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Mother-In-Law's Road Trip

by wenchhunt 07/19/03

"Hey Mom, why don't you get Brian to drop you by Aunt Mary's? He'll be driving right by." I hit the leg on her chair as I tried and missed in my attempt to put a knot on my usually sweet and wonderful wife's leg.

I had just been discussing my hunting trip to the Black Hills of South Dakota with my brother-in-law, Mark, when my wife blurted out the unexpected invitation. What is she thinking? I asked myself. "Note to self never mention trips in front of the wife again!" I quietly reminded myself.

My mother-in-law, Marti, had a twin sister that lived somewhere on the plains of Nebraska. The thought of driving a gazillion hours out of the way on what already promised to be a long trip went instantly through my mind.

"Oh, that's a great idea, but I couldn't impose on Brian's trip" Marti thoughtfully responded. My wife, Becky, noticing the earlier missed attempt on her ankles shifted away from me and quickly offered that "It would be great fun" and she knew I would" just love the company." She hopped up from the table and grabbed the phone to call her Aunt.

One minute, I was discussing a hunting trip I had looked forward to for over a year and the next I was having to study the map my father-in-law, Gary, had miraculously produced from out of know where. With all the family getting in on the plot, I was sunk.

"This will work out just great" Gary said as he looked over his half spectacles and proceeded to copy down a list of directions that Rand McNally would have been proud of.

Becky reentered, after handing the phone off to her Mom, and pronounced "Well, it's all set and it just so happens that Uncle Frank is going to be gone those two weeks, so this is just perfect." I shot her the "I hope you get hit by a train look" before intoning that this was just "Super, we'll have a real fun trip." I tried to prevent the sarcasm from leaking through.

It wasn't that Marti was a bad person. Actually she was always a bright spot in all the family gatherings. It was just the idea of being alone with my mother-in-law on a two day cross country trek hadn't been anywhere near my thoughts as I had anticipated the journey.

Marti was in her mid-forties and in terrific shape. She played tennis and golf at the club and worked out with a trainer regularly. She maintained a great tan year round and always dressed to perfection. I had always admired her figure and had to admit that a fantasy involving her tight, little body with huge hooters had crossed my shower thoughts many mornings in the five years I had known her.

Actually, Marti was really fun. In the years I had known her, she was always joking around about sex, much different from my straight laced parents that had never acknowledge that such a thing existed When she drank a little too much, Marti, exhibited a flash of wildness and daring.

One night before we were married, she called from a party at the club needing a ride for she and Gary. Becky was out of town and most of their friends were in worse condition than they were. I only lived about ten minutes away so I told I would be right over.

Gary was propped up against a column with his head bobbing from side to side as I pulled up. The valet and I both managed to pour him in the front seat after only about twenty minutes of playing ring around the column. How a man that couldn't stand could be so elusive baffled me.

As I walked Marti around to my side of the car, I noticed for the first time how awesome she looked. In the excitement of chasing my future father-in-law, I had failed to notice that Marti looked HOT! She had worn a strapless black dress that was showing more than an ample amount of her well tanned cleavage. The short dress fit very tight, almost like a corset, and I wasn't real sure how she was going to make into my backseat.

I noticed the young valet's eyes light up as he held the door for Marti's attempt to slide behind my seat. The combination of alcohol and minimal dress had Marti exposing a lot of flesh. As she gamely hiked her skirt in her second attempt in entering, a glimpse of thigh high stocking stopping at the top of gorgeous, shapely thighs met our eyes.

As Marti slid in her thighs parted and she gave us both a "shot' of her black lace panties. I attempted to tip the broadly smiling valet, but he could only stammer that he should have to pay for "that show." I'm sure by the time he finished telling all of his buddies the story, he had her naked, screwing on the golf course.

Marti leaned forward, placing her chin on the seat behind me and began to apologize profusely. As she talked the sweet smell of her perfume filled my nose. I told her it was perfectly OK and we chit chatted about the party until we got to the house.

Gary was completely passed out when I pulled to a stop at the top of their long drive. I wasn't exactly sure of how I was going to get him in the house. Even though I was six three and had worked out continuously since finishing my college football career, Gary was going to about two hundred and thirty pounds of dead weight.

"First things first" I thought as I opened my door and turned to get Marti out. She performed a repeat performance of exposure as I gently pulled her from the back seat. Her legs were splayed openly and I took full advantage of the security light beaming down on her lace covered crotch. My heart raced slightly and my breath quickened at the sight of her flesh showing just above the stockings.

It ended too quickly as leaned against me for support. "I guess we'll just leave Gary in the car" she suggested as I helped her up the short flight of steps to the house. My arm was wrapped around her waist supporting Marti's unsteady legs. Just as we started into the house, she stumbled slightly and in my attempt to catch her I grabbed her boob roughly.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to..." Marti cut me off laughing and said that was probably the only attention they were going to get that night. Before thinking I said, "Damn, that's a shame." I flushed at my words." What had I just said? To my future mother-in-law?"

Marti giggled and twirled away from me. "Why Brian, does that mean you like my outfit?" she said with a wicked smile crossing her lips.

"Marti, you look absolutely incredible. " Figuring at this point I had already made a faux pas and I might as well try flattery as an escape.

"I thought I looked good tonight...for an old woman" she said with a laugh as she made her way down the hallway to her bedroom. I watched her sexy ass sway with a little something extra as she was bound to know I was still watching.

By the time I returned to retrieve Gary, he was coherent enough to give me a little assistance in walking him to the house. Marti met us at the door and I was slightly disappointed to she had shed her hottie outfit for a robe.

That quickly changed though as she helped me ease Gary through the door. When she reached to support him the robe gapped open giving me a full view of her naked chest. "Damn," I thought, "she's naked under that thin robe."

As we laid Gary across their bed Marti's robe slid even further open. She smiled at me as she made a half hearted attempt to cover herself, " I guess I've given you nightmares. flashing these big old hooters at you" she said jokingly.

"Wet dreams would be more like it." She beamed at the compliment. "More, tell me more" she joked as we exited the bedroom.

She continued thanking me over and over for coming to pick them up as we walked to the back door. I laughed and said, "Hell, Marti the peep show was way more than worth it." "

"Your making my night "she said in response. "I just showed you a pair of old boobs!"

"Well," I said as I walked out the door, "I'll be thinking about those sexy thigh highs for quite some time too!"

A look of surprise crossed her sweet face followed by a sweet smile and shaking head.

Chapter Two

Marti looked like a kid getting ready to leave for summer camp. She was bouncing all around the truck as we marched by her with "the luggage."

"This looks like a Tarzan movie with the coolies in the jungle" I said only half jokingly. It was a good thing I had a huge pickup. A crew cab with a long bed barely held my hunting gear and "the luggage."

I had overcome my earlier misgivings for the trip by the enthusiasm Marti displayed. She and Becky had talked daily about what to pack what to expect on the long journey. The trip to her sister's house was about twelve hours from where we lived and despite my objections the girls had made hotel reservations for the night.

At long last our adventure began. With a final round of hugs, kisses and handshakes my mother-in-law and I were off. We made it about two miles before we had to stop and fill the cooler she had brought along with beer and ice.

We rolled along and I had to admit I enjoyed the company. Marti could converse about almost any topic and we did. I think we had solved most of the world's problems by the time we stopped for lunch.

As we exited the truck I noticed the temperature had dropped significantly as we had traveled. Marti's shirt was also an excellent indicator of the cold as the sleeveless, tight fitting shirt quickly popped out with two rock hard nipples.

"I think, I better grab my sweater," she said as were about halfway across the parking lot of the car/truckstop super store. I had already noticed the nips poking out.

"Aww come on, you'll give the truckers something to dream about." She punched me in the arm and said "you.....are bad!" I felt a stir of excitement as she continued walking with her high beams on.

I felt a sense of pride as we exited the building. Marti had been stared or leered at, as the case may be, by a restaurant full of men. Her stroll to the ladies room had been a head turner as her tight, ass hugging jeans and hardened nipples briefly lunch into fantasy land for lots of horny men.

"Did you feel the breeze?" I asked as she returned. "What breeze?" she innocently asked. "The breeze of every man in here undressing you!" I smiled as a soft blush rose to her face.

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