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Mom's Incest Fantasy

by HeyAll 11/21/11

"If you're talking about the pictures on the forum, I saw those too."

She sighed, "That's exactly what I was afraid of. I just remembered the forum pictures after I sent you the link."

"You've got nothing to be ashamed about mom, you've got a really beautiful body."

"Thanks," she replied. "But still, you're my son, and it's bad enough that I even let you read those stories in the first place, let alone you finding out about my exhibitionist side. It's not exactly normal for you to see me like that, you know. I mean, if anyone ever found out that ..."

"No one is going to find out, trust me. Your secret is safe with me. But do you mind if I ask you something about your stories since I've already read them?"

"At this point, why not?"

"Is everything you wrote based on fantasy, or is some of it real?" I asked. "I noticed that the names and descriptions in one of the stories were a little too know...the one about the sisters who 'experimented' with each other..."

"Well there's no point in denying it now," she said casually. "Yes, that story was written based on your Aunt and I. We were young at the time, college age, and naturally we were curious about certain things. We used to talk about our sexuality with each other because we were really nervous about opening up to other people. Keep in mind that this was decades ago, where two women being intimate together was a lot more taboo- so we played with each other to keep things secret. And now, obviously, she's happily married to another woman."

"God, you and Aunt Helen, together?" I replied. "I don't mean to be crude, but that's so hot! The idea of two sisters having that kind of love and passion for each other is incredibly erotic. I think that's my favorite story of yours."

She smiled. "Figures. That story did get a lot of feedback from readers. I mean what's not to like? You've got college girls doing lesbian stuff, and to top it all off, they're sisters."

"Jeez...hearing you talk like that about your sister..."

"Am I turning you on?" she asked with a sly grin. "Don't tell me that your prudish old mother is getting you going."

"Mom, you're not old. And at this point, it's tough for me not to get turned on by you, especially after hearing you talk like this and seeing your nude pictures last night."

My mother quickly flashed another broad smile. "Well who would have thought? My own son masturbated to my nude pics and stories. I guess incest must run in our family since everyone in this household seems to love it."

"Dad too? Do you mean that he just enjoyed reading your stories or..."

"He's had an incestuous relationship with his own mother when he was around your age," my mom replied. "The mother/son story about the son who discovers his mother's naughty pictures is based on your father's real life experiences; and it still goes on to this day on certain occasions. He's told me never to tell anyone, but it's something I thought you should know."

I was taken aback for a moment. Not only did I just find out that my mother had incestuous sex with her sister, but I also just found out that my dad had an even more intimate relationship with his own mother!

My mom reached out on the table and held my hand. "I hope I'm not being too frank here. I'm sure it must be a lot for you to handle, hearing this about your parents. We better leave it at that and change the subject."

"No," I replied, squeezing her hand. "I really like hearing about this. And since we're being honest, last night wasn't the first time that I've thought about you. I hope you're not mad, but I felt like I had to get that out there with all of the private stuff you've already shared with me."

She looked utterly speechless for a moment at my revelation.

"Well...I guess that's perfectly normal for a lot of boys to feel that way about their mother," she replied, trying to process and justify what I just revealed to her. "I know when I was young, I used to imagine lewd thoughts about my father...or even my mother...taking me, and having their way with me sexually. Even now, I sometimes wish..."

" about your son? Have you ever imagined me taking you?"

"Don't get cute," she said sternly, but in a playful way. "Come on, finish your breakfast and we'll continue this conversation in front of the fireplace. It's actually pretty refreshing to get this stuff off my chest with someone who's as open and receptive to the topic of incest as I am, even if it's with you. Believe me, none of my closest friends know about this, and they never will."

I stood up and held onto the soft grip I had on her hand, signaling her to stand up with me, which she did. I led her to near our front door, and had her stand in front of a full length mirror, just like she had described in one of her mother/son incest stories.

Her eyes never left her reflection as I stood behind her and held her. My arms wrapped around her waist, just under her breasts, and I squeezed my arms tightly.

"You didn't answer my question," I said in her ear as we both looked at ourselves in the mirror. "Have you ever thought about me having my way with you?"

"....I have..." she meekly whimpered. "When you became a young man, I started having thoughts about you. Explicit thoughts."

I held her even tighter, letting her feel my growing erection against her rear end.

My lips moved to her ear and I told her, "Mom, I've waited so long for this."

She didn't react as my hands moved up to gently squeeze her breasts through her blouse. But it was her eyes that gave away her feelings. They became filled with lust and desire as she watched her son caress her womanly parts in the mirror. It wasn't until I pinched her nipples that she let out a small gasp of pleasure.

As I continued fondling her breast with one hand, I reached beneath her blouse with my other hand rubbed her vagina through her panties. She still didn't say a word or try to react, but I took her body's heart rate and breathing as a sign that she wanted me to continue, so I slipped my hand inside her panties to feel her naked crotch. She was slightly hairy, and when I stuck a finger inside, I felt that she was dripping wet.

"Undress me," she said. "I've always wanted to be admired by my son. And I suggest you do before I change my mind about this."

I obliged, releasing my hands from her body parts and using them to casually pull her robe off her shoulders so that it could fall to the floor. Her face still showed no real reaction as she stood in front of the mirror to watch herself with me behind her. My fingers then moved to the thin straps of her blouse, which hung on her shoulders, and I pulled those off as well. Once her blouse fell to the floor, she stood topless. Her panties didn't remain there long either as she pulled them down herself to reveal her nakedness to me.

"What would you like me to do now?" I asked lovingly.

"Do whatever you want," she replied. "Have your way with me. Kiss me wherever you want. Ravish me."

My heart nearly skipped a beat from hearing my mother give herself to me completely. I grabbed her again, this time even tighter, and planted kisses on her bare shoulder and back. I could have turned her around and kissed her mouth and nipples, but that's not what either of us wanted at the moment. I wanted her to see herself in the mirror as I used her for my sexual gratification. And she had also expressed the same desire in her story to see herself being ravished this way (at least through a character she had written).

I got down on my knees and continued my kisses on her thighs and rear end. And just like her story, she bent over and leaned her hands on the wooden shoe rack, giving me full access to her exposed womanhood, while her face stayed in front of the mirror. I was treated to the sexually explicit sight of my mother's tiny brown anus, as well as her thick brown labia and her glistening pink insides. Her pubic hairs were neatly trimmed as I saw in her pictures.

Soft breathing escaped her lips when I started kissing her labia. And her breathing became even heavier when I stuck my tongue out and began licking her vaginal lips and tasting her fluids. She tasted and felt wonderful in my mouth, but hearing her moan so openly was what really gave me pleasure. After giving her a few more licks, my throbbing cock couldn't take it any longer and I desperately needed to ravish her as she had asked.

I stood up and quickly stripped off all of my clothes as fast as I could, with my mother looking at my nude body in the mirror. I then guided my cock towards her vagina, and I was able to slid right in because of how soaking wet she had become with my saliva and her bodily fluids. She felt tight and warm. And the moment I went all the way inside her vaginal canal, I saw her face instantly grimace in the mirror from my penetration.

"Oh...." she moaned. "That's it...just like that...make love to me..."

Her words of encouragement drove me wild and I really started going at it. With every thrust I gave, she made different faces which I saw in the mirror. I was incredibly aroused by the sight of her sagging breasts waving back and forth from me fucking her in her bent over position. Hearing her panting and moaning also fueled my arousal, along with the slapping noises our bodies were making together as I ravished her sexually. Soon, all of that took its toll on me.

"Mom...I'm going to cum....I'm going to cum," I warned her.

She reached back and placed a single hand on my thigh. "Don't stop. I want you to finish inside me."

I squeezed her hips as tight as I could and thrusted the way my hormones had been aching for. Stream after stream of cum shot itself inside my mother's vaginal canal, inseminating itself in my mother's womb. It felt like I was about to collapse from incredibly pleasure I was feeling, but I didn't stop until every last drop of my sperm was inside her and I became soft.

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