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Mother and Daughter Fantasy Ch. 02

by mayfairgirl 07/20/08

My next fantasy involving my Mum begins just the day after our first encounter. I haven't been able to stop thinking about her and desperately want some more sex with her. So firstly I phone her up and see how she feels after the other day. She tells me that she does feel guilty but at the same time can't stop playing with herself thinking about me. So I ask her round. Mum arrives half hour later and we instantly embrace in the hallway.

"I've missed you Mummy," I tell her and kiss her lips, again tasting her lipstick and the sweetness of her saliva as our mouths open and we kiss passionately. We go straight to my bedroom and we both undress down to our knickers. My Mum is wearing the black lacy ones that I had first seen in her bathroom, whilst I am wearing a see through thong revealing that since our first encounter I have waxed round my pussy. My Mum loves the sight of her little girl with no pubic hair and tells me it reminds her of the last time she saw me naked many years ago. We then both lay on the bed and again start to enjoy one another's bodies, sucking, licking and finger fucking each other.

Our passion is reaching its peak as we are in the 69 position licking each others cunts when I hear the front door go.

"It's Andrew," I say and go to get up.

However my Mum grabs me and says "Don't go darling I need your tongue up my pussy."

"But Mum he'll come upstairs."

I am feeling really horny but at the same time I am worried about what my husband will think if he finds me in bed with my own Mum.

"He'll not mind darling, just do as Mummy says and lick me."

Being told what to do like I was a girl again really turns me on and so I obey and get back to my Mum's very wet cunt. It is not long before I hear my name being called and footsteps on the stairs, then he is there in the doorway, looking down at his Mother in laws naked body with his wife licking her pussy.

"Fucking hell," is his first reaction, "How long has this been going on?"

I look up sheepishly but it is my Mum who speaks.

"She is being a good daughter, keeping her old Mum happy, you can watch or join in, its up to you, but she is not stopping."

Andrew has no choice, he sits down on the bed and I watch as he reaches out and starts to fondle my Mums large tits.

"Keep licking dear, make Mummy cum, your darling horny hubby can do other things to me", my Mum says.

I do as I'm told but we move so that I am just licking her now, whilst my hubby concentrates on her top half.

"You've got lovely tits, Joan," I hear my hubby say as I continue to stretch my tongue deep into my Mum's cunt.

"Nicer than Ally's?" she asks

"Definitely bigger," is his reply.

As I continue to lick, my Mum starts to cum screaming out in passion, filling my mouth with her juices. Within seconds my hubby is there with me, licking at my Mum's cunt to get some of her cum for himself. I start to lick his tongue and lips and between my Mum's legs we kiss passionately, exchanging her cum between us.

I get up and tell him to undress, which he does quickly, revealing his lovely big hard cock, which I reach out for, but my Mum slaps my hand and says "Don't be a naughty girl, Mummy has to play with that first, you can just watch."

My Mum then grabs Andrew's cock and starts to wank him in front of me, rubbing his pre-cum up and down the length of his shaft.

"Young ladies have to learn how to wank men properly," my Mum says.

So I just sit back like I was a teenager again and watch my husband enjoy being played with by my own Mum. (Incidentally the reality is that my hubby and my Mum have always flirted a lot together and I know that he wanks off thinking about her and I guess she wouldn't say no given the chance to wank him off just as described).

Whilst My hubby is being wanked, he starts to fondle my Mum's tits again telling how wonderful and lovely they are and actually telling her they are better than mine. My Mum loves this and tells him it is better to have a mature woman than a younger one. She is quite expert with her hand, using on the whole of his cock and on his balls, but at the same time not going too mad so to keep the pleasure going longer for him. However my hubby soon reaches critical point and as my Mum continues her long strokes up and down his cock, he shoots his load all over her tits and belly.

The sight of my own husband cumming all over my Mum is just too much and I soak the bed with my orgasm as I watch his lovely creamy spunk spurt all over her.

"Lick his spunk off me Ally," Mum says and again I do as I am told, licking my husbands thick creamy love juice off her tits and stomach.

"Share it with Mummy", she says, so I kiss her, forcing Andrew's cum into her mouth with my tongue.

Again her kiss is hard and passionate as she swallows as much of his cum as I can give her.

After that, she says "Time for Mum to be fucked by her son in law I think."

Of course Andrew is up for that and says it has always been his fantasy to fuck her. So I then watch as my husband of over 20 years gets on top of my Mum and puts his cock inside her wet fanny. It is such a horny sight, watching him thrust in and out whilst my Mum's tits bounce backwards and forwards as she lays on her back.

"Fuck me you horny bastard," she screams" Make your Mother in law cum like crazy".

The action goes on for a good 10 minutes and all the time I am rubbing my pussy whilst they fuck together.

My hubby then decides he wants to take her from behind, so my Mum kneels on the bed whilst he starts to hammer away at her pussy. The sight of her huge tits hanging down is wonderful and I get on the bed underneath her and start to lick them as they bounce backwards and forwards.

Eventually my hubby cries out as he shoots inside and the thought of that + sucking my Mums tits brings me to orgasm again.

Andrew finally crawls off my Mum and lays on the bed exhausted, but Mum still hasn't finished.

"Suck him," she tells me. I look at my hubby's cock which is of course by now, quite flaccid, but still very wet. So I start to lick him, tasting his spunk and my Mum's pussy juices on him. I lick round his balls and up and down his shaft, making it twitch a bit as new life starts to come again. My Mum joins me and our tongues touch often as we lick Andrew clean and back to being semi erect. We do this for a bit and then my Mum says she needs the loo. She gets up, and Andrew grabs her. "Do you want a piss?" he asks.

"I am desperate now," she says "It's my age."

"Ally lets me watch and often pees over me," he says.

My Mum looks at me and I just nod and say "He loves it."

"So you want your Mother in law to piss on you do you?" she asks

"I want both of you to," is his reply.

So the 3 of us go into the bathroom, where my husband lays in the bath, then me and my Mum squat over him and my Mum starts to pee first, her lovely golden liquid squirting out all over Andrew's groin. I soon join in pissing off all over his chest and face (which is what I often do in reality). As we do this, he wanks himself off, once again getting very erect. I then have the desire to lick the last of my Mum's pee from her pussy and she obliges, letting me lick her clean and for the first time I get to taste the lovely flavour of her urine as she squirts her last little bit into my mouth. She asks me if I like her piss and I say "I want lots of it Mum, I want you to pee over me like you just did for him next time."

This turns her on even more and she tells me I am a good girl for keeping Mummy happy.

My fantasy ends there but of course being a fantasy it doesn't really end there and me and my Mum and my hubby have lots more great experiences together plus some other family members get involved.

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