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Mother In Law Ch. 1

by writerman73 09/22/02

This story is true. I never dreamed that it would happen but this is how it took place.

Several months ago my wife and I visited with her eighty-five year-old mother. Mom is a small woman with a nice slim figure. I had never thought of her as sexy until one morning as I sat on the piano bench I noticed that she was holding her thigh high stockings and was going to put them on. She was about ten feet away with her side to me so I decided to look. I was surprised that she would let me be this close as she put on her hose but felt my cock twitch as she sat down and pulled her skirt high above her knees. She leaned back in the soft chair and raised her right foot high and started slipping the dark blue hose up
her foot, calf and thigh. The top of the stocking was a fancy lace design and she fitted it snugly around her thigh. I could see naked thigh almost to her panties. She repeated this process with her left leg and I looked hard to see her panties. Nothing-damn. She had beautiful legs and I was sexually excited.

That started me wanting to see more of her. I got the opportunity last week as we returned from a long vacation by car. We stopped at a motel and got a suite with two rooms and one bath. The rooms were separated by two doors with glass in them. On our side of the glass doors was a wash

stand and a large mirror. The TV was near the wash stand and while sitting on the end of our bed I could look into the mirror and see

through the glass doors into her bedroom.

My prick is getting hard as I write these words.

I got up early the next morning and emptied my bladder so I could be ready for the show which I hoped would soon take place.

Mom got up and took her bath. I had the TV on and when Mom came out of the bathroom I saw that she had only a thin green robe on and was carrying her gown in her left hand. She closed the glass door and I got up and sat on the end of the bed looking through the glass door. My wife

was in the bed facing the wall behind me. I was wearing only my shorts and pulled my cock out and began stroking it. I look through the glass

doors and Mom was standing with her back toward me in front of a lamp.

Her naked left leg was clearly visible through the thin robe. She turned around and the robe opened and exposed the cleavage of her breasts. I stroked my cock and silently begged her to show her tits to me.

She slowly walked around her bed toward me and I saw her tits sway under the robe. She sat on her bed and I had a perfect view of her through the mirror. My wife would think I was watching TV if she opened her eyes.

Mom sat on the side of the bed for some time and the robe was partially open. My cock was throbbing and I slowly stroked it while rubbing the precum over the head. Then she leaned over and the robe slipped off her right shoulder exposing her entire right breast to my hungry and lustful eyes. Her tit was beautiful. It sagged a little but pointed perfectly to the dark brown nipple. She straightened up and turned slightly letting me see her tittie for several seconds. Then she leaned the other way and the robe slipped off her left breast. Then she

sat up and now both titties were naked. I feasted my eyes while slowly stroking my lustful cock.

Then as if in answer to my prayer she slipped the robe off and sat naked on the bed letting me feast on her loveliness. Seeing my mother-in-law naked was a definite thrill. She leaned forward and picked up one of her stockings. Her tits danced for my lustful eyes as she rolled the stocking in her hand and then my cock throbbed as she leaned backward and raised her left leg in the air level with her head. She had done this at home so I decided she always raises her legs to put on her hose.

It was then that I discovered that she had on panties. Her entire crotch was widely exposed with her leg in the air. Damn, I was hoping

to see her pussy! But watching her raise her leg and spread her crotch open was giving my cock a thrill. She lowered her leg and rested before

raising her other leg which once again spread her crotch wide open. I had to restrain myself to keep from cuming as she put on this beautiful

show for me.

After the hose she reached for her bra and I moaned as she fitted the bra over those beautiful naked titties. Her blouse came next and then

she slipped her slacks on her legs and stood to pull them up. She moved from the side of the bed to the end of the bed to pull them up.

This gave me a perfect view of her directly through the glass door. She balanced herself with one hand on the bed while showing me her stockinged legs and slick white nylon panties. I regretted seeing her slacks coming up her legs covering them and her slim little ass. Now she

was dressed and I sat in my shorts stroking my hard prick as my heart pounded with excitement. I had actually seen my mother-in-law naked and

was able to stroke my cock while looking at her. (Reader,

I hope you are stroking your pussy or cock)

We made a potty stop and I stayed in the car. No one was around my car so I took out my cock and began to jack off thinking of seeing Mom

naked. I could have shot cum then but decided to wait.

That night we stayed in another suite that had a kitchenette. I sat in a chair at the dinette so I was at the foot of Mom's bed. She came out of the bathroom in her gown and the same robe I had seen that morning. I was praying that I could see up her gown when she got into

bed. She left the robe on and tried to hide her legs as she got into bed but I was able to see almost to her panties. I rubbed my cock through

my trousers. My wife took her bath and Mom raised up in bed and I saw her titties swaying under her pink gown. She got up to take a pill and showed her legs as she got back into bed.

We arrived at Mom's home and as we hugged her good-bye I decided to steal a little feel of those tits. As we ended the hug I let my right

arm and hand slip over her left breast. I dared not close my hand over her breast so just let my fingers slip over her tittie. She was smiling

and telling us how much she enjoyed the trip.

Now, dear reader, I have told this true story. I would love to hear your comments about it. Fellows you might be surprised that your

mom-in-law is a sexual being. She might enjoy some sexual teasing and reward you in some special way. Mother-in-law, you might be surprised at how much nicer that son-in-law will be to you if you "accidentally" show some legs, panties, and titties.

I plan to write a fantasy story to follow this true story.I would like to hear what you fantasize that I should do with my mother-in-law. Stroke with you later..

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