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Mom Becomes A Cheating Slut Ch. 01

by sex4every1 01/23/11

"One of these days that man is going to bore me to death!"

"Mom, are you even horny?"

"Not really, I just noticed the bulge in your shorts and figured you could use a hand!" as she takes out my cock again, stroking my massive mast slowly up and down.

"So you're jerking and sucking me off because... you're bored?"

"Yep, pretty much!"

"That's so slutty."

Ignoring my comment, she wobbles my stiff dick back and forth in her half-open fist and says:"God, do you ever go soft; this is the third time in an hour and you're still as hard as an iron bar!"

Beaming with pride, I reply:"No, I am pretty much always this hard... twenty-four/seven!"

Mom smiles and says:"No wonder Lizzy failed her finals."

As my cock begins to throb after that comment, I gather my courage and ask:"Can I call you names? Lizzy never let's me do that..."

"What would you like to call me?"

"I don't know... um slut?"

"What else?" increasing her wanking speed.


"Ooh yeah, very naughty, what else?"

Not sure about the next one, I whisper:"Um... cunt?"

Mom stops wanking me and looks me in the eye, very strict, saying:

"That's a very nasty word, I can understand why Lizzy hates it... I wouldn't even let your father get away with that one and we've been married for twenty-four years."

"I am sorry mom, I didn't mean..."

"I said your father couldn't, that doesn't mean you can't!" as she starts jerking me off again.

"Really?" as my cock starts leaking pre-cum over mom's hand.

"You like that one, don't you?" she whispers, a big grin on her face.

"Yes, very much!" I grunt as I am very close now.

Mom leans closer and whispers in my ear:"I am a stupid cunt!"

Immediately upon hearing that, I start to spasm and tremble in my seat, closing my eyes and grunting. Mom smiles and looks down at my cock enthusiastically as it spews globs of cum all over her hand and whispers, going for the actual kill now:"A big fat dumb cunt!"

My entire body stiffens as every muscle in my body is immobilized by the overwhelming power of my orgasm; even my breathing stops for about ten seconds as I honestly my head is going to to explode!

As she keeps her hand wrapped around my shrinking cock, gently tugging it once in a while, it takes me nearly a minute to calm down and regain my normal breathing pattern...

"I can't believe you said those things!" I pant.

"Too weird?" she asks, playing innocent all of a sudden.

"Fuck no mom, I loved every second... what about you?"

"I am not complaining... although this is no way to treat your mother!" smiling wickedly as she redraws her hand and takes some tissues from her purse to wipe the cum off of her hand.

"Unless your mother is a stupid cunt!" I smile.

"So just because I am a cunt - a dumb cunt - you think you can treat me anyway you want?"

"Pretty much!" I reply, as I reach out and push her right tit up until it spills out of her dress. She looks down at the black bra cup hanging out of her dress, looks at me and says:"Big, aren't they?"

"Obscenely big!" I say as I wobble her fat tit up and down in a demeaning fashion. Clearly excited by my choice of words and my actions, she whispers:"Tell me something nasty!"

As I grab my flaccid cock, still hanging out of my shorts, I say:"I think I've blown more loads on our bathroom floor thinking of your fat tits than I've pumped in or onto Lizzy!"

Reaching under her dress and sliding her hand into her panties again, mom whispers:"Really?"

I nod as I start jerking my cock again, trying to get it hard.

"Are you kidding me with that?" mom asks smiling at my crotch.

"Twenty-four/seven, mom... just give me a minute to going again!"

"You want to blow a load on mommy's fat tits?"

"Fuck yeah!" I reply.

Mom slides off her seat and crawls in between my legs; she lowers the straps of her dress and reaches back to unclasp her bra, taking it off and letting her enormous tits hang out. As she uses one hand to jiggle them up and down for my amusement, she slides her other hand back down into her panties and positions two fingers against the entrance of her wet cunt. While I ogle and drool over her massive tits, she whispers:"Here we go..." and shoves her fingers in.

The casualness with which she penetrates herself in front of me, makes my cock instantly hard again. After enjoying the presence of her fingers in her cunt for a few seconds, mom actually starts riding her own hand, rocking her hips back and forth while she keeps man-handling her tits.

Suddenly the brunette in front of us gets up unexpectedly and opens up the overhead compartment to put some stuff away... by time I've noticed her, she's gawking at mom and me; quick as a cat she closes the overhead compartment without putting anything away and sits down, embarrassed and shocked.

As I am trying to figure out what to do next, I can see the brunette whispering something to her neighbor; then the both of them turn their heads and glance at us, through the opening between the two seats... figuring it's too late to cover up and play innocent, I look at them as I keep pumping my dick. Fortunately they have no intention of alarming the crew or anyone else and just watch us, whispering and giggling... after about ten seconds the blonde gets on her knees and leans over her seat to get a better view, smiling at me!

Mom panics when she notices someone leaning over the seat and instinctively tries to cover herself up by rearranging her dress and crossing her arms over her naked rack...

"Mom, it's okay..." I whisper, realizing too late what I've said.

"Oh my god, that's your mother?!" the blonde asks shocked.

"Yeah." I say, deciding the cat's already out of the bag.

The blonde looks down at mom and says:"Unreal!"

Then the brunette leans over as well, having overheard us, and whispers:"Well, don't let us keep you!"

I grab my shaft and look down at mom, who's still a bit uneasy with the whole situation; bit by bit she turns her attention back to me and my hard cock and starts getting her groove back.

As she gets worked up again, mom slowly opens up her summer dress again, exposing her huge tits and moments later, lowers her hand back down her panties and plunges her fingers in her cunt once again. Under the watchful eye of our two neighbors, mom and I continue to masturbate...

With this much female attention, it takes every bit of self-control not to shoot off the first few minutes; when I feel that my virility have been sufficiently demonstrated, I relax and just let my orgasm happen!

I look the brunette straight in the eye and explode... volley after volley of my cum splatters against mom's face and onto her tits, drenching her like the slut that she is. As the blonde looks down to watch the cum blasting out of my cock, the brunette keeps looking at me, smiling timidly and blushing as she knows that she's just been the object of my orgasm.

When the blonde looks up and realizes that I have just gotten off on her friend, she gawks with open mouth at her and whispers, unable to hide a wide mischievous smile:"You slut!"

As mom climbs back into her seat and uses about half a dozen tissues to clean off my cum from her face and tits, the two women return to their proper seating position.

"So, which one did you think off while you disrespectfully dumped your sperm on me?" mom asks.

"You knew?" I ask surprised as I stuff my cock back in my shorts.

She nods and asks:"The brunette?"

I confirm her guess with a nod of the head.

"Does it bother you?" I ask after a few seconds of silence.

"You would think so, wouldn't you? Mm, I must be a bigger slut than I thought!"

As I don't see how the conversation could end any better than on that degrading note, I lay back and close my eyes... mom does the same, both of us trying to get some well-deserved rest!

Nearly two hours later we're awakened by the sound of an approaching trolley as lunch trays as the crew has begun serving lunch... for the next hour - with the cabin crew first dispensing tea, coffee and orange juice, then collecting the empty lunch trays, then selling tax-free items – mom and I are on our best behavior.

When dad drops by for another chat, the brunette in front of us gets up again and opens up the overhead compartment - probably figuring it's safe now that dad is standing right next us - and puts some stuff away.

After dad leaves, I look at mom and see that she's primed for sex.

"Lift your dress and take off your panties." I say as I slide down on the floor. Mom does as requested and shifts down a little in her seat, spreading her legs as I crawl in between them.

I start licking her passionately, paying extra attention to her clit, making her pant and squirm in her seat... slowly driving her insane; it takes everything I've learned from eating out Lizzy, not to mention a lot more effort to eventually pleasure mom, but it's well worth the effort when she grabs my head and wildly starts fucking my face, smothering me in her moist cunt and her juices.

When I am done eating her out, I gently nudge my fingers against her entrance. To my surprise, she grabs my fingers and stops me.

When I look up at her, she whispers:"Are you hard?"

"Off course, I'm always hard, remember?"

"Fuck me."

"Are you serious?"

"Yes, I wanna feel that big cock of yours splitting me in half."

"I don't have a condom on me..."

"It's okay, I am on the pill."

"How do you wanna do this? There's not a lot of room here."

"Sit down and I'll get on top."

I get up and sit down in the middle of both seats, wanking my pole up and down, making sure it's big and hard for what's to come.

Mom puts one foot on either side of my legs, lifts up her dress and with her back towards me lowers herself onto me, agonizingly slow!

While her wet cunt sluggishly slides down my throbbing cock, she holds on to the seats in front of her for support, drawing the attention of our two neighbors again... they get up on their knees again and lean over their seat just as before. When mom's finally down all the way, I gently put my hands in her sides and push her up, then back down, over and over again; slowly at first, giving her time to adjust to my size and length.

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