each other.

"Where do they get this stamina?" Melissa asked herself.

A minute or two later Katie moaned loudly,

"Uhhh Fuck,"

Melissa was envious as she watched her daughter experience a wonderful orgasm. A minute or so later Melissa saw Jeremy's toes curl. Katie and Jeremy were exhausted. They collapsed in Katie's bed and cuddled after their wonderful time together.

Melissa's head was spinning. She undid another button on her blouse, exposing quite a bit of cleavage. Since Melissa's divorce, she hadn't had sex with very often. She certainly hadn't had it the way she just saw. She quietly headed back downstairs, and back to work.

Later on that evening, at Melissa's regular time to get home, she found Katie in the Kitchen.

"Hey Mom," said Katie.

"Hi sweetheart," Melissa replied.

Melissa still didn't have any idea what to think about what she had seen this morning. She was turned on by it, but she didn't have any idea what to say to her daughter about seeing her have sex. Katie was going about her business, munching on a sandwich when Melissa asked,

"Hey you wanna go shopping?"

A huge smile came over Katie's face,


Katie went upstairs, got dressed and headed to the local mall with her mother.

Katie and Melissa were browsing through a rack of dresses when one caught Melissa's eye.

"Hey what do you think?" Melissa asked Katie.

"Mom that's slutty," Katie answered.

"Oh no it's not dear...I'm going to try it on,"

Melissa had picked out a cherry red minidress with an extremely low neckline, and extremely high hemline. Melissa went into the changing room and emerged a few minutes later.

"What do you think?" she asked Katie.

"Holy crap're gonna set off the fire alarm...change out of that before some poor guy sees you and has a heart attack,"

Melissa smiled, "Oh you're just trying to flatter your poor old broken down mother,"

Melissa was a gorgeous woman for twenty-four, let alone forty-four. She was five-foot-nine one hundred thirty pounds, with a natural 38 D-cup, a tight round butt, thick firm thighs, and a perfect hourglass figure.

"Jesus can't wear that outside, you'll get thrown in jail!" Katie exclaimed.

Melissa looked at herself in the mirror,

"Oh baby, it's not that bad...let's get you one,"

Katie started to giggle, "Mom!!!"

Katie was beginning to realize what had come over her mother and whispered, "Oh my god Mom, are you horny?"

Melissa dismissed her immediately, "Oh of course not dear, I just wanted a new dress that's all."

Katie grabbed her mother's hand and pulled her into the changing booth.

"Dad's been gone a few month's now, you must be going insane."

"Oh I'm ok sweetie." Melissa replied.

"Mom I'm not twelve anymore...we can talk about these things."

Katie had no idea how aware her mother was that she wasn't twelve anymore. Melissa finally relented and replied

"Well maybe a little, but I'm not going on any dates, and I don't want to meet anybody. I'm not ready for that yet."

Katie took her mother's hand, "You know Mom, there's ways to scratch the itch by yourself if you need to."

Melissa started to giggle, "Young lady!!!" she exclaimed as she realized what her daughter had in mind.

Melissa kept wearing the red dress she was trying on. They went to the sales counter to pay for it, and Katie grabbed her mother's keys. Katie took her mother to the local adult toy store. The place was empty except for the clerk at the counter. Katie and Melissa went over to the giant wall of dildos and began to browse. Melissa's eye was caught by a massive sex toy. She took the twelve inch super cock off the rack and looked at it seductively. Katie was shocked at her mother's choice.

"Mom, that thing is can't fit that."

Melissa gave her daughter an Oh Please look and said, "Sweetheart you fit down there, this little thing is nothing.

Melissa was still wearing the extremely revealing red dress she had just bought, and it was attracting attention. Katie glanced up into the parabolic mirror on the wall and noticed the clerk at the register had unzipped his jeans and pulled his dick out. Katie started to quietly giggle, elbowed her mom, and whispered,

"Mom, don't turn around...That poor perv at the counter is about to start jacking off to you."

Melissa looked up into the mirror and whispered, "is that right."

She took her new sex toy and placed it on the counter. The clerk rang up the item as he was trying to keep his sex organ concealed. When Melissa handed the clerk her credit card, he had to reveal his dick was out of his pants. The clerk had a bit of an embarrassed look on his face as he handed the bag to Melissa.

Melissa never took her eyes off the clerk as she handed the bag to Katie and said to him,

"Look I don't mind if you want to jack off to me, but you could at least be a gentleman and offer to show me a good time."

Katie was shocked by her mother, "MOM!!! Are you insane you can't..."

The clerk had a huge smile on his face as he stood up revealing a ten inch hard on. Katie's giggling stopped instantly and she said,

"Holy shit....uh you guys have fun...I'll watch the store for you pal."

The clerk walked from behind the counter locked the front door, put the closed sign in the window, and walked over to Melissa.

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