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Mom's Panties

by SunrockSin 11/30/08

Johnny was surprised when he suddenly saw the shadow on the floor in front of him. He was supposed to be alone, that was the only reason he slipped into his parent's room, rifled through the dirty clothes hamper and pulled out his mother's panties. He didn't expect her back for an hour so he took the panties, slipped into the master bathroom and pulled off his clothes.

Once naked he slowly ran the satiny panties over his chest, teasing his nipples before sliding them down over his cock. He began stroking himself, sliding the soft fabric over the delicate skin of his shaft before moving them up to his face. Holding the crotch under his nose he breathed in, but because the residue there was dry the scent of his mother was very faint. He slipped the crotch into his mouth and wetting the residue, he began sucking, tasting his mother's pussy as he began stroking his cock wildly.

Only then did Johnny notice the shadow before him. He immediately looked up at the door and saw his mother watching him. Pulling the panties away from his head he started to speak, but his mother, after moving into the bathroom held a finger over his lips. She then quickly unfastened her pants, and pulled them and her panties to the floor. As she kicked them aside, she gently grabbed Johnny by the shoulders, pulled him off the toilet and pushed him down into a kneeling position.

His mother then put one foot up on the toilet and then gently pulled her son's face forward, guiding him between her legs. Johnny followed her guide and when he was close enough he slipped his tongue between the lips of his mother's pussy and gently worked it back and forth until he could push it inside her. The tart, fresh taste of her wetness shocked him and he took a deep breath, taking in her womanly scent.

Recovering from the initial shock, he reached up, clasped her buttocks and burrowed his tongue deep into his mother, feeling her pussy open to him. He could feel her wetness flood him as he lapped up her juices, swallowing her, tasting her. After a few minutes, he realized she needed more so he slowly worked his tongue up her slit to the tiny nub.

She immediately gasped with pleasure as his tongue flicked over her clit. He circled it with his tongue and then sucked it in between his lips as his mother pulled him closer to her and ground her hips into him. Johnny turned his head, gasped for breath and then turned back to her clit, sucking it into his mouth once again. He continued licking and sucking until he heard his mother moan loudly.

Moving his hands from her ass, he shoved two fingers into her pussy and felt her pussy walls squeeze him again and again. He left his finger inside her until she gently pulled back from him, easing herself off his fingers. She then pulled him up and had him sit on the toilet.

Johnny watched as his mother kneeled down and then lowered her head. He felt a wet warmth close over the head of his cock and then felt a wonderful tickling as her tongue darted over and around him. He leaned back as his mother began bobbing her head up and down as her hand grabbed his shaft and began stroking.

Almost immediately Johnny felt the pleasure building and by only about the fifth or sixth stroke he arched his back and came, spurting his cum into his mother's mouth. He closed his eyes as she stopped sucking and just stroked slowly with her hand, milking the last of the warm fluid into her mouth. She then swallowed and whispered, "You were quick, I like that. It means it's been a long time since you were with one of your girlfriends from college."

"But mom I don't..."

"I know what you do with them. I always wanted to opportunity show you what it's like when it's done right and well, I forgot the checkbook and when I came back, here you were."

She stood up and grabbed her panties and pulled them on. Johnny continued sitting on the toilet while his mother dressed. Finally she grabbed the panties he had been sucking on and said, "Next time you want a taste, don't mess up my panties, just ask me." She then bent over, ran her tongue over Johnny's cock to lick up one last droplet of cum and then stood up. "I'm going shopping now, I'll be back in about an hour."

Johnny watched her walk out of the bathroom and then got up and began to get dressed.

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